Bryony at Tip-Top

Monday, November 23, 2015

JuneLong Sleeve Ava in Blue Hardware Store Print Dress
Leaf Brooch - Vintage  |  Yellow Betty Heels c/o Miss L Fire 

Black Hansel Heels - BAIT Footwear  |  Skunkboy Glasses - Bonlook

Amanda came to Georgia for a visit this weekend and we were so excited to hit some of our favorite spots (though it's a small town so it only takes us a few hours to stop by them all).  We went thrifting and found some more amazing wool pencil skirts to add to our collections, started Master of None on Netflix (hilarious), drank a lot of coffee and spent a lot of time in our pajamas.... it was wonderful.  When we were wandering about, we got to break out some dresses we've been holding onto since it was hot outside!

They've been floating around for a while, so you may recognize these dresses, but not the brand name; that's because Bryony was formerly UK brand Poppy England, but recently re-branded to set themselves apart.  We previously blogged several of their kitschy, cute pieces here and here.  Now that we own a few of their dresses, we love that a lot of our favorite features seem to carry over universally to almost all their dresses: most of them have pockets (yesss!), truly lovely + unique prints and are beautifully made.  We also love that the sashes are always a differing but complimentary print to the one on the actual dress (but the sashes are reversible, so the other side matches the dress).  The long sleeves on this specific dress made them great for the chilly weather over the weekend.

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