Powderpuff + Spring Fling

Monday, March 2, 2015

Whenever June and I are together we stay pretty busy, whether it be driving around town to get coffee, searching for Pyrex or just goofing off in general.  On this particular day we ended up at one of my favorite local outdoor spots, Homelands Gardens.  It's a public garden about 30 minutes from my house and the perfect spot to enjoy beautiful scenery.  I think the print on this wiggle skirt is on par with how beautiful the flowers in the garden are.  Also, I love the fact that June and I had matching outfits.  I think that our ensembles were different enough that we didn't look like The Shining Twins....but even if we did I would still love it. 

In our last post about Powderpuff Boutique I raved about how versatile and fantastic the Evita Top is.  Last time I opted to cross the straps over so this time I decided to wear it as a halter.  I love both ways to wear the top, but I think I prefer the halter option.  I know I'll be wearing these tops a lot when it gets warmer, and hopefully I can add the white and red color ways to my collection.  

'Joanie' Wiggle Skirt in Spring Fling c/o Powderpuff Boutique  |  Evita Top in Lipstick c/o Powderpuff Boutique  |  Refined Your Purpose Heel - Modcloth  |  Red Double Hair Roses c/o Your One Stop Pinup Shop

We've been saving these photos for a while because we knew it might be a while before we were able to see each other again. These were some of the first sets of photos we took with our cameras and looking back, I can't help but laugh thinking of how ridiculous the day was.  We started our morning, (which was freezing), with coffee and hang out time at a local theater in our other beautiful outfits from Powderpuff Boutique (post here).  By the time we finished at the theater, changed and drove to the park, the temperature had dropped and we noticed the camera battery had "hit the red".  So, we decided to have fun with it.  Also, I always think it's hilarious looking at photos Amelia takes of me or that we take together because I don't think people QUITE realize our height difference... which is almost 9 inches.

The Audrey Full Pleated Dress in Spring Fling has quickly become one of my favorite wardrobe pieces and is one of the best quality vintage reproduction pieces I own. Hands down.  It has a sexy but cute peek-a-boo cutout that's finished off with a velvet ribbon (reminiscent of a Dita Cardigan) and I love the 3/4 sleeves.  I think I've mentioned this before but I'm not a HUGE fan of floral.  This, however, is the exception.  I love the bold colors and the flowers almost look like a watercolor painting.

Audrey Full Pleated Dress in Spring Fling c/o Powderpuff Boutique
Frankie Pump in Gold Glitter  -  Madewell 1937 (similar)  |  Bow Back Stockings  - eBay
White Double Roses c/o  Your One Stop Pinup Shop  |  Belt  -  Vintage

// For those of you interested in snagging something for yourself, hope on over to Powderpuff Boutique's website and use promo code "junebugs15" for 15% off your order, but the promo code expires on 3/9.  Also, for us US ladies she offers $25 flat rate shipping.

What do you ladies think, are you a floral print lover, or not so much?


  1. You both look marvelous!!! I'm a huge floral print fan - in fact, I like to joke that my closet looks more like a garden sometimes! (Especially if we factor in my vintage hat and hair flower collection.) Small flowers, big blooms, light backgrounds, dark ones, you name it. If it's vintage or classic looking, I'm likely a fan and swooning up a storm the minute I see it! :)

    Happy start of March to you both!
    ♥ Jessica

  2. You guys both look amazing! Loving those outfit! :)

  3. So so cute. I love how you gals match!

  4. What a beautiful print. I love florals.