I Dream of Weenie + Sue Madras

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I decided to wander around Nashville in my new Sue Madras Dress (after realizing I was having the shittiest hair day every and gave up and teased it to the sky and threw a scarf in it).  I had a lot of fun with this dress because it was such a vibrant color blue and I love that it came with a little correlating sash.  Eventually, I ended up at I Dream of Weenie which is a little hot dog eatery in East Nashville that is inside an old VW Bus.  I always smile when I see the little hotdog shaped planters because how can you not love something so simultaneously kitschy and cute?!  I'm officially adding this stop to my "Things To Do in Nashville" tag. 

We've had the pleasure of working with House of Dots in the past (here and Amelia's post Monday, here).  We don't talk about the people behind the brand that often, but Hester and Marielle are the absolute sweetest.  Everything about House of Dots is visually appealing, their website is adorable, their designs are unique, vibrant and beautifully made, down to the last detail: every pocket is piped + lined and every flipped seam has a special touch.  Also, they have weekly, Monday in-shop craft nights.  They make me want to grab Katie and hop on a plane to the Netherlands.

Sue Madras Dress c/o House of Dots  |  Keiko Glasses - Bonlook
Jennifer Petticoat in Peach c/o Malco Modes  |  Red Nylon Scarf - Amazon
Vivienne Westwood Cherry Lady Dragon Slingbacks  -  no longer sold
(but keep your eye on eBay if you're searching for a pair!)

// For 10% off any House of Dots order, use promo code "peaches" at checkout.

What's your favorite local eatery?  Tell us about it!

Pop of Pink + Sue Licorice

Monday, April 27, 2015

My birthday was two days ago so before going to Universal Studios I went to celebrate with my parents.  Growing up the ‘din’ was always the "fancy room" of the house where we weren’t able to crawl all over the furniture.  I think it’s my favorite room at my parent’s house since I was never allowed in it as a kid.  Not to mention, I absolutely love this couch and it’s fantastic  pink floral print.  My mom is really who inspired me to love vintage, and I love looking at all of the things that she has collected over the years.  Her lady head vases are always my favorite. 

The other day I was talking to Amanda about different prints and patterns, and we officially decided that in our world gingham is a solid. There is just something about it, and I cannot turn down a good gingham piece.  The Sue Licorice dress by House of Dots exemplifies everything I love in a good dress.  It has an amazing print, something cinched at the waist and pockets.  Plus, it’s lined and it still manages to be super comfortable.  It's also light-weight so it's perfect for Georgia's hot and humid environment.  

Sue Licorice Dress c/o House of Dots | Bow Pin c/o House of Dots
Pink Hailey Heels - BAIT Footwear | Black Hair Scarf - Hey Viv! | Purse - Vintage

// For 10% off any House of Dots order, use promo code "peaches" at checkout.

Do you have any gingham pieces? If so, tell me about them! 
(because we'll probably want all of them)

June's Wedding: Part III, The Ceremony

Saturday, April 25, 2015

I got married back in September (on September 27, 2014).  I'm still getting around to posting all of the photos, procrastination as it's best!  I've been getting about one a month done since we got our photos in December, so that's not half bad!  A little over a month ago, I did a post about The Bride, The Groom and The Wedding Party and the one before that were the Getting Ready photos and I'm SO excited to share the next portion.

Let me tell you a little about our ceremony.  Collin + I got married at The Barn at Sanderlin Horse Farm in Appling, Georgia on September 27th.  We are HUGE music people, and we spent WEEKS working on all the music for our ceremony, "dinnertime" and the reception.  We decided to throw the "order" of a traditional wedding ceremony out the window and do our own thing.  Our wedding party walked in to Perpetuum Mobile... but then figured what the hell, the groom should get his own entrance too!  So, Collin entered to The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme) and then my dad walked me down the aisle to Hedwig's Theme from Harry Potter (scroll to the VERY bottom for a video).

I don't drink and we had a lot of family + friends in attendance, so we didn't think a "toast" was for us.  Instead, we had Collin's Best Man, Brandon, and my Matron of Honor (Katie) give their toasts as little "speeches" during the ceremony.  I am absolutely NOT a crier; Katie actually teases me ALL the time about it, but one of the only times I cried the entire day (aside from during my vows) was hearing Katie's speech, I'm getting all teary eyed thinking about it.  Collin's dad got ordained so he could officiate our ceremony, which was amazing, and we exited to Alive With the Glory of Love by Say Anything.  Here it is... I'll let y'all see it for yourselves!  (all photos by Ulmer Studios).

On a lighter note, I can't describe to y'all how many freaking hours it took my mom + I to make all those pennant banners and because she's the best, she's making them into a wedding quilt for us. Southern moms y'all... they're the f*cking best.  My dress was a custom creation with the help of Dolly Couture, my shoes were an Yves Saint Laurent/Tom Ford collaboration for her 2003 Fall/Winter collection and the bridesmaid dresses were by Soho Mode

For more information about our photographers:
Ulmer Studios
For a little more of our wedding:
Proposal // Bachelorette Party   //   Wedding Invitations // The Wedding: Getting Ready
The Wedding: The Bride, The Groom + The Wedding Party // The Ceremony // Disneymoon

Feel free to post your own wedding photos + inspiration in the comments!
(Also, I tried to list where most of our things were from but feel free to ask. xoxo)

Bookworm, Vol. 6: Lady Killer Comics + more!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Where in the HELL did the bookworm posts go?! Wellllllll, we don't really have an answer for that.  I think with my (Amanda's) school and our 9-5's, we were leisurely reading a lot less.  But, we filled our iPads with books (not usually huge fans of e-reading, but they're great if you're out + about with nothing but your iPad), downloaded some audiobooks and stuck some paperbacks in our purses and started making ourselves make time to read leisurely again and now this series is back by popular demand!  We missed our book chats with y'all so much.... WELCOME BACK BOOKWORM!

