Cold Weather Mixtape

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

We were so happy we got such amazing feedback from our last mixtape!  Since Amanda will be making a trip to Georgia this weekend, we thought it would be the perfect time to do another mixtape post (past mixtapes here).   Something about Daylight Savings Time ending makes it feel like Winter is right around the corner... probably because it is!  We're planing a winter cabin staycation as a group right now for 2016, so we're looking forward to some time off, inside sipping hot cocoa (with more marshmallows than cocoa, lets face it) or outside with a bonfire.  Because Amanda married a music guru, having a good playlist is always a must and we like creating collaborative ones on Spotify for us + our guys to add and listen to, it's always fun seeing what everyone else adds.

This Cold Weather Mixtape is what we've been listening to + the songs that falling temperatures bring to mind.  We're excited to post this (as we always are, we have a special place in our hearts for our Mixtape posts) because it will be our soundtrack for this weekend as we drive around sipping on chestnut praline lattes.  Also, as per usual, we like to provide the track listing for y'all in case you can't use Spotify, and for those of you who have never used Spotify it's super easy and you can create an account through Facebook!  Let us know if you make a mixtape on Spotify so we can give it a listen. :)

// Also, a very special thank you to the two artists who did these illustrations of us! @mauartist illustrated Amelia and @fatindidit illustrated June, check out their art, it is beautiful!

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