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Friday, September 25, 2015

JuneGeorgia Peaches Dress - Pinup Girl Clothing  |  Camper Brooch - Wacky Tuna
Jelly Shoes in Banana c/o Sun Jellies  |  Knee Socks - Target  |  Basket Purse - vintage

Amelia: 1960s Shift Dress + Floral Brooch - Vintage | Cateye Glasses - Amazon
Jelly Shoes in Navy c/o Sun Jellies | Lip Color: LASplash Liquid Lipstick in Inflamed 

We're both children of the 90s, but even those of you who aren't probably associate jelly shoes with smelly plastic, sweaty feet + blisters (though we can't TOTALLY hate the plastic smell because of the nostalgia).  Recently, we decided to force those "why did I wear jelly shoes to Sunday School because now my feet hurt" memories out of our heads and give Sun Jellies sandals a try and we're happy to report that Sun Jellies don't cause the same pain that the jelly shoes of our childhood did.... which calls to question, seriously what were they doing to those things?!

Sun Jellies sandals + collared 60s style dresses (like several in the JBGP collection with Pinup Girl Clothing including June's dress above) are one of our go-to pairings for fall so these pictures were especially fun to take.  What makes them even better is they're a nice break from the heels we wear most days without having to defer back to our typical casual day dress + ballet flat combo.  This time we both opted for more subtly colored sandals, but Sun Jellies offers 21 colors including some fun glittery and metallic shades!  I'm ready to brighten up Fall outfits with knee socks/stockings and a bright pair of jelly shoes.  Also, I'm pretty sure that if there was an indie movie about our day-to-day lives these photos of June would be the movie cover.

Do you own a pair of jelly shoes? 

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