I should probably preface this by saying I'm a HUGE fan of the tv show Veronica Mars.  My sister and I watched it religiously, and it's absolutely one of my all time favorite shows.  I love witty television with a female main character...I just can't help it.  So when my beloved series was cancelled I was crushed, and then years later when a Kickstarter campaign was started to fund the movie I was on top of that sh!t.  The movie definitely helped give me my Veronica Mars 'fix', but having additional books to read has been great.  The first book following the Veronica Mars movie is, Veronica Mars:  The Thousand Dollar Tan Line.

If you've never watched anything related to Veronica Mars then you should probably do that before reading the book.  However, if you have watched the show and haven't yet read the book...what are you waiting for!?  The Thousand Dollar Tan Line picks up 10 years after high school graduation in the seedy beach town of Neptune, California.  After deciding that a career in law isn't for her Veronica goes back to her roots solving crime and helping people at her dad's PI company.  Luckily, the novel features all my favorite characters and witty charm that were featured in the novel.

I'm a huge fan of the band 'The Mountain Goats' so when I heard that the singer, John Darnielle, had written his first novel I was thrilled.  John Darnielle writes songs that have amazing in-depth stories so I was curious to what story he would choose to tell.  Wolf in White Van has a postmodern feel and reads like a memoir by the main character, Sean Phillips.  We aren't given too many details about our main character at first, but what you do know is that he is severely disfigured due to an incident that happened in his youth.  You don't get all the details of what causes Sean to become disfigured, but every re-telling of a story and every anecdote leaves hints and leads up to it.  

Isolate from society, Sean creates a role-playing game named 'Trace Italian' to cope.  In Trace Italian Sean sends players scenarios and instructions, and they send back their responses.  It's clear that their will be no winner to this game, and that it has evolved for Sean and his players to an alternate reality.  The novel also depicts societies obsession with pop culture and physical image.  If you're looking for an easy, straight-forward read this is NOT the book for you.  The narrator is often not reliable and sometimes it's difficult to separate what is real life and what is Trace Italian.  Those are all reasons why I love this novel so much.  

Wool by Hugh Howey (The Omnibus Edition):  I chose this specific edition because this series was originally written as 5 short stories and having the ability to read them seamlessly without having to make that mad-next-day bookstore-dash was such a luxury.  I LOVE a good dystopian novel but I HATE when they turn into f*cking romance novels.  THANK THE LAWD this was not one of those books.  Is there romance? Yes. Is it what pushes the plotline forward unnecessarily? No.  This book switches points of view quite frequently in a very refreshing way and the writing style is very "in your face".  This book follows NONE of the "traditional" character rules. Anyone can die. Everyone can die.  The beginning is a little slow but trust me, keep. reading.

Wool takes place in an underground Silo with hundreds of floors that is completely self-contained. Very few leave, no one comes back.  Expressing any sort of disdain against the Silo or even talking about the outside world is considered treasonous and if you're discovered, you'll be sent to Cleaning.  The few that leave the Silo are the Cleaners; the people sent to clean the windows of the Silo as punishment, so those within can get a "cleaner view" of the outside... a view that includes the bodies of generations of Cleaners in varying stages of decay.  Like I said, no one comes back.  But, things start changing in the Silo and there are whispers of a revolution.... that's when we meet Juliette (who is a total badass), a curious Mechanic from deep inside the Silo who becomes the new Sheriff and seeks to find out what's going on inside the Silo.

So, I've mentioned this before, but Kristin a/k/a Super Space Chick (your friendly neighborhood comic connoisseur) and I sometimes randomly instagram, tweet + email each other things with the other in mind.  In one of those emails, I found a comic recommendation; Lady Killer, released by Dark Horse Comics.  I saw the cover art and the cost (because come on y'all, comics are cheap) and IMMEDIATELY ordered everything Things From Another World had in stock (at the time, that was only the first two issues).  Since then I have ordered + pre-ordered the rest of the issues and started ordering the cover variants because LOOK AT THEM and not only are they beautiful, but the storyline is amazing!

Josie Schuller is a homemaker, mother + housewife but with a twist... she's also an assassin.  She's described as Betty Draper meets Hannibal Lector.  Her life gets progressively more complicated as her family becomes more demanding, her job more challenging and fellow male assassins constantly underestimate her. She is eventually asked to perform a "job" that tests the limits of her ability to be cold blooded (which she subsequently refuses to do) and she finds the tables turned and a target on her own back.  But who is it?  That's what she's got to find out!  In these pages, you'll find yourself laughing at slightly dark humor while gazing at all the blissful imagery of the early 1960's.  Have fun!

Katie: Top - Belk  |  Black Harlequin Jenny Skirt - Pinup Girl Clothing  |  Black Patent Heels - Modcloth (similar) Amanda: Teapot Cardigan c/o Doll Me Up Darling  |  Minne Brooch c/o Femme De Bloom  |  Red Skirt - vintage (similar)  |  Red Patent Heels - Modcloth (similar)

//  Currently reading: June - Less Than Hero by S. G. Browne and Trigger Warning by Neil Gaiman, Amelia - Spider Gwen Comic Series - Jason Latour //  You can find us on GoodreadsJune and Amelia.
What are you currently reading?  Have any recommendations?
Have you read any of these books (or comics), what did you think?