Koco Blaq

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Amelia: Hurricane Cocktail Full Skirt c/o Koco Blaq |  Blue Platform Wedges - Modcloth (Similar)
Voodoo Vixen Top + Black Grommet Belt - Pinup Girl Clothing  | Pitcher Brooch - Vintage

June:  Carole Top - Pinup Girl Clothing  |  Aloha Full Skirt c/o Koco Blaq  |  Coconut Purse - vintage
Teal Hair Scarf - Amazon  |  Leve Flats - Amazon  |  Teal Starburst Brooch - The Crave Yard

We've found a new brand to obsess over and were so excited to blog these skirts.  Koco Blaq's designs full of tiki dreams +  atomic details + modern designs.  We were so excited when Amanda stumbled upon Koco Blaq's Tumblr, because we'd both been looking for reproduction Tiki pieces with full skirts, as we don't like to break out our more delicate vintages pieces all the time.  The designs were also so fun and unique, and I mean...who wouldn't want a skirt with a Hurricane on it.

These skirts are begging to be worn at a tiki bar or on our next beach trips, but sadly that probably won't happen until next Summer.  So, until then, we'll wear them with quirky vintage accessories and pretend that we are sipping cocktails (or in Amanda's case, mocktails) on the beach.  The skirts are made from a stretchy material, so we highly suggest sizing down if you're in between sizes. Even if you're not the biggest fan of skirts + dresses, Koco Blaq also sells cute graphic tops, swimwear and amazing men's cabana sets and graphic tanks.

Do you have a favorite piece of tiki-inspired clothing? 

June's Wedding: Part IV, Anniversary + Details

Monday, September 28, 2015

Yesterday was my one year wedding anniversary! WHERE DID TIME GO?!  It's been such a crazy year and it's even crazier thinking about how long I've known Collin.  We met when we went to prom in the same group when I was a senior in high school.  It took us a year or so but we ended up dating after getting to know each other better in college and at shows.  We dated a few years, took a break, survived college, culinary school, a signed/touring band, the start of law school and a 6 hour apart move... but, I suppose if you're meant to be with someone, your paths will cross again and, that they did.  Collin asking me to come by his work for old time's sake turned into a late night coffee date and the next time I came by the lights were dimmed, the tables were moved and "I Want to Know Your Plans" by Say Anything was playing.  We danced in an empty coffee shop and  I ended up stuck with him again ;) and a few months later, he proposed (incredibly post post with that story here).

We have a ton of photos from our wedding and after I looked through them again, I realized I'd never shared any of the decor/details or our reception so, what better time than for our anniversary? (Past wedding posts can be found here).  So, here they are! Also, sorry in advance, but this post will probably make you crave sweets.  All photos were shot by Ulmer Studios who were sweet enough to travel for our wedding.

I want to state, for the record, this is empirical evidence that Katie and I are literally the world's WORST dancers. Like, the absolute worst, I was laughing so hard I was crying at all the candid shots of us dancing so I included bonus photos of Katie breaking it down and me doing finger guns.. why? I have absolutely no idea. It's embarrassing; but, it needed to be shared.

I can't believe how much we've changed in a year, we look so different!  We spontaneously ended up with passes to an event so we spent our anniversary at The Pilgrimage Music Festival watching some of our favorite bands.  I'm so lucky to have ended up with the person I considered for years to be the "one that got away" and I can't wait for a lifetime of spontaneity and continued adventures with him. 

For more information about our photographers:
Ulmer Studios
For a little more of our wedding:
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The Wedding: The Bride, The Groom + The Wedding Party // The Ceremony // Disneymoon

Feel free to post your own wedding photos + inspiration in the comments!

Laundromat + Cabin

Friday, September 25, 2015

JuneGeorgia Peaches Dress - Pinup Girl Clothing  |  Camper Brooch - Wacky Tuna
Jelly Shoes in Banana c/o Sun Jellies  |  Knee Socks - Target  |  Basket Purse - vintage

Amelia: 1960s Shift Dress + Floral Brooch - Vintage | Cateye Glasses - Amazon
Jelly Shoes in Navy c/o Sun Jellies | Lip Color: LASplash Liquid Lipstick in Inflamed 

We're both children of the 90s, but even those of you who aren't probably associate jelly shoes with smelly plastic, sweaty feet + blisters (though we can't TOTALLY hate the plastic smell because of the nostalgia).  Recently, we decided to force those "why did I wear jelly shoes to Sunday School because now my feet hurt" memories out of our heads and give Sun Jellies sandals a try and we're happy to report that Sun Jellies don't cause the same pain that the jelly shoes of our childhood did.... which calls to question, seriously what were they doing to those things?!

Sun Jellies sandals + collared 60s style dresses (like several in the JBGP collection with Pinup Girl Clothing including June's dress above) are one of our go-to pairings for fall so these pictures were especially fun to take.  What makes them even better is they're a nice break from the heels we wear most days without having to defer back to our typical casual day dress + ballet flat combo.  This time we both opted for more subtly colored sandals, but Sun Jellies offers 21 colors including some fun glittery and metallic shades!  I'm ready to brighten up Fall outfits with knee socks/stockings and a bright pair of jelly shoes.  Also, I'm pretty sure that if there was an indie movie about our day-to-day lives these photos of June would be the movie cover.

Do you own a pair of jelly shoes? 

Pastel Princesses

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ione Heels- BAIT Footwear  |  Confetti Heart Brooch - Match Accessories |  Keiko Glasses - Bonlook

Amelia: Bustier Top + Pink Striped Cabana Beach Skirt + Tootsie Cropped Cardigan
+ Scallop Hair Scarf  (Similar) c/o Doll Me Up | Jumbo Pink Cherry Brooch - Luxulite
Canvas Underskirt - Pinup Girl Clothing | Ione Heels- BAIT Footwear | Cateye Glasses - Amazon

If you read our blog regularly (and we hope you do *wink*) you know we're not really pastel kinda gals. There's no particular reason for our pastel aversion, we just don't tend to be very drawn to them and will usually pick a bold color over a lighter one any day. But, the chance to work with Doll Me Up presented itself and we noticed how many of the items we liked just so happened to be of the pastel persuasion.... so we went for it. 

I (Amanda) was initially a little apprehensive about the Pretty Pleats Skirt because of the stretchy material and was worried about what it might look like on but, I'm so happy with it... a now I want a couple more.  This Peek-a-Boo Top isn't something I'd usually try, but I'm glad I felt brave because it's fun and the little keyhole is less revealing than I thought.  Also, I'm currently obsessed with Artisan Gerard and her adorable (and inexpensive) necklaces.  She custom made me this little lattice pie and I almost died because it's the best, I also have a peach and a Georgia one waiting to be worn.

Whenever I (Katie) pick out separates I'm always apprehensive about whether they will end up working together or not, but the Bustier Crop Top went perfect with the Cabana Beach Skirt.  The top was actually a little longer than expected so it created this great look where it wasn't too cropped when I was standing, but "in motion" it showed just enough skin.  It is pretty much the perfect top for the cooling down temperatures, especially paired with the Cropped Cardigan, which is not only perfect it also comes in SO many colors.  I definitely need to start stocking up on these to wear with my day dresses.  I used to always stray from cropped cardigans thinking they'd make me look boxy, but this one has made me see the light.

// Doll Me Up is currently having a 15% off sitewide sale with promo code WELCOMEFALL, it ends tonight (9/23).

// Match Accessories is also offering 10% off storewide today, just use promo code JUNEBUGS! 

Are you a fan of pastel or indifferent to it?