Nesting Dolls + My Jam

Monday, July 27, 2015

Amelia: Nesting Doll Dress c/o Tatyana Design  | Taupe Ida Heels c/o BAIT Footwear
Yellow Bakelite Bracelet - Vintage  | Woven Bamboo Bangles - Splendette

June:  My Jam Dress c/o Tatyana Design  |  Black Cerelia Pump - Bettie Page Shoes (similar)
Lyssa Gold Glitter Glasses - Kate Spade  |  Green Nylon Hair Scarf - Vintage (similar)

Arguably, the best part of the month is when June drives the 6 hours "home" to Augusta for visits.  Since we both work office jobs in the legal field, our day-to-days are pretty much the exact opposite of what we do in our down time; so, whenever we get to spend the weekend together, we break out the fun dresses and novelty prints, like these from Tatyana Design, and hop in the car for whatever fun activities we can think of. (For ladies seeking fit advice, we ALWAYS recommend sizing a full dress size down from your normal size when buying from Tatyana as they tend to run a bit big).

We have high hopes that one day we'll stumble upon an awesome abandoned dress factory or mill... and though we know that'll probably NEVER happen, we still like to check out different little spots we find (also, how sad would that "dress graveyard" be, it may be better that we don't find it).  This building is actually an old train depot in our hometown, but I think now it's just a spot for whoever stumbles across it to explore and for people to test their terrible graffiti skillz.  We walked around snooping in open windows before moving on to our next adventure since it was too boarded up to get into without some light b + a.

Do you have any spots that you like to explore?

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