Friday Favorites #53 + Ankit

Friday, October 16, 2015

little tech somethings c/o AnkitFloral Headphones  |  Floral Phone Case  |  Cactus Power Bank

We were recently contacted by Ankit and told we could choose some goodies to feature.  I (June) ended up with a Floral Phone Case and a Cactus Power Bank. I leave home around 8 am every day for work, leave work, drive straight to night classes and usually don't get home until about 10:30 pm so, needless to say, I rely on my iPhone + iPad a lot.  I've been toting this little power bank around since it arrived and I can't believe I'd never thought to pick one up before.  I will mention that it didn't come with the Apple cord, but I purchased one and as long as I remember to throw the power bank on a charger at night, it's a HUGE help at about 3 or so the next day when my phone is at 2%.  I also snagged some Floral Headphones which are noise-cancelling so, they're great for listening to lectures on my lunch (yeah, I know, most boring way to spend lunch ever, I agree).

household items c/o Ankit: Floral Headphones | Mug

When it comes to household items I don't hoard or collect too many things, but I'll forever be a coffee mug hoarder until the day I die.  Michael doesn't understand why I need more than 7 mugs since I suppose technically speaking that's all I would need...but in reality I need more.  Ankit has a wide selection of f*cking adorable mugs, and I was able to snag this cactus one before they removed it from the site.  I can't keep a cactus alive so it's forever ironic.  I spend my mornings before work super mellow sipping coffee and catching up on comics.  The Floral Headphones are also great so I can listen to a podcast or music if I decide too.  They also match my rose gold iPhone 6s so well. The headphones deserve the heart-eyes emoji.

7. Our Current Comic FavesSpider*Gwen  //  Lady Killer //  DC Bombshells  //  Fight Club 2

We haven't done a Friday Favorites post in an eternity but we always love bringing them back because they're so much fun for us to put together (past posts here).    Since we're sharing some of our new tech goodies, we thought we'd also show y'all some of the little things that make our lives a little easier.  But, because it's Friday we're also sharing some of our current favorite things.

I know we've totally mentioned this before but, we're addicted to these little Magnapin Brooch Fasteners (also featured in our DIY Brooch Board Tutorial).  You just stick your brooch in that little raised part and then it splits into two halves and a strong magnet holds your brooch to your clothing so you save it from those little holes (especially delicate vintage).  Also, we're totally not hair-inclined, so I don't know what made me randomly pick up Mini Bobby Pins while at Sally's one day, but vintage hairstyling is about 110% easier for for me these these little guys. You wouldn't think something so random would make a huge difference, but it really does.  Last, how cute are these Little Sprouts Bookmarks?! They're silicone so they don't fall out of your books/comics as easily when they're traveling around in your bag and they can be stuck in the top or down in the binding so they look like they're sprouting out of the pages.

What are your favorite things this week?

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