Friday Favoorites #50

Friday, May 1, 2015

It's our 50th Friday Favorites and included you'll find frocks, florals, flats and other, less appropriate words that begin with "f" because, WHY NOT!

Umm OK, I went a little crazy this time with the dresses but I'm starting to get to that awkward point with working out where I can't make my old clothes work anymore. So, I'm slowly + sadly selling pieces off.  But, with Modcloth, Pinup Girl Clothing, Modern Pinup + Eshakti all listing summer styles, I'm lusting after so many things right now.  I absolutely LOVE a good summer dress, so many fun colors + prints!

How could we have  Favorite 50th Friday without Queen Dita?  This is one of my absolute favorite dresses of hers. I wish I knew the designer, I love the one contrasting flower applique and that it's a floral that almost looks like polka dots.  Also, look at those Melissa + Vivienne Westwood collaboration heels!  Those were actually one of my least favorite collaborations but she is rocking he SHIT out of them.

via SiriusC on tumblr
Ladies, I don't have much to say about this besides CAN I GET AN AMEN?  I honestly think these exact words, in this exact order have come out of my mouth at the end of the day as I shed layer after layer walking in the front door.

Sam & Libby Chelsea Bow Flats in Black  |  Red  |  Pink
 Jessica Simpson Mandalaye Flats in Natural  |  Black

So, I LOVE a cute shoe, but I love a basic ballet flat even more.  I think I get asked more about where my flats are from than any of my heels and these are my two favorites: these little Sam & Libby Flats you can snag at Target in a bajillion colors for between $20 and $30 and these blunt toe Jessica Simpson Mandalaye flats.  These are actually mine + Amelia's favorite flats to wear when we're at Disney or Universal and will be doing a lot of walking.

I just wanted to share this because we got all the little things we carry around in our purses reprinted.  These are some of our old cards (our new, slightly redesigned ones are on the way) but I'm always so excited when we get to order more of these buttons to give people when we see them!  Why do I just want to make button packs and give them to the world?

What are your favorite things this Friday? What's your favorite summer dress this season?


  1. Oh my goodness! I have a pair of those Vivienne Westwood heels! I love the reflecting orbs, if I ever find another color in that style in my price range I'm going to snap them up.

    I need one of the wonderland Mary Blair pieces in my life but until I can afford one I'll keep making summer sundresses to keep me busy :)

  2. Loving the Stop Staring fruit print dresses and the red striped one! And of course, no Friday Favorites is complete with Miss Dita--she always looks so divine and beautifully well dressed. Fruit and florals are perfect for summer.

  3. Oooh thanks for the suggestions on the flats! I am always so peeved to have to wear sneakers for casual but all day walking. I live in flip flops so having flats as an option would be great.

  4. Oh my, all those dresses are divine! It gets far too tempting to spend lots of money.
    Sarah - Lipstick & Dresses

  5. Hope at DisneylandMay 1, 2015 at 7:32 PM

    I LOVE all those gingham prints AND those flats. I'm always after a good pair as I go to Disneyland a lot and you can't look cute with busted feet. lol I adore the bows on the front and the ballerina-esque Jessica Simpson flats too. Thanks for the tips as always! Also, congrats on your fitness June! I've been working out a lot too and am starting to see results so I'm excited about how my dresses will look even better on me this season. :D

  6. Yes to the layers and yes to ballet flats! :)

  7. HAHAHA! That comic about getting undressed! YES! My dressing room is by the front door so the moment I get home, I step into my room and shed it all for pajamas! Comfy time! haha

  8. My black flats are shot to hell. I may have to invest in those Jessica Simpson ones. Good lord, I can have my fantasy ballerina shoes!

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