Spring Days + Maggie May

Monday, March 30, 2015

Voodoo Vixen is one of my favorite brands, and I always keep an eye out on their new releases.  When I saw that they had released new items with this amazing tiki print I knew I had to have it.  It's one of those dresses that I want to wear to a Tiki Bar, but for now I'll wear it when I go and visit my parents.  Speaking of Voodoo Vixen's new releases, check out how adorable this argyle print dress is.

Like I said on Saturday's post I spent my weekend with Michael, because it was our one year wedding anniversary.  We had such a great time just spending time with one another, and indulging in one of our favorite activities:  watching Wrestlemania.  I know it's not something that someone would assume that I like, but I'm a huge wrestling fan and we even went to Wrestlemania last year for our honeymoon.  I did squeeze in some time to go see my mom and enjoyed seeing some of our flowers start to bloom.  She was laughing at me, because I love making wishes on dandelions.  Who says weeds can't be beautiful?  

Maggie May Dress c/o Voodoo Vixen | Yellow Heels - Modcloth | Wooden Bag - Vintage 
Yellow Hair Scarf - Vintage (Similar) | Green Bakelite Earrings c/o Match Accessories 
Orange Hibiscus c/o Niccoco Creations

How did you spend your weekend? 

Denim Wiggle Skirts + High Waist Pants

Saturday, March 28, 2015

We had a few wonderful Spring days this week so Collin + I decided to drop by his work for some coffee, pop into the record store + go on a little walk (it's now 37 degrees again, thanks Nashville).  You guys might be thinking "who is that dude up there?!" Collin decided to shave his beard off last week!  When we met when I was 17 (almost 10 years ago now, holy shit), he was sans beard, and every time he shaves it, I still can't get over how different he looks.

As for my outfit, I usually avoid scoop necks or anything that's in low cut spectrum.  I'm basically afraid of my own boobs or something, I don't know, but when I wear something that shows too much cleavage all I can think about all day is whether or not it's TOO much cleavage.  Overshare? Nah.  Over the last few months, thanks to running, I've lost a little up top so I feel lot more comfortable in tops like this cute little houndstooth Pixelated Top.  Also, I have no idea how I've never ended up with one before now but this Stretch Denim Wiggle Skirt is AMAZING.  I feel like a denim wiggle is a fun thing for any pinup's wardrobe and I can't wait to style it with cute tees + flats too.

Pixelated Top c/o Steady Clothing  |  Stretch Denim Wiggle Skirt c/o Steady Clothing
Pineapple Brooch + Fab-a-lite Bangles c/o The Pink Bungaloo  |  Black Heels - Modcloth (similar)  |   Keiko Glasses - Bonlook  |  Collin: Steady Clothing T-shirt c/o Steady Clothing

Michael is wearing the Sink or Swim Tee.  He's really loved how comfy the tees are from Steady, and that they aren't just the average, boring shirt.  Personally, I love him in black, because I think it makes the colors in his tattoos really pop.  We have been going to the gym every day during the week so on the weekends we have lazy days, which include baseball caps and tee shirts for him.  

Just a few weeks ago was the first time I wore pants in years, and now I'm in them again.  It's like a weird episode of The Twilight Zone.  Honestly, I think I'll start buying more pants/capris now that I've found some that I like.  I have always loved black pants so I love that the high waist pants are available in black.  Even if they do show all of my cat's hair...or as we like to affectionately call it 'crazy people glitter'.  I have the Sophia Top in black and mint, and I absolutely love it.  I want it in every color, because it's the best staple top.  I also love this beautiful mint color that I like to refer to as "Steady Green".

These pictures are from last week, because today is actually mine and Michael's one year wedding anniversary!  I know it's a cliche, but time really does fly.  The last year has been absolutely perfect, and it just makes me excited to see what this year holds.  We had to postpone any real celebrating, because I have a work conference coming up that's stressing me out, but we will be going to Universal Studios to celebrate in less than a month!  As for today, I'm excited to eat at my favorite local Thai restaurant and have a lazy day with my husband.

Mint Sophia Top c/o Steady Clothing | High Waist Pants c/o Steady Clothing | 
Match Accessories Boomerang Brooch c/o Steady Clothing | Nana Heels - BAIT Footwear 
Black Chiffon Hair Scarf - Hey Viv! | Michael: Sink or Swim Tee c/o Steady Clothing

How are you spending your weekend?

Pencil Skirt + Poppy Field

Thursday, March 26, 2015

I've always been super insecure about my wide hips so pencil skirts and wiggle items have always been something that I've stayed clear off.  Over the past year I've gotten over a lot of my insecurities when it comes to clothing (I'd like to think because of blogging), which means that I wear a lot more tight pieces.  Buying and wearing pencil-styled items is great because it gets me out of my shell, but I really love it because pencil skirts are great to wear to work.  I get asked a lot about what I wear to work, and how I make a 'pinup' wardrobe work in a professional setting.  Luckily, I work in a super awesome office that doesn't have a dress code so I wear swing style dresses a lot, but when I have a meeting or go to conferences I always stick to pencil skirts.  I have a conference coming up mid-April so I'm already planning outfits that are business-casual so I look professional but I don't lose all essence of my personal style. 

