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Friday, October 2, 2015

Claudia Dress c/o Emily and Fin  |  Cherry Pie Brooch - Etsy  |  Bracelets - Bakelite + Splendette
Keiko Glasses - Bonlook  |  Cherry Lady Dragon Slingbacks - Vivienne Westwood/Melissa

Do you ever have one of those weekends that just stands out to you as a remarkably calm/relaxing weekend? That was last weekend for me (which is when I snapped these photos).  I woke up Saturday morning, opened all the windows and drank coffee while reading Armada - which will undoubtedly be one of my favorite books when I finish it.  It's written by one of my hands-down favorite new writers, Ernest Cline (I reviewed his other book, Ready Player One, here).  Woven with threads of 80s pop culture, science fiction, classic video game references and even nods to World of Warcraft fan lore (which I will guiltlessly admit, I played frequently until I started law school), I'm completely smitten with his writing style and what some people have termed his "Hero Nerd Complex".  I don't particularly see why that should be a complex, why shouldn't the underdog save the world? Just ask Harry Potter. ;)

I forced myself to put down Armada by 9:30 or so and got ready to go wander around town a bit.  I've been experimenting with my hair more and generally giving in to the fact that I'm just going to look like a 1950s mermaid because it's getting so long and I don't like short hair on myself (hint: the secret to the front curl is teasing the shit out of it).  I was pretty stoked with my hair results so I took my new Claudia Dress out for a spin.  The dress is incredibly comfy, has pockets and also had a great shape without needing a petticoat.  I grabbed MORE coffee, stopped by the General Store and eventually ended up at the Pilgrimage Music Festival with Collin.  So ready for my semester to be over so I have more weekends like this to look forward to. Who's ready for Halloween?!

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