Pencil Skirts + Tiki Shirts

Monday, February 9, 2015

So, it's been quite a while since we did our last Steady Clothing post (past posts here), and I missed them, I love having Collin on the blog when I can convince him to be photographed.

I had one class last week, but this was my last official weekend of freedom before launching back into law school hell (I'm officially over halfway done, I can't believe it, hopefully my 3L year will fly by!), so I drove home after spending the day with my grandma and met Collin back in Nashville with just enough time to get dressed up a little and go exploring.  I'm wearing the Mindy Top + the Sarina Button Slit Skirt and I think it might be my favorite Steady Clothing outfit, yet!  The Mindy Top even has a little cut out with a tie in the back!  Our first stop was one of our favorite record/comic book/vinyl toy store but we eventually ended up at a couple antique stores and people watching at the mall... there are a couple super tourist-y malls here in Nashville and the people watching is priceless.

Outfit Details
Mindy Top c/o Steady Clothing
Sarina Button Slit Skirt c/o Steady Clothing
Sparklite Boomerang Brooch in Vintage Green (Steady Exclusive) c/o Steady Clothing
Red Ida  |  BAIT Footwear
Red Bandana  |  Old

Collin is wearing the Mickey Button Up.  I absolutely love this shirt because the detail is amazing: the embroidery is mixed drinks, pineapples + tikis and even the buttons are little tiki guys!  I think it's so funny that guys never really talk about shirts that are or aren't "flattering" on them but I love how the paneling on this shirt is slimming.  Also, I've been super proud of Collin because we've both been going to the gym every day, but he's been hitting it really hard and it's totally paying off. I see him every day so sometimes it's hard to tell, but I really noticed looking at these photos.

What do you do with your last "free" weekend of a vacation?


  1. How do you keep the bottom edge of your corset from showing on the outside of pencil skirts?

  2. You both look great! Real fit and healthy. I usually like to spend sometime at home, reading or working on a project before I get real busy again.

  3. I spend the last weekend wallowing over the fact that my vacation is over -- jk slightly. I went hiking with friends the day before going back to work after the winter break. I live in Las Vegas so the weather was great and we had fun, random conversations. Plus it was a workout and cleared my head about coming back to work.

  4. That skirt is sensational! I love both the cut and the fact that it features green. As a fellow vintage friend of mine from Europe who both love all things verdant often remark, we just don't see enough repro/vintage inspired pieces in green, so when one like this crosses my path, I instantly take note (and add it to my wishlist! :)).

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Miss Nathaloe VintageFebruary 11, 2015 at 3:04 PM

    Hello, new reader here. I am adoring the blog.
    I have a height question for Amanda. I am a petite 5'2 and would love to buy more repo dresses and skirts. I bought a skirt from one repo company and it arrived to short for my taste.
    Can you tell me how tall you are? The length of each dress and skirt you wear is the perfect length I love.

  6. That depends on the corset I'm wearing, and the skirt. But, in a "corset line emergency" I throw some Spanx on over it haha.

  7. Aww thank you so much! We started working our regularly last November and I'm so glad we did.

    I really wanted to learn to sew in my downtown and I failed. Sigh. I definitely did a lot of reading though! Are you currently reading anything? <3

  8. Haha that sounds like what I did, so depressing. I run ever night and that always clears my head, I love a good work out! I've never been to Vegas before and now you have my thinking about it again... one day!

  9. Well hi there, we're so glad you found us + thank you!
    I'm exactly 4'11" and actually, a lot of my dresses run on the longer end of things, I don't do anything to hem or alter them, I just wear them as-is. I do, however, always check the "waist to skirt" measurement companies provide, if it's between 25 - 26 inches, it's usually the perfect length. <3

  10. Well thank you so much! I love green and I never seen to find it anywhere, so I totally agree with them. I think us red haired ladies look particularly nice in hues of verde.

  11. Silver Cat Tea PartyFebruary 23, 2015 at 10:36 AM

    I got to try that green skirt on before... it looks so much better on you ;) <3