The Paraders

Thursday, August 20, 2015

*bonus iphone photos of us sweating our asses off hiking back from these insane mines"
Amelia: Lydia Circle Skirt c/o The Paraders  |  Red Pompeii Heels c/o Miss L Fire
Black Evita Top c/o Powderpuff Boutique  |  Ray-Ban Cateye Glasses - Amazon

June: Jemina Circle Skirt c/o The Paraders  |  Black Voodoo Vixen Top - Pinup Girl Clothing 
Keiko Cateye Glasses in Tessa Tort - Bonlook  |  Leve Flats - Amazon  |  8 inch Brim Sunhat - Amazon

Well, this is a first, The Peaches in Black + White: and we felt like Wednesday Addams and Lydia Deetz (who are some of our favorite fictional characters EVER.... so we're loving it).  When we were contacted by Rachel from The Paraders, we thought it would be fun to do something different from our norm and go monochrome.  Of course, we couldn't help but add a little color, so we both decided to work a bit into our accessories.  We admire ladies who look like total badasses in monochrome attire on the daily, but it's a look that neither of us has ever really gone for or felt confident in for regular wear.

A little about these Paraders skirts, both skirts are the same length but, we thought they looked pretty flattering on us despite our giant height difference.  They have wonderful large pockets and were great for the over a mile hike we went on to get to these freaking kaolin chalk mines.  Also, they have a wonderful shape without a petticoat, it was so hot, neither of us are wearing one of any kind (fabric is also thick, no slip needed).

On a final note, we feel like some people have adventures... and we have misadventures.  So, after getting a late start, getting lost for about an hour, finding 3 OTHER sets of mines before finding "the good one" and Thelma and Louise'ing our car over a giant bump... seriously, we got air.... we made it. Never underestimate the power of a morning that would've been shitty, but was awesome, because we're with your best friend.

What is your favorite misadventure?

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