Hula Honey + Penelope Paisley

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

June: Ella Top in Hula Honeys c/o Heart of Haute  |   Yellow Betty Heels c/o Miss L Fire
Jenny Skirt in Black + Underskirt - Pinup Girl Clothing 
Hair Flower c/o Pollypop Boutique  |  Yellow Purse - Vintage  |  Bracelets - Splendette 

Amelia: Roxie Dress – Orange Penelope Paisley c/o Heart of Haute | Skunkboy Glasses - Bonlook
  Yellow Ione Heels - BAIT Footwear |  White Knee Socks - American Apparel

I've had this Hula Honeys Top from Heart of Haute in my wardrobe for a little while now and felt like pairing it with a black skirt was kind of boring.  So, I'd set the shirt aside and awaited a pang of more interesting outfit inspiration.  Typical Amanda, I ended up pairing it with a black skirt anyway and actually loved the combo!  Also, this was one of those days where I had such high hopes for my hair after sleeping in pin curls and all that jazz, BUT, I woke up and it looked like shit. So, I ended up with it in a stylized top knot... and it actually looks half decent! THANK YOU HAIR GODS FOR RIGHTING YOUR WRONG!  Lately, I've discovered that the outfits and hairstyles that are nothing like I expect seem to be the most fun. Who knew.

Having worn glasses my entire life, I don’t know why I just now decided to explore and have fun with them.  June is definitely a glasses enabler, and she now has me hooked on Bonlook.  Bonlook is currently doing $20 off their cateye frames so I just picked up another colorway of the Skunkboy frames!  Amazing sparkly glasses deserve to be paired with equally amazing clothing, which is why this Roxie Dress by Heart of Haute is the perfect dress for this pair.   I think this is the first 60s style dress I’ve gotten from the amazing Mandie Bee, and it may be my favorite style yet.  I’ve decided I want to channel a creamsicle so 've been really loving orange as of late.

 What's your favorite, go-to 'fun' outfit or wardrobe piece?

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