Amelia's Foam Roller Tutorial

Saturday, May 2, 2015

I've been getting a lot of requests on how I curl my hair, and I figured it was about time to make a tutorial about it!  I cannot emphasize enough that I am not the most skilled or knowledgable at doing hair--this is simply my method and what I do to achieve my curls.  So lets get started!

Step 1:  I know most people 'set' or roll their hair when it's wet, but my hair will not dry if it's even slightly damp when I roll it.  So I start with completely dry hair that I've put some product in.  Lately, I've been using this thickener by TIGI as it seems to keep my bounce intact without making it crunchy. Section your hair into two halves to get it out of the way so you're focusing on smaller sections. From there start on one side and work your way to the other side.  Starting with the front of your head, you'll take a small section and roll your 7/8" inch foam roller up towards your ear.  The highest I roll this section of hair is right at the top of my ear.   

Step 2: You'll continue rolling small portions of your bottom section until you've rolled all of that remanding hair.  Don't worry if your sections aren't perfect and the rollers don't lay flat, because mine seriously never do...again this relates back to me not being a hairstylist. I generally roll the pieces closest to my face higher up (close to my ear), and roll lower towards the back of my head.  So it looks like some weird stairs comprised of rollers on my head.    Once the bottom section is done take down the top section.  You'll have a really cute hair-do at this point. ;) 

Step 3: Roll portions of hair from the top section now in the exact same way you did before.  When I start my top section is generally when I start running out of head space and my curlers start to get a little wonky.  I follow the same idea of having the highest curlers placed closest to my face.

Step 4: Wrap your freshly rolled curls up to protect them.  If you're a rough sleeper like me then they will need that extra protection.  I like to use silk scarves so they don't get frizzy.  Then the next part is my favorite...go to sleep!

Step 5:   Take out your rollers and you'll have some amazing Shirley Temple-esque curls.  To get those lovely locks looking a little less crazy I take my Denman styling brush and brush the bottom of my curls.  I generally grab the bottom half of my hair and brush only those curls since the top portion isn't nearly as curl.  This step may take a while!  I brush and shape with my hands so that way I don't brush out too much of my curl.

Step 6:  Go take on the world with your bouncy curly hair...and don't forget the hairspray!  If you want to wear your curls for the next few days keep sleeping in a silk scarf to protect them.

What technique do you currently use for your curls? 
Let me know if you have any questions or need something explained more! 


  1. Super lovely! Back when I still had my real hair, I would do foam, rag, or pin curls every two to three nights and loved that rag and foam ones were comfier to sleep on than pin curls. Thanks for sharing your handy how-to with us.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Love this! Super cute pics showing the process, too!

  3. Those curls are lovely! I always had struggles to get them right but now I'm using perm rollers in my dry hair, it just doesn't dry when it's wet.
    Great tutorial!

  4. Perfect <3 I curl my hair this way too!

  5. Hope at DisneylandMay 5, 2015 at 7:24 PM

    Your hair always looks so cute. I thought it was natural. This doesn't look too hard, so I'll have to try it. My thing is that my hair is already wavy but it doesn't curl nice and when I've tried brushing out my curls in the past, it just looks bad after. So either I'm stuck with tight Shirley curls or frizzy poodle fur. No pretty in between like yours. LOL

  6. Miss NathalievintageMay 9, 2015 at 3:47 PM

    I use foam rollers and lightly spray the ends of my hair with water. My thin hair does not like it when I use to many products on it. On days where I can't roll my hair at night I will use Conair roller sticks and lightly spray on tresemme thermal Creations heat tamer spray,these are not the same as hot sticks, here are the ones I use these have notches along the curler which hold the roller in better. I am so happy I found these since I read reviews on Conairs hot sticks falling out of the hair.

  7. I have thin hair as well with that same issue! Thanks for the tip