Rear Window Vintage: Autumnal Tulip

Friday, August 7, 2015

Abstract Floral Tulip Dress - Rear Window Vintage  |  Ione Heels in Fair Yellow - BAIT Footwear
Embroidered Floral Bag - Vintage  |  Bracelets - Bakelite  |  Green Nylon Hair Scarf - Vintage (similar)
Lip Color: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Tokyo

Katie and I "met" Kelsey who runs Rear Window Vintage through Instagram and she proposed an arrangement that's out of the ordinary for us... but of course, we were intrigued!  We sent her our measurements, what we look for when we're searching for vintage and our favorite styles and in exchange, she each sent us a box of goodies to choose from (which are what is pictured in the very last photos above).  I made sure to pack my vintage treasure chest the last time I visited Katie so that we could open them together and we traded items around a bit and tried them on.  It was so much fun!

I wasn't sure which piece was I was going to blog first but one morning, I woke up and grabbed this little Floral Tulip Dress to try on with a petticoat and  LOVED it!  I tend to gravitate towards dresses that look like something Barbara Billingsley would've worn in the later episodes of Leave it to Beaver.  Besides the unique shape, I also love that this one has the little tie backs for a flattering fit without needing a belt and a little bow detail in the skirting.  This dress is probably one of the most fun vintage pieces I've seen in a while. Vintage Treasure Chest, item one: SUCCESS!

 What do you look for when you buy vintage?

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