Friday Favorites #45: The Brooch Edition

Friday, February 27, 2015

So, this week we've decided to try something a little different with Friday Favorites because, why not?!  One of my favorite things to do when I'm bored (in class, waiting around somewhere, whatever) is to lurk around on Etsy.  There are SO many talented makers and I always love seeing what I can find by searching random words + the word "brooch".  As I've mentioned before, I'm allergic to EVERYTHING, so a lot of my jewelry options are limited, but I'm a huge fan of a good brooch, here's part one of some of my favorite finds.

// fineformat
via fineformat: caravan brooch  |  ice cream van brooch  |  typewriter brooch
These little guys from fineformat seem so intriguing, they're actually made of thick cardboard that is painted over with clear varnish.  The designs are modeled after three dimensional models created by the artist and each design comes in multiple colors.  The typewriter looks like it would've made it's home on Joan Holloway's desk.

// Luxulite

via Luxulite:  Peach Melba Brooch  |  Bowling Betty Brooch  |  Pretty for Spring Brooch
Ok, y'all totally aren't surprised that Luxulite ended up on the list, but we have an addiction to the pieces and we LOVE Katy, the shop owner.  Seeing her modern twist on vintage pieces and seeing her new creations are some of our favorite things.

// The Pink Bungaloo
via ThePinkBungaloo:  chunky pineapple brooch  |  key to my heart brooch  |  leaf design bangle
I've had my eye on the chunky pineapple from The Pink Bungaloo for quite a while.  The designer also has a shop stocked with beautiful Bakelite-inspired bangles that are swoon-worthy for ladies who want the feel of Bakelite but have problems finding the real thing.

// MerriWeather

via MerriWeather:  Straight to the Heart Brooch  |  Double Red Heart + Arrow Brooch  |  Lucky in Love Brooch
MerriWeather is another shop that has beautiful designs based off 1940's 1950's Bakelite.  However, the unique and wonderful thing about these pieces are that the shop owner makes the resin, carves the pieces, makes the molds and then casts them by hand, definitely a labor of love in the best way.

// Your Organ Grinder

via YourOrganGrinder:  Tooth Cross Section Brooch  |  Heart Anatomy Brooch  |  Pelvis Brooch
People might find some of these pieces a bit morbid, but we absolutely LOVE all the anatomical curiosities in Your Organ Grinder's shop!  Everything is made to order and all the stitching + detail on these little pieces... so impressive.  We have our eye on that little tooth.

// Match Accessories

via Match Accessories:  Cactus Litewood Brooch  |  Disney "D" Sparklite Brooch  |  Starburst Sparklite Brooch
We actually wrote a post featuring some pieces from Match Accessories a little while ago (here) but there are just so many amazing things in this shop.  I feel like all the pieces have a bit of an early-60s Americana feel and I absolutely love that about them.  Also, they work in wood and resin, which is pretty awesome.

//  Kitschy Witch Jewelry

via Kitschy Witch Jewelry:  Red Fruit Loop Brooch  |  Leg ""Fan Dancer" Brooch  |  Tree Nymph Novelty Brooch
So this is the shop responsible for the Twin Peaks brooch I posted earlier this week, but Kitschy Witch Jewelry came out with some freaking adorable Leg Brooches (pictured above) yesterday and I couldn't help but sneak Stephanie's shop back in here again.

//  VintageBakelite4U

via VintageBakelite4U:  Scottie Dog Brooch  |  Sly Fox Brooch  |  Pink Lucite Poodle
I found this shop searching for actual vintage Bakelite on Etsy.  VintageBakelite4U's pieces look so much like true vintage pieces to me,  I love the carving and vivid resin colors.  Also, each little critter comes in multiple colors and have those kind-of-creepy but interesting eyes that you see on vintage pieces. haha

// BettiConfetti

via BettiConfetti:  Lobster Brooch  |  Seahorse Brooch  |  To the Moon and Back Brooch
The pieces in BettiConfetti's shop are so kitschy-cute, we immediately fell in love, everything has a touch of retro + a little bit of glitter.  Also, all these brooches are the perfect size to be seen but not an overstatement.  How fun is that little lobster?!

