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Monday, May 18, 2015

Being raised in South Carolina/Georgia means that I look forward to May every year because it means that it's finally peach season!  Having fresh fruit and vegetables easily accessible is great, because I love supporting local farmers and businesses.  Whenever Amanda is in town we always cram in as much BFF time as possible so we always start our days super early, but it's totally worth it to have those extra hours together.  First thing Saturday, Amanda and I decided that we wanted to go check out some of our favorite peach stands in South Carolina....but only after she brought me coffee so we were happily caffeinated.  

I'm not a morning person so after I drank ALL of the coffee I finally got motivated to get out of my robe and get dressed for the day.  emmydesign describes the Honolulu Swing Dress as 'a sure thing for hot weather whatever your plans may be' and I completely attest to that description!  The dress is visually lovely for warm weather, and the material is perfect for the 90+ degree weather we were experiencing.  The halter straps can also be removed, which is something I always love about sundresses.  Plus, the abstract fruit print is PERFECT for a morning shopping for produce.  Now I cannot wait to make these peaches into ice cream!  

Lilac Hair Scarf - Hey Viv! | Faux Pearl Earrings - Target (Similar)

I think over the course of my weekend with Katie, I maybe got 10 hours of sleep TOTAL but the weekend-or-so a month we spend together is so worth the lack of sleep!  Our weekends always start with me driving the 6 hours to Augusta from Nashville, arriving around 2am on Saturday and me arriving at Katie's house by 8:30 am (later that Saturday, who needs sleep anyways) with coffee for both of us, still in curlers, and we decide what we want to do for the day.  One of my FAVORITE things about Augusta is that it's right on the GA/SC line so you can literally have one foot in one state, and other other in another.  So, when we decided to drive to SC for peaches, it was only a 15 minute drive.

Though our dresses are the same style, they're made of different fabrics.  My Honolulu Swing Dress is made of a thick cotton poplin material and it has boning lining the bodice, a removable halter strap and lipstick pockets (YES! Pockets!).  I loved the boning because it makes the dress a bit more structured than most summer sundresses (which I think would also be important if you were wearing the dress strapless as opposed to with the halter strap).  Lately, I've really been loving the lightness + silhouette of my Pinup Girl Clothing Underskirt, so that's what I'm wearing under this dress.

Honolulu Swing Dress in Navy Flowers c/o emmydesign  |  Yellow Betty Heels - Miss L Fire
Casa Blanca Palm Hat - imogene + willie  |   Ship Wheel Brooch - The Pink Bungaloo
VaVa Voluminous Petticoat - Modcloth

What did y'all do this weekend?  Have you ever had homemade peach ice cream?!


  1. Love when you gals get to pose together for a change! Super super cuteness and those DRESSES! They're darling!

  2. Jennifer @ grimmricksenMay 18, 2015 at 10:08 AM

    I love that you drive 6 hours to spend time with eachother regularly. My two best friends are both 9-11 hours away and I only get to see them once or twice a year and it blows (plus I have to squeeze in time with the rest of my family when we're in town).

    And now for the most important part of this comment: you have fresh peaches in May?!?!?!?! In Utah our peach season is basically just August to mid-September and I look forward to it every year. I'm very jealous right now.

  3. Yay BFF time!! My Bff came to town also! It's so great having that face to face time to talk about more deep things that can't be conveyed over texting or email.

  4. Perfect location & you guys look fantastic. <3

  5. So do we, it makes the entire thing so much fun! And thank you so much, the dresses really were amazing! <3

  6. My parents + brother also live in Augusta so I try to make it up there at least once a month, if I can. I know how rough it is having long distance best friends and having to share your time when you visit!

    And YESSSS we do! It's WONDERFUL! My husband is a chef and hes' already been on the phone with his "peach guy" for the restaurant kitchen he runs. haha. I can't imagine not having them until August!

  7. You're perfect + fantastic. ; ) <3

  8. BFF time is the best! And yayyyy! I hope y'all had an amazing time togther! There really isn't anything quite like face to face talk time, or singing in the car together, or sharing a pizza! <3

  9. I love to make fresh cherry ice cream! I'm too scared to make anything with custard and cook the eggs.
    I saw fresh peaches on the side of the road in Ft. Myers last week and I'm kicking myself for not stopping... although I prefer nectarines myself.

  10. Gorgeous! I love how sweet, summery, and endlessly feminine Emmy Designs' offerings are.

    ♥ Jessica

  11. Hope at DisneylandMay 19, 2015 at 6:36 PM

    Homemade peach ice cream sounds so devine! I'm jealous. I don't think I've ever had homemade peach anything. :'( You two look lovely as always and I'm a big fan of dresses with pockets and removable straps. I tend to steer away from prints, but every time you feature a new designer/shop you change my mind. lol I guess you gals just wear everything so well that my eyes are all "gimme that!" haha Anyway, I'm glad Amanda mentioned the PUG underskirt. It was actually on my wishlist (currently sold out) and I was wondering how it looked on someone slightly more my height and proportions. I like how it gives the skirt shape but without you being stuck with a bunch of poof under the skirt. Is that what it feels like to you too? My concern with it was that with it being shaped at the top that it would make my behind look extra big. It already does that on it's own, so I don't need help there. LOL Also to Katie, I love how you tie your hair scarves. I was obsessed with headbands for years and have started leaning toward the hair scarves recently but can never get the bow part right or looking perfect like on the models on the company sites. So I really dig the way you tie yours. :D

  12. Victoria AndersonMay 19, 2015 at 9:16 PM

    That looks like so much fun! I really want some peaches now, I've never had fresh ones like that- as they don't grow here (I don't think). So I alway just get grocery store ones, which are good, but I bet those are amazing. Between reading this blog and watching Hart of Dixie, I'm feeling like I'll need to make another trip to the south sometime.