Friday Favorites #43

Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Friday the 13th!  I hope y'all had an amazing week and are ready for the weekend, in the meantime, it's time for another Friday Favorites post!

It might be February, but I can't help by love all these beautiful bright colors and fun novelty prints like these Bernie Dexter dresses in orange and cherry!  Also, maybe if I strategically place them all on my wishlist now, by the time the weather warms up, they'll be on sale!  Oddly enough, although it's not my normal style, I think my favorite dress might be this Red + White Polka Dot Dress from eShakti, I love the floral embroidery mixed with the dots and red + white polka dots always remind me of Little Dot. (Also, all of these dresses are currently on sale, Eshakti + Unique Vintage are both doing sitewide sales this weekend!)

via / photographer
via / photographer
Oh my holy f*ck, this couple, Lisa + Geoff's engagement photos are amazing enough to bring tears to your eyes.  I've run across them a million times on tumblr over the years, but I wanted those of you who haven't to see them because... wow. Just, wow.  The photos were taken in Utah where a company called Bangerter Homes was allowed by Disney to build an exact replica of the Up! house.... I want to visit so badly now.  Up is one of mine + Collin's favorite movies and our rehearsal dinner was Up-themed.

Untitled #90

Outfit Three: Salt Water Sandals, 40s Skirt in Cherry Print, Mai Tie Top, Bakelite Bracelet (similar)

Amelia + I have both admitted before that we're the world's shittiest shoe buyers.  We love shoes, but instead of maybe buying a wide array of shoes and spreading the love, we wear a few pairs a whole lot until they're LITERALLY falling apart.  That being said, I've been looking into getting some shoes a little out of my normal style/comfort zone so that I have something a little different.  I don't think I'd ever normally be a moccasins kinda girl, but I saw Dollie from The Rockabilly Socialite style a few pairs and fell in love.  They also remind me of casual mid-60s style.  While I was looking around, I also found these fun flats + red sandals and then I started dreaming up outfits that were also a little out of my comfort zone (jeans, which I haven't worn in 6+ years; white, which I typically loathe; and a crop top... self-explanatory haha) to go with them and had a lot of fun putting this little board together.

Well ladies, you are gazing upon a magnificent peach purse.... that is magnificently $2,000. Dear lord.  While insanely expensive,  Charlotte Olympia's "What a Peach Clutch" does have me quite smitten, I spent a little time trying to find an alternative with no success.

Finally, I thought I'd share these fun little things I