Peaches at Dragoncon

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

photo via @girlsside of @snowhite_dahlia

As mentioned in last Friday's post, we spent the Saturday in Atlanta at Dragon Con.  Probably the two most exciting things about Dragon Con were 1.) getting to see everyone's awesome and elaborate cosplays and 2.) meeting so many lovely people from Instagram.  After being told a few times that we looked like the artistic rendering of Daphne and Velma we thought Dragon Con would be the perfect time to dress-up as those characters.  After A LOT of hot glue burns and some near crafting meltdowns we were able to pull our costumes together by 12:30 on Friday Night/Saturday Morning.  We may have slept about 4 hours, but that's dedication!

Saturday was unlike anything we could have planned for.  We stood in the media pit for the parade on Saturday morning, which was SO MUCH FUN!  We saw so many amazing costumes/cosplays and were even able to capture the moment where Cinderella told us she followed us on Instagram.  We also spotted some Pinup Girl Clothing pieces through-out the day, and screamed when we saw the Amanda Dress in action...and then chased after her.  Dragon Con is spread out across four hotels all within walking distances of one another, which means that you really need to have a plan of attack for the day.  We knew that about 70,000 people would be attending, but it's hard to imagine what that looks like until you are in the pit of it.  The day went totally unlike what we planned and we actually missed all of our panels, which totally bummed us out but has prepared us for next year!  It is so easy to lose track of time with all of the activities going on. However, exploring the vendors, comic and pop artist alley and the walk of fame was incredible.  We got to meet and see some amazing artists, and stare at Percy Weasley while we slowly creeped by his booth.  After experiencing our first Dragon Con we are already planning, scheduling and prepping for next year!  If you were ever interested in going we would definitely recommend it.  It's truly an experience like no other.

Who should we cosplay as next year? 

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