Campbell Crafts

Sunday, June 28, 2015

June:  Pink Diner Shirt c/o Campbell/Crafts  |  High Waisted Denim Shorts - Pinup Girl Clothing
Blue Nylon Hair Scarf c/o Louella DeVille  |  Saddle Oxfords - vintage  |  Keiko Glasses - Bonlook

   Amelia: Yellow Diner Shirt c/o Campbell/Crafts | Denim Pedal Pushers - Freddies of Pinewood
Lace Oxfords - Vintage | Coffee Pin - Rosehound Apparel | Derek Cardigan Glasses c/o

I think we've said this about A MILLION times but, our hometown, Augusta, Georgia doesn't have a WHOLE lot to offer people looking to find fun little spots to explore (unless you like golf).  Last week, we showed you The Pink Dipper and this week, we're excited to show you another of our favorite spots in town, Sno-Cap Drive-In.  It's been around since 1964 and the owners have maintained it as-is, which is awesome!  We were inevitably going to end up at Snow-Cap regardless, but when we got these Diner Shirts from Campbell/Crafts in the mail, we knew where we wanted to snap some photos.  We grabbed some milkshakes, sat at the picnic tables and worked on our blog calendar and started wishing that the Georgia humidity would cut us a break.... it didn't. 

What's your favorite spot in your hometown?

Shades of Green

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Green Floral Shift Dress - Vintage | Ely Watch in Maple c/o JORD wood watches
Mustard Heels - Chelsea Crew (Similar) | Confetti Earrings - DIY | Hair Scarf - Amazon

Maybe the best thing about Summer is that I am more inclined to wear my 1960s shift dresses more often. They don't get a lot of wear during the other seasons for pretty obvious reasons so I'm stoked to be able to channel my inner '60s and rock some short, short dresses.  Sometimes these dresses can be dangerous so I definitely have to think about what I'm going to be doing that day so I don't end up exposed.  Luckily, I was just on a coffee run so this dress was perfect.  This particular dress is extra special to my heart, because June bought it for me when we first became friends. It's also one of the few green dresses that I wear and don't feel like I look like I should be on the cover of a Lucky Charms cereal box.

I'm generally not a wearer of bracelets or watches, but I refuse to 'stick' to any style rules and always make an exception every now and then.  So when JORD contacted us I was a bit weary, but this is the perfect watch for me.  I love that they'll ship the watch to you already sized to your wrist.  This particular watch is great, because it's not too big for my small wrists and it's a subtle piece.  It'll definitely come in handy when I'm at conferences for work and can't constantly check my phone for the time.

Do you have any clothes that hold sentimental value? 

Cotton Candy + Red Roses

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Amelia: Mandalaye Flats - Amazon  | Pink Novelty Print Skirt - Vintage | Peasant Top c/o Atomic Jax
 Pink Daisy Earrings c/o Splendette | Canvas Underskirt - Pinup Girl Clothing 

June:  Red Peasant Top - Pinup Girl Clothing  |  Jenny Skirt in Red Border Print Floral - Pinup Girl Clothing
Canvas Underskirt - Pinup Girl Clothing  |  Mandalaye Flats - Amazon 
Casa Blanca Palm Hat - imogene + willie

Amelia: Michael bought me this novelty print skirt for my birthday this year, and I absolute love it.  I have a bad habit of not buying much vintage anymore, because I tend to destroy it since I'm so accident prone.  The color pink and the obscure print on this skirt are awesome, and definitely one of the most interesting skirts I own.  The print has little pitchers and platters and they have a deer engraved on them, which is freakin' awesome.  Since June was in town, I knew I needed to wear one of the more special pieces in my wardrobe...  even if we spent a lot of our time together lounging around binge watching RuPaul's Drag Race, because June has me addicted. 

June: I was really stoked to be able to visit Georgia twice in June and both times with Collin, who usually has to stay here in Nashville and work.  I packed a lot of my favorite pieces this time including this skirt I've had for about a million years (that I now have to pin so it'll fit, I think I need to make a trip to the tailor).  It's one of my more subtle go-to's and one of the only florals I like; it's such a bummer that it's no longer sold and I wish I'd snagged the purple version too.  As for our weekend of best friend time, I want to say that this particular time, Amelia + I got dressed up to run to the mall for some hat shopping and to grab Taco Bell, because we're addicted.  So basically, we got dressed up to go on a date to Taco Bell.  Ashley, can I get an amen?!

What is your favorite guilty pleasure food?

