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Monday, November 9, 2015

June: Bespoke Tartan Skirt c/o BooBoo Kitty Couture  |  Angora Sweater - vintage
Persia Heels c/o Miss L Fire  |  Black + Gold Brooch - Luxulite  |  Carpet Bag - vintage (similar)

Amelia: Bespoke Tartan Skirt c/o BooBoo Kitty Couture | Sophia Top  c/o Steady Clothing
Brass Flower Brooch - vintage (similar) | Black Hair Scarf - Amazon | Inna Taupe Heels - BAIT Footwear

Neither of us practices the whole 'different wardrobe for each season' ideology, but there are certain things that just remind us of colder temperatures.  One of those things is tartan/plaid print.  The week temperatures started dropping this year, we were texting back and forth talking about our most recent purchases and we realized we'd both bought/thrifted a handful of cheap, vintage wool pencil skirts each.  Apparently plaid was "calling" to us both subliminally,  'tis the season!

Recently, we found learned that BooBoo Kitty Couture takes bespoke orders (bespoke meaning custom made to your measurements) and we were so excited to get some more plaid into our lives.  We love our vintage plaid skirt finds, but it's nice to have something made just for you, too.  We're really impressed with the quality of these skirts.  They're super comfy, full enough to wear with or without a petticoat (Amelia is wearing an underskirt, I'm not) and the fabric is (thankfully) thick enough to keep wearing through even cooler weather.  I went with a classic tartan and Amelia chose a burberry plaid... both reminded us of Kate Middleton who might be a duchess but is pretty much the queen of looking amazing in plaid.

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