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Friday, August 28, 2015

I teased at creating this Brooch Board Tutorial longer ago than I'd like to admit in my Dressing Room post (here) and I think what took so long was being absolutely horrified at the thought of creating a tutorial because... I'm not crafty y'all. I'm the person who tries to create things and makes a complete mess, breaks something and burns herself with a hot glue gun. But, here it is!  I recommend skimming through all the steps and looking at the photos before starting the tutorial, just so you sort of know what to expect so your hot glue doesn't dry mid-step.  That being said, without further delay....

        1. Cork tiles - $6 on Amazon or around $10 at a local a craft store
        2. Picture frame - This one is from Goodwill, it was $2. Toss out the glass and whatever hilarious photo is inside, but keep the backing.
        3. Hot Glue Gun - $6 on Amazon
        4. One yard of fabric - I chose gingham and the amount depends on what size photo frame you choose, a yard should do it just to be safe.
        5. Scissors - $6 on Amazon
        6. Brooches that need a home like this radio, shark bomb + tape measure!
        7. A permanent marker, pen or pencil 
    1. Take your cork board and place it in your empty photo frame.  Mark the cork tile where the inner lip of the frame ends.
    2. Cut the excess cork off the cork tile
    3. You'll probably have some excess cork, I keep mine so I can make a separate little earring holder, which is pretty handy. But, you can set it aside, for this project.
    4. Place your newly cut cork tile on your fabric, with about 1-2 inches of fabric around each side of the cork.
    5. Make little tick marks with your marker on the two sides with excess fabric.
      6. Using your tick marks, cut the excess fabric
      7. Center the cork tile on the square of fabric
      8.  One side at a time so your glue doesn't dry, put a line of hot glue and...
      9. Fold the fabric onto the line of hot glue. Repeat steps 8 and 9 on the other three sides
      10. Your board should look like this now, it can look a little messy, that's ok!
      11. You don't want your board falling out, so place hot glue on the inner lip of the frame.
      12. Place your fabric-covered tile into the frame and press lightly so the glue will stick.
      13. Glue around the edges of the fabric-covered tile and....
      14. Replace the back of the frame.  This will provide the support for your board.
      15. Flip it over! You should be good to stick your brooches in!
Brooches above are by some of my favorite brooch makers:
Luxulite, Erstwilder, Deer Arrow, Match Accessories, Wacky Tuna Vintage, Jubly-Umph + Glitter Paradise.

The last photo is of my current brooch board.  I've actually run out of space, which is another reason why I decided to create this tutorial!  For any ladies interested, the little hooks on the bottom for my glasses and necklaces can be purchased here for about $6.  You simply take them and screw them on in, super easy!

Oh! And while we're on the subject of brooches, I've been asked a few times about how I avoid putting holes in my clothes from my brooch pins! I use a little gadget called a Magnapin, and it's a lifesaver.

Outfit Details: Dress - Pinup Girl Clothing, Bear Brooch - Erstwilder, Scarf - Amazon, Glasses - Bonlook

I hope y'all enjoy this tutorial, if anyone creates one, we'd love to see it.
Feel free to share a photo here or @ tag us or #JunebugsandGeorgiaPeaches on Instagram!

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