The Pink Dipper

Monday, June 22, 2015

June: Pencil Print Tea Dress c/o Love ur Look  |  Yellow Betty Heels c/o Miss L Fire
Canvas Underskirt - Pinup Girl Clothing  |  Keiko Glasses in Tessa Tort - Bonlook

Amelia: Floral Button Front Dress c/o Love ur Look | Magnolia Brooch - Vintage
In a Classic of Its Own Heel - Modcloth  | Canvas Underskirt - Pinup Girl Clothing

Small-town life isn't always the best for vintage enthusiasts.  With only one vintage clothing store and only a handful of antique stores, it's easy to get discouraged and take for granted what fun things are in the area.  One place that has always been a favorite of ours is The Pink Dipper.  The Pink Dipper has always been my (Katie's) go-to spot for ice cream for as long as I remember, and June and I make trips pretty often when she is in town.  It had been a while since our last visit and it was just as we remembered:  the ice cream was amazing and the service was awful.  Birthday cake, cotton candy and bubble gum are my go-to ice cream flavors, and June got peach, YAY PEACH SEASON.  Bring on the sugar and artificial flavoring!

Some days, I feel like I'm channeling my inner Loretta Lynn, and those days always involve big hair, longer dresses and a badass attitude.  This Floral Button Front Dress paired with my vintage magnolia brooch made me feel even more southern than I normally feel, which is something I always love.  Not to mention, June always inspires and encourages me to rock big hair.  Because it's a tea dress, this dress was definitely longer than the length we are used too, and for me to say that you know it has to be pretty long.  If you're  taller lady this is definitely a dress that you should try out, but I know June struggled a bit with the length.

// For any interested ladies, for £5 off (around $8 USD) any Love ur Look order use promo code "3S55C5".

What's your favorite local spot?
What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

Atomic Dreams | Sin in Linen Giveaway

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Our giveaways usually consist of clothing or some other type of fashion accessory,  so we are SO excited to be able to offer a something a little different as a giveaway prize.  You can enter to win a Kitchen Linen Set from Sin in Linen. Each set include an apron, oven mitt, potholder and dish towel.  This set is the Atomic Dreams set and it's based on mid-century modern designs.  If that print is not exactly your thing they also have sets that feature tattoo flash, zebra print, skulls and more.  To enter the giveaway scroll to the widget at the end of the post. 

Lately, Michael and I have been on a huge health-food kick, which means that instead of driving to Taco Bell we have been cooking a lot more.  I'm sure cooking every night is the norm for most people, but it was definitely an adjustment for us.  So having this kitchen set has been great!  I think my favorite piece from the set is the apron, because it protects my dresses from getting stained and ruined....which is great because I'm super clumsy.  Our kitchen has always been pretty plain since our cats destroy everything.  Seriously, I can't have flowers on the table or too much decor, because they'll try to headbutt them. ha  I love that this set features such a great pattern, because it's basically like having practical and useable decor. 

To enter the giveaway, see the widget below.  You can enter the giveaway via blog comment ONCE PER DAY.  For your first comment, tell us which Kitchen Linen Set from Sin in Linen you would choose. For each additional comment, tell us one of your favorite recipes/things to eat. That being said:
 a Rafflecopter giveaway To enter via Instagram: Comment and following the instructions on the giveaway image posted by @ameliajetson and/or @modernjunecleaver. We'll be manually inputting the entries for y'all but the most entry opportunities can definitely be found here on the blog.

If you won, which kitchen linen set from Sin in Linen would you choose? 

Retro Sno

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Black Sabrina Top - Pinup Girl Clothing  |  Harlequin Print Shorts - Pinup Girl Clothing (similar here)
Kora Watch c/o JORD wood watches  |  Shake, Rattle & Roll Brooch - Erstwilder

I decided to wander around on my day off on Tuesday.  I do a lot of wandering on my days off but Nashville is pretty big and a lot of the bordering towns have interesting things to do, as well.  I went thrifting for a while, found 2 Pyrex bowls for $5 to add to my collection, which sounds boring but I was stoked!  After running into the bookstore, I stopped to look at one of my favorite old cars that just hangs out in the parking lot of a vacant garage.  I always wonder if the next time I drive by, it's going to be gone, but not yet!  Then, I decided find out where Retro Sno, my favorite local "food truck", was (if Sno Cones constitute as food, which I wholeheartedly believe they do) and grabbed a Strawberry Lemonade Sno Cone, which was awesome... their menu makes me want a dog to take on Sno Cone dates.

I've been exploring the world of shorts lately, A LOT... and, I'm loving them.  They're so great to just throw on and I love early 60's fashion so much, the shorter my shorts are, the bigger my hair is.  I finally broke out my Shake, Rattle & Roll Brooch and, while I love the IDEA of wearing my Bakelite on a day when I'm out and about, I know it's going to end up hanging out in my purse for my to scoop out later. JORD wood watch recently sent Katie + I new watches to take for a spin and originally, I didn't know how much I'd like it, but I love the rose colored face and that it's just dainty enough not to look ridiculous on my child-sized wrist.

What's your favorite personal fashion choice lately?