Friday Favorites: The Dragon Con Edition

Friday, September 4, 2015

June's Geek Chic Look
1. Fine and Sandy Blazer - Modcloth  |  2. Portia Polka Dot Shirt - Collectif
3. Pencil Jeans in Black - American Apparel  |  4. Red Lady Tie - TheTBB (Etsy Shop)
5. Ollie Oxfords - Amazon  |  6. TARDIS Socks - Amazon  |  7. Red Fez - Amazon

Amelia's Geek Chic Look
1. Stop Staring! Cupcake Dress - Modern Pinup  |  2. Lace Panel Cardigan - House of Fraser 
3. Cat Cameo Brooch - ShockValues (Etsy Shop)  |  4. Cat Ear Crossbody Purse - Amazon
5. Pink Ione Heels - Modcloth  |  6. Cheeky "Booze" Teacup - Urban Outfitters

Every year on Labor Day weekend Dragon Con rolls into Atlanta, Georgia.  For those of you who don't know, Dragon Con is a gigantic convention for nerdy people of all sorts, and we've wanted to attend FOR SO LONG.  It brings in about 50,000 guests, including attendees, vendors and celebrities.  After years of ill-timing and planning we finally managed to apply and get granted for press passes and we've planned our cosplay accordingly.  Since we've had years to dream up different costumes for cosplay, we'd like to try one day, we thought it would be cool to show two of the many ideas that we've had through the years, here were the photos of our characters we used for inspiration, just in case you need to be formally introduced.

It's no surprise that as huge Doctor Who and Harry Potter fans, we decided to theme these looks after different characters from those universes.  June decided to put together a 'lady' version of her favorite Doctor (because bowties and fezes are cool!) and  I thought it would be great to cosplay as one of the most hated Harry Potter character's, Dolores Umbridge.  She may be evil, but damn she has style.

Next year we hope we can have multiple costumes, but for this year we just have one.  Here is a little sneak peak into what we will be wearing this weekend ;)

If you went to Dragon Con who would you cosplay?

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