Friday Favorites #46

Friday, March 6, 2015

Modcloth is starting to add a LOT of their spring collection and I am enamored with so many of the pieces, look at that Unmatched Panache Dress (it's cowboy printed) and Mover and Holiday-Maker Dress hibiscus dress.  Also, I've really been loving the aussie brand Dangerfield lately!  I just purchased their Harlequin Dress (and though they're not pictured also this little ric-rac lined dress and this lobster sweater) for buy 2 get 1 free and was totally stoked. C'mon warm weather!

Recently, a few people have sent this illustration to Amelia + I saying she looked like Daphne and I look like Velma... holy sh*t... they do sort of look like us.  HOW AWESOME.  I feel like we need to cosplay this for the next convention we attend. ; )  Does anyone know the author?

How beautiful is this retro window display by Dolce & Gabbana? I want to go to Paris + Italy and explore.. and do a whole lotta window observing because I wouldn't be able to afford anything.

Hellooooo, PASTELS!  So, usually I hate pastels. They bore the shit out of me... BUT, I love Bait Footwear's new upcoming Spring collection, especially because they'll be providing mates for some dresses I don't have matching shoes for.  I was talking with some friends about how I always wait for Bait's things to pop up on Modcloth because sometimes I like to double check to make sure shoes are really the color I think they are.  I have no idea what I'd wear those Sunshine Stepping Wedge's with, but I love 'em.

Don't we all have days where we feel like Coraline?  These are a few stills from one of my favorites books (Coraline) by one of my FAVORITE writers, Neil Gaiman. Who is one of my true literary obsession, he narrates his own audiobooks and I have read and listened to every book he's ever written.  He's simply wonderful, if you've never read one of his books... you should!

I found the guide to this beautiful Beehive Tea Cozy by frazzledknitter and fell in love. But, I can't knit. Whomp.  Luckily, I did some Etsy lurking and found this very similar one and now I'm finding myself in want of a tea pot just to own this tea cozy...

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What are your favorite things this Friday?


  1. That cowgirl brooch and Unmatched Panache dress are perfect for the Nashville Boogie! I think that brooch needs to be mine...

  2. I am determined to own a pretty Harlequin dress and some Bait pastel cuties <3

  3. I'm absolutely heartbroken! I found the perfect dress that I've been looking for for a Dapper Minnie Mouse look, and the dress is sold out in size 12. I'm gutted. I love the navy, too.

  4. Besides the red and navy dresses, Dangerfield also sold this adorable Hawaiian dress a while back. I'm seriously in love with this brand! It's so hard to find affordable cotton dresses that are this awesome.

  5. Thanks for sharing these great finds. I just purchased the cowgirl pin. Yay!

  6. I ended up buying that Harlequin dress yesterday from Dangerfield too! I got 2 dresses and a short sleeve cardigan for but 2 get 1 free!! 😊

  7. Victoria AndersonMarch 8, 2015 at 10:33 AM

    Yes to everything, please. I love cowboy print things, so that dress is great. I have been drinking so much tea since I have been in Scotland, that tea cosy is excellent!

  8. Arrgh! The cowgirl brooch was sold out before I got there, but I found a very similar one on Etsy in the Ocular Oddity shop. She also has some cute brooches!