Loretta + The Radio

Friday, July 10, 2015

Amelia Outfit One: Pink Radio Brooch - Deer Arrow  |  Black Nana Heels - BAIT Footwear
Bright Blue Sabrina Top + Jenny Skirt in Mary Blair Mother and Child Print - Pinup Girl Clothing 

Outfit Two - Baby Pink Peasant Top + Harlequin Print Shorts - Pinup Girl Clothing
Mandalaye Flats - Amazon | Bakelite "D" Sparklite Brooch - Match Accessories

June Outfit One - Loretta Dress in Atomic Print - Bernie Dexter  |  Bangles - Bakelite
Canvas Underskirt - Pinup Girl Clothing  |  Black Cerelia Pump - Bettie Page Shoes

 Outfit Two- Peasant Top in Baton Rouge + Lips and Roses Jenny Skirt - Pinup Girl Clothing

Excuse the outfit detail overload, whenever we get together we've noticed that we always end up taking a TON of pictures, and a lot of them never seem to make it to the blog.  We're both currently super busy with work (and school in June's case) and are experiencing some major best friend withdrawals.  So we thought it would be the perfect time to show y'all what we wore during our last little visit.  In retrospect, it includes a lot of Pinup Girl Clothing, but that's because we are both highly addicted to their peasant tops (which we also wore on this visit here).  One of our favorite things to do in Augusta is to stroll along the Riverwalk.  We've probably said this a million times now, but it's a small town so little things like this make the world go round.  We try to do it every time she visits, even if it means the humidity kills our hair and we're completely damp when we get back in the car.... it helps that there's a restaurant within walking distance that serves slices of cake the size of your head.

What's your favorite best friend tradition?


  1. It's so nice to see photos of your visits together! I always value seeing my best friends who live far away, it makes every second special! June, I am drooling over your Bernie Dexter Atomic Print Loretta Dress!!!

  2. The print on that white dress is to die for!

  3. Amanda the dress you are wearing has made me die and go to heaven! So stinkin' cute. I need it in my life! Katie. I love the bright combination of blue and pink. It looks fabulous on you. I'm so glad you two get to see each other as often as you do. My best friend lives far away from me, and I treasure every moment I get to spend with her.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. oh wow I really love that Bernie dress and that radio brooch, I have a blue one! :)

  5. Those glasses! I'm due for new ones, what brands are you gals wearing? Guessing Ray-Ban and Bonlook?

  6. Omg Amelia, your hair and figure are just amazing in both outfit posts! Aaaand now I need that Bernie Dexter dress, Amanda...

  7. Aww well thank you! We see each other about once a month (twice in a good month and sadly sometimes we have to skip months) and we have so much fun running around doing EVERYTHING together we've wanted to do all month. The posts we do together are not-so-secretly my favorites. And thank you! The print is SO CUTE. As soon as I saw it, I knew I needed it. <3

  8. It is! As soon as I saw her do a sneak peek, I knew I needed it. <3

  9. I love all the new Deer Arrow brooches, but their classic ones like the car and radio are my personal favorites. Also, this is one of my favorite Bernie fabrics ever, it's even better in person than I thought it'd be. <3

  10. The PUG shorts are seriously the best, I couldn't recommend them more. <3

  11. RIGHT!? I knew I needed it AS SOON as I saw it! Atomic print AND ricrac?! That's like everything I want in a dress! Also, playing with the skirts from the Mary Blair Collection + peasant tops is so much fun because all the skirts are so colorful, that there are so many mix-n-match options! <3

    Also, I recently picked up the white ones and LOVE them, I wish I'd bought the black harlequin ones when they were available.

    And we see each other about once a month and it's pretty much the best couple of days in the entire month, we understand the woes of long distance bestfriendship.