Girl Squad: Deer Arrow

Monday, October 12, 2015

Deer Arrow Tea Time Brooch
Deer Arrow Tea Time Brooch
Deer Arrow Tea Time Brooch
 June: Tea Time Brooch - Deer Arrow  |  Top - Pinup Girl Clothing  |  Vintage Harlequin Skirt - Etsy
Sammi: Tea Time Brooch - Deer Arrow  |  Vintage Dress - Etsy
Amelia: Tea Time Brooch - Deer Arrow | Sweater - Tatyana | Vintage Patchwork Skirt - Local
Ashley: Tea Time Brooch - Deer Arrow  Vintage Leaf Dress - Etsy

How has it already been a month since our last Girl Squad Style Post with Sammi + Ashley (past posts here, and if you missed 'em, the Erstwilder Giveaway winners are there too)?!  We've decided to make these a monthly thing and we're having so much fun outfit planning as a group.  With four ladies to coordinate, we decided the easiest thing to do was to continue our matchy accessory/dress theme approach.

In lieu of breaking out all the pastels + lace we could find, which is inevitably what we'd end up wearing to real tea time, we decided on a vintage piece each and varying colors of this sweet little Deer Arrow Tea Time Brooch.  This post came to life when the four of us were chatting one day and one of us made a passing mention of a loose leaf tea addiction; we soon discovered we were all loose leaf teas ritualists.  After trading favorite teas back and forth (including my favorite "novelty" tea which has rainbow sprinkles in place of sugar... HOW AWESOME IS THAT), talking about how we would personalize a teacup and agreeing that our first group visit would definitely involve tea time, we settled for a tea time based style post.

Are you a tea drinker, what is your favorite tea?

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