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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Amelia: Mimi Dress in Green c/o Hell Bunny | Black Hansel Heels - BAIT Footwear
Purse - Vintage | Black Bead Necklace c/o Splendette | Canvas Underskirt - Pinup Girl Clothing

June: Hermaline Mini Dress c/o Hell Bunny  |    Reversible Cape - vintage (old nurse's cape)
Black Knee Socks - Pac Sun (similar)  |  Black Classic Jellies - Sun Jellies  |  Picnic Basket - vintage

It's officially that time of the year where the leaves are changing and every outdoor picture looks like a scene from a fairy tale.  June's been re-reading Grimm's Fairy Tales and giving me daily recaps on how gruesome the original stories are (and has been live updating via Facebook, which is pretty hilarious).  So, now we know we definitely would NOT want to be characters in Grimm's Fairy Tales, but dammit we will dress like it.

Hell Bunny recently sent us some autumnal pieces from their new collection and the details on them are so cute.  My dress has double-breasted buttons, which is something I don't have much of in my wardrobe.  They remind me of vintage coat dresses, in the best way. June's dress is going to be a great piece to wear through the fall, and we love the little velveteen bow + collar.  Also, because we can't tease you and then NOT share the incredibly interesting, abridged  summaries of Grimm's Fairy Tales, we'll end with:
  • "To offset my stress from finals, I've been listening to the original Grimm's Fairytales on audiobook while driving to and from study group. Today I ended up on the original version of Cinderella... And at the end the stepsisters get their eyes pecked out by birds for being bad people. Wonder why Disney left that little bit out"
  • "Daily Grimm's Fairytale Update #2: at the end of the original Snow White, they make iron shoes and heat them up on a fire and then make the Evil Queen wear them and dance around until she dies.... These just keep getting more peculiar."
  • "Grimm's Fairytale Update #3: In the original Rapunzel, the prince is so depressed when the sorceress cuts Rapunzel's hair and removes her from the tower... that he jumps off the tower... and does he die? Of course not. Apparently his eyes land on thorns and he becomes blind. BUT DON'T WORRY after wandering for years and lamenting over poor Rapunzel, he hears her begging on the streets and singing and they find each other again... and she cries in his eyes... and he can see again. HAPPILY EVER AFTER"

What's your favorite thing about Autumn? 
What is your favorite fairy tale? 

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