I bought this Caroline Pencil Skirt by Collectif, because A.) It was on sale and B.) it's a staple piece for work that isn't black.  It can be hard to find business-appropriate clothes that aren't boring as sh*t.     This adorable Poppy Field brooch from Erstwilder is another from their new collection that I had to have.  Poppies are one of my favorite flowers for so many reason, and I've always loved their part in The Wizard of Oz.  I made the spur of the moment decision to pair the Poppy Field brooch with this outfit as I was leaving the house to head to work, and I really like the color scheme that it created.   The nerd in me loves wearing complementary colors. 

Caroline Pencil Skirt - Collectif | Poppy Field Brooch - Erstwilder 
Red Confetti Lucite Earrings c/o Oblong Box Shop | Angie P Heels c/o Lola Ramona

What is your favorite 'work outfit'?

Buttercups + Plaid Trousers

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A few people in Franklin have said that they know Spring has arrived when Miss Sarah's buttercups are blooming.  Well my grandma (Miss Sarah) called me SPECIFICALLY to tell me the buttercups were blooming one day because she knows they're my favorite + she's wonderful so I drove out there to see them for myself (y'all I really love my grandma) and to snag some for my dining room table.  They've been coming back yearly at her house since before I was born all along the main road where it borders her yard and in front of her vegetable garden and I always love seeing how many will come back each year, some years are better than others.  Maybe one year, Collin + I can recreate this scene from Big Fish.

As y'all might've seen, I've been trying to step outside the box a little bit lately and branch out (here's the post where I wore jeans for the first time in 6+ years).  I purchased these High Waisted Trousers by Laura Byrnes  through the Pinup Girl Clothing Swap Group on Facebook for a steal and then won the bolero on eBay for less than $30 about a week later so I couldn't wait to wear them together.  I felt a little like I was channeling my inner-Audrey Hepburn. Granted, I have a short torso, so I kept getting semi-awkward crumpling at the tops of my thighs depending on how I was standing because of the extra fabric + the pockets, I loved them TONS anyways.  They're really versatile, so I think they're going to be something fun to pack next time I head to Wizarding World or Disney.

** Sidenote: t's a colloquialism here in the south to call these buttercups. No, they're not TECHNICALLY buttercups but that's what Katie + I were raised calling them. haha

Laura Byrnes Bolero - Pinup Girl Clothing  |  Black Cami - Forever 21  |  Peach Brooch - Vintage
High Waisted Trousers in Plaid Taffeta - Pinup Girl Clothing  |  Black Flats - Target (similar)
Keiko Glasses - Bonlook  |  Basket Purse - Vintage

Have you stepped out of your comfort zone with your style recently?
If so, how? If not, what sort of "piece" would you do it for? 

Cotton Candy Peaches

Monday, March 23, 2015

Saturday, I woke up early, grabbed a "dirty" chai tea latte from the coffee shop down the street (dirty means it has a shot of espresso, I love tea but I need that extra caffeine y'all) and hopped in my car for my 30 minute drive to Franklin in the slightly overcast, but absolutely perfect weather.  My company on the drive was Wanda Jackson.  For those of you who read the blog regularly, you know I'm a sucker for a day at Grandma's House because I'm a grandma's girl and also, my grandma is amazing so I was INCREDIBLY excited to have the day of calm in the middle of moot court madness to go visit.  She'd made chicken salad and sweet tea... southern grandma's always seem to have something made just for you when you arrive.... which is pretty amazing.

While Amelia rocked a petticoat under her Swan Tulle Skirt, I didn't mind the under-slip showing a little bit; though, I'm over 8 inches shorter than she is and it hits me mid thigh.... so it might've been a bit risque on her ; )  I had a lot of fun pairing the skirt with some small but bright little accessories like this little Kissing Kirra Brooch by Erstwilder.  Also, I love any chance I get to break out the sparkly doctor bag Collin got me for Christmas.

Carole Top - Pinup Girl Clothing  |  Mint Swan Tulle Skirt c/o The Oblong Box Shop
Black Heels - Modcloth (similar)  |   Keiko Glasses - Bonlook  |  Kissing Kirra Brooch - Erstwilder
Orange Poppy - NicCoCoCreations  |  Glitter Doctor Bag - Unique Vintage (similar)

It was a pretty dreary and rainy weekend in Georgia, but that didn't stop me from venturing outside on Saturday.  The Augusta Market takes place every Saturday during the Spring/Early Fall so Michael and I decided to go downtown.  The market has everything from live musical performances to fresh coffee and local produce so it's a pretty fun way to spend the morning.  It may not have been the best outing for a hot pink tulle skirt, but I was already dressed for the day and didn't feel like changing.  I especially love buying fresh bread, because.... I'm addicted to carbs.  It ended up being rainy all Sunday, so I'm glad we spent Saturday outdoors. 

Whenever I see tulle skirts my first two thoughts are ballerinas and Carrie Bradshaw.  I know it's cliche, but Carrie rocked the shit out of tulle skirts.  This is the first tulle skirt I've ever owned and it's definitely 'loud', but I think it works paired with darker colors and sparse accessories.  I'm not a fan of elastic waistbands so I used a belt from a Bernie Dexter dress to strategically cover the waistband.  I also stuck a petticoat slip from American Apparel under the skirt since the lining is fairly short, and this helped give it a little more poof.  This 'Swan Tulle Skirt' from The Oblong Box Shop is actually out of stock on-line now, but she will have the rest for sale at Viva Las Vegas if you're lucky enough to be attending! 

Black Body Suit - Similar | Pink Swan Tulle Skirt c/o The Oblong Box Shop
Elastic Ballet Flats - Similar | Pearl Necklace - Similar 

Do you own a tulle skirt?  If so what's your favorite way to style it?