Tangerine Menagerie + Tulle

Monday, August 31, 2015

Amelia: Say Yeah Top c/o Lady K Loves | Wendy Skirt c/o Space 46 Boutique
Cuckoo Clock Brooch c/o Tangerine Menagerie | Black Ballet Flats - Amazon
Ray-Ban Cateye Glasses - Amazon | Hair Scarf - Amazon

JuneV-Neck Cami - Forever 21 | Wendy Skirt in Blue c/o Space 46 Boutique | Ballet III Flats - Melissa
Eiffel Tower Brooch c/o Tangerine Menagerie  |  Casa Blanca Palm Hat - imogene + willie

Ballet flats + tulle skirts are a classic combination (of course, considering their origin) but they're such a great staple item to keep in your wardrobe.  We love having them to dress up, dress down or just channel our inner Carrie Bradshaw.  To make the outfits a little less plain, we added fun accessories like brooches from Tangerine Menagerie and a hair scarf/hat.  We both spent our weekends prepping our cosplay outfits for our upcoming invitation to Dragoncon in Atlanta, so we dressed our skirts down so we could get out of the house and hang out with our husbands for a while.  Collin + I went to Louisville, KY for a day trip and Katie + Michael got their first Pumpkin coffees of the season (JEALOUS).  Such a cute but comfy alternative to the same 4 sundresses I like to throw on when I don't feel like getting ready! ;)

What did you do this weekend? 

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