// Bonus Brooch

I heard that Erstwilder was doing an American Diner collection and was so excited!  I started seeing the pieces popping up all over and then quickly disappearing, I was so surprised by how fast a lot of them were selling out!  I managed to snag the last Shake, Rattle and Roll Brooch from Audrey Stars Boutique (who has an adorable selection, ships internationally and gives 10% off to first time buyers, woot!) and it arrived just in time for me to say, I can't wear to wear it!

What does your favorite brooch look like?
Is it vintage, if not, who made it?
 (feel free to post photos below!)


  1. I see brooches on your feed and others so much and want to start collecting but for some reason, accessories get swept under the rug for me. Maybe because I put dresses/skirts so high on the priority list ;) I do have some brooches I have collected over the years from my grandmother and great-aunt. I love that they are truly vintage pieces that I "inherited." I have an old minnie mouse brooch on my coat and her bottom half moves so she dances when you walk. so cute!

  2. Loretta Williams YoungFebruary 27, 2015 at 10:47 AM

    Thanks so much for visiting my shop....I love ❤ the old pieces n that's why I try to recaptured them in my Lucite also have some great pieces...
    Take care of the pin from your's a true treasure.

  3. I love this Friday favorites post! A couple of my favorite brooch makers, a couple I've been thinking about buying from, and a couple I haven't seen yet. I frequently pass the time by typing "____ brooch" into etsy. I've found some great pieces that way.

    I've narrowed down my favorite brooches to these. 2 Erstwilder, 1 Luxulite, 1 vintage and the cleavage heart one of my best friends made for our group of bests because we call each other the "breast friends" haha.

  4. I recently ordered "Bill the Bashful Bat" and am anxiously awaiting his arrival. I also considered ordering "Cara the Halloween Kitty" as well. Great collection!

  5. Oh, Miss June I wanted that peach from Luxulite so bad I could taste it! It sold out so fast - I hope Katy makes more soon! I'm currently at work, so I don't have a photo, BUT - I too have the Cherry Pie brooch from MsPinksCrafting [Etsy], The Beatnik's Typewriter from Bellehibou [Etsy], Bill the Bashful Bat [Erstwilder] and soon to be the Cactus Road Prickle [Erstwilder]. I also requested something custom from MatchAccessories [Etsy]! Eeeep! I just want ALL OF THE BROOCHES!

    Love this post! <3

  6. I fully recommend Deer Arrow! A lot of their current range came out just before Ertswilder's Americana, and features milkshakes and diners too and they're only fifteen bucks. I've got my eye on the Diner Girl!!product/prd15/3676916741/diner-girl-brooch

  7. Oh, I love it all! I want the caravan brooches from Fine Format so bad! I've bookmarked all of the Etsy shops and can't wait to look through them all; thanks for sharing them! :)

  8. Mackenzie MurrayMarch 4, 2015 at 9:52 AM

    I've been thinking about getting Cara too, but I still haven't. She is really cute though!

  9. Jacqueline from Fine FormatMarch 5, 2015 at 6:24 AM

    Thank you so much for sharing my little brooches on your splendid blog! I'm most delighted to be included with such talented brooch makers!
    Thank you so also Louise P for your kind words. You've made my day! If you send me an email through my etsy shop, with your address and the colour you like, I'll be delighted to send you a free caravan brooch.

  10. Chevy Von BoneDustMarch 5, 2015 at 12:27 PM

    I did find that Bill is constantly trying to "fly" away whilst wearing him. He never sits flush on my top. Probably because the pin is off to one side? Do you have this issue? Drives me nuts! LOL

  11. Mackenzie MurrayMarch 5, 2015 at 1:51 PM

    Yes! It drives me crazy. I'm glad I'm not the only one. It's kind of a design flaw.

  12. There are seriously so many good ones!