Clumsy Kate + What's in My Bag

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Canvas Underskirt - Pinup Girl Clothing  |  Glitter Doctor Bag - Unique Vintage (Similar here)
Black Bow Flats - Target  |   Black Nylon Scarf - Amazon  |  Atomic Starburst Brooch - The Crave Yard

I decided to hop over to Elliston Place Soda Shop to grab a milkshake and hang out on that side of Nashville for a while!  It was one one of my first days off studying for midterms, so I decided to finally put aside my denim pedal pushers for a day and grab my new Atomic Cocktail Novelty Print Skirt from Clumsy Kate.  I was a HUGE fan of the quality, the waistband hand multiple buttons, so it was adjustable,  the fabric was wonderful and the pattern is lovely.  I loved that the skirt was really full without having a lot of excess fabric.  Also, we haven't done What's in My Bag post in an eternity; so, we decided to include a peep into our bags because you can't help but be a liiiittle nosy about what other people decide carry around with them.  I'm currently hauling around a Jelly Glitter Doctor Bag most often, because it's absolutely HUGE.  The day I decided to write this post, this is what was in my bag: 

1. My iPad  2. Black Carved Bangles (I constantly shed my jewelry and stick it in my purse)  3. Glitter sunglasses + Poodle Glasses Case  4. Red lipstick (holy shit, I didn't even realize this much was in there)  5. Tide pen  6. Safety pins, hair ties + bobby pins (where do I NOT keep bobby pins)  7. Gingham Wallet   8. Fake or Bake Bakelite Testing Kit   9.  Blog business cards + buttons   10. Denman Brush + Teasing Comb   11. Veruca Salt's American Thighs Album (LOVE 90's girl rock)   12. An "emergency" pair of spare glasses

Mexican Cactus Skirt c/o ClumsyKate | Black Bodysuit - Modcloth (Similar) | Purse - Vintage
Black Hansels - BAIT Footwear | Green Hair Scarf - Vintage (Similar)

I've been really feeling separates lately as you probably know by how often I've been wearing shorts.  My favorite combination of separates has always been leotard + skirt, and this outfit fits perfectly with that formula.  This Mexican Cactus Border Print Skirt from ClumsyKate is so kitschy, which is why I instantly f*cking loved it.  Plus, who doesn't want a skirt with tequila bottles, sugar skulls and a cactus riding a pinata! SERIOUSLY, a cactus riding a pinata so much awesome.  I especially like the black pom pom trim.  It's probably one of the most out there and fun skirts I have, and I'm super excited for next Cinco de Mayo.  I don't own too many purses, but the majority of the ones I do own are vintage carpet bags.  I have a love/hate relationship with carpet bags.  I love them, because they make me feel like Mary Poppins and they're beautiful.  I hate them, because mine lacks Ms. Poppins' powers and cannot fit too much in it.  So that is why I don't keep too much with me.  I do always keep certain essentials with me.  Now, I'm not sure about ya'll, but I always have a curiosity about what people carry in their bag.  Here is what you'll always find in my purse: 

1. Lux De Ville Getaway Wallet 2. Mexican Cactus Glasses Case + my Prescription Sunglasses (literally one of my best purchases ever) 3. Teasing Comb + Bobby Pins + Hair Tie 4. Blog Business Cards + Peach Buttons 5.  Chapsticks (because I have an addiction) 6. Red Lipstick (Stila has my go-to liquid lipstick) 7. Pen 8. Little Mermaid Compact 9. Concealer Stick (Now that it's 100 degrees and the humidity is 80% my makeup definitely needs a touch-up throughout the day) 10. Marc Jacobs Honey Perfume 11. Gum 12. My iPhone (LOVING my new Kate Spade case)

What do you carry in your bag?


  1. I made my own purse by sewing it together with cotton. I originally did it because I use to walk to work and would have my purse and then plastic or grocery bags with my lunch or change of clothes. But the purse I made is probably too big and my husband says it's like Herminone's bottomless purse. I can see what he means, my arm dissapears all the way in the bag. Now I just need a wand to accio what I need from it.

  2. I have lots of chap stick and hair ties/ bobby pins in my purse as well. I hate when I change purses and need a hair tie and don't have one! Love the skirts!

  3. I seriously lose my mind if I don't have them! That's the worst. I have a bad habit of taking them off my wrists and leaving them at work, and I get so mad at myself.


  4. That's so smart!! I definitely need a big bag to put my smaller purse in, because I always have to carry my purse and then an extra bag for all my other stuff/gym clothes/lunch. I'm totally jealous!


  5. Hope at DisneylandJune 15, 2015 at 7:53 PM

    I switch out purses a lot depending on where I'm going, but constantly with me: Mickey pouch which serves as my "emergency kit" filled with bobby pins, elastic hair ties, lip gloss, lip pencil, lipstick samples, safety pins, mints, pepto, band-aids, mole skin, eyeglass cleaner cloth, time of the month "goodies", travel kleenex and a pen. Wallet standards: cash, CC, Sephora card, Hot Topic card, Disneyland AP, D23 Membership card, Health Insurance card and ID. It doesn't seem like a lot, but my bag is always heavy. LOL

  6. So fun! Thank you both very much for the purse peak.

    Love (!) those awesome skirts!

    ♥ Jessica