The Grand Budapest Hotel

Friday, July 31, 2015

Amelia:  Gwendolyn Dress c/o Retrolicious  |  Over-the-Knee Knit Sock - American Apparel
Gray Oxfords - Modcloth (similar)  |  Black + Silver Brooch - Luxulite  |  Black Nylon Hair Scarf - Amazon

June Spring Fling Dress c/o Folter  |  Black Belt - Pinup Girl Clothing  |  Persia Heels c/o Miss L Fire

Welcome to the Grand Budapest Hotel!  Okay... not really. But, we're HUGE Wes Anderson film fans and couldn't help but feel some Wes Anderson vibes from this pretty pink pharmacy in Aiken, SC mixed with the color palettes + mid-century modern vibes from these outfits (Also, how cool is this Wes Anderson film color palette guide by Beth Matthews design).

We sort of feel like our style usually rests in the late '50s/early 60's anyways but, we love when we have the chance to dress a little more '60s.  We both have growing collections of knee socks and shift dresses that we hope to break out for fall, but in the meantime, these dresses from Folter Clothing were the perfect summer pieces to pair with 60's hair styles + accessories.  Not that we really need an excuse to tease the ever loving sh!t out of our hair... we do that anytime we get chance. Can we get an amen, Miss Parton?!

What decade do you think best defines your style?

The Original Bad Girl

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

JuneThe Riot Top c/o The Original Bad Girl  |  Deadly Dames Capris - Pinup Girl Clothing
Leve Ballet Flat - Amazon  |  Black Nylon Hair Scarf - Amazon  |  Black + Woven Bangles - Splendette

AmeliaThe Beat Girl Top c/o The Original Bad Girl | Denim High Waisted Shorts - Pinup Girl Clothing
Mix Master Brooch c/o Jubly-Umph  |  Nana Heels - BAIT Footwear (similar)

We're bringing y'all along on some more of our adventures from our last visit.  There are few things better than a good old fashioned milkshake -- so we decided to pop on over to Evans Diner.  It's a little bit farther than our usual food outings, but when you need a diner milkshake... no distance is too far. Let's hear it for hometown favorites.  It was, of course, so humid after about 5 minutes outside we felt like we'd been swimming, so ditched our petticoats and dresses and decided to channel our inner Audrey + Marilyn and wear our some vintage-inspired tops from The Original Bad Girl.  These are some of our new favorite wardrobe pieces since casual, retro-styled tops can sometimes be difficult to find (ot to mention, the stripes are the perfect background for novelty brooches).

This is definitely the summer where we've both embraced shorts + cigarette pants, which makes us feel a little more "edgy and a little less femme" than usual.  It's fun to change it up every once and w a while.  Also, after writing those post, we're not sure if the increased amount of resting bitch face in these photos is because of the weather or because we were channeling our inner-original bad girl.

Who is your favorite style 'icon' to channel?

Nesting Dolls + My Jam

Monday, July 27, 2015

Amelia: Nesting Doll Dress c/o Tatyana Design  | Taupe Ida Heels c/o BAIT Footwear
Yellow Bakelite Bracelet - Vintage  | Woven Bamboo Bangles - Splendette

June:  My Jam Dress c/o Tatyana Design  |  Black Cerelia Pump - Bettie Page Shoes (similar)
Lyssa Gold Glitter Glasses - Kate Spade  |  Green Nylon Hair Scarf - Vintage (similar)

Arguably, the best part of the month is when June drives the 6 hours "home" to Augusta for visits.  Since we both work office jobs in the legal field, our day-to-days are pretty much the exact opposite of what we do in our down time; so, whenever we get to spend the weekend together, we break out the fun dresses and novelty prints, like these from Tatyana Design, and hop in the car for whatever fun activities we can think of. (For ladies seeking fit advice, we ALWAYS recommend sizing a full dress size down from your normal size when buying from Tatyana as they tend to run a bit big).

We have high hopes that one day we'll stumble upon an awesome abandoned dress factory or mill... and though we know that'll probably NEVER happen, we still like to check out different little spots we find (also, how sad would that "dress graveyard" be, it may be better that we don't find it).  This building is actually an old train depot in our hometown, but I think now it's just a spot for whoever stumbles across it to explore and for people to test their terrible graffiti skillz.  We walked around snooping in open windows before moving on to our next adventure since it was too boarded up to get into without some light b + a.

Do you have any spots that you like to explore?

Hello Holiday Takover

Friday, July 24, 2015

June: Pretty Pretty Picnic Dress c/o Hello Holiday  |  Watermelon Cooler Bag c/o Hello Holiday
Keiko Glasses in Lily White - Bonlook  |  Melissa for Vivienne Westwood Heart Pumps - ShopMelissa

Amelia: Red It in a Letter Dress c/o Hello Holiday  |  Love Letter Clutch c/o Hello Holiday

Recently, we were asked to takeover Hello Holiday's Instagram and we were SO excited (and nervous, link to their IG here)!  We spent an evening texting back + forth trying to decide what we wanted to do and then we realized that the best option was to do something we'd been planning on doing for a while now; sharing one of our "more calm" mornings together.  Our once-a-month visits are the only time we're physically together, and since we started blogging, that has started to result in being buried in a mountain of calendars, planners and camera lenses.  But, we decided to take a day to just do our normal thing and photograph it.

We started off the morning at one of our favorite local coffee shops.  We ordered bagels and hot coffee (instead of iced coffee and the Georgia weather immediately made us regret that decision).  Then, we hopped over to a To Kill a Mockingbird Art show outside a favorite local bookstore and picked up some fresh flowers and Butterbeer (it's not that pricey at the local Whole Foods, but it's AMAZING and almost like being back in Hogsmeade).  In honor of Clueless' 20th Anniversary, we ran home, cooled off and listened to the soundtrack on vinyl while hanging out with Katie's sphynx cat, Ziggy. After being lazy, we headed out to a favorite Mexican spot, Nacho Mama's, and, ok so, we don't normally have confetti parties.... but we couldn't help ourselves!  We've had so much going on lately, sometimes, you just need to fill your pockets with confetti you made in the car out of glitter and construction paper and HAVE FUN!

// Tune into Hello Holiday's Instagram here.
What is your favorite best friend activity?
Also, what's your favorite song on the Clueless soundtrack? (ours if Where'd You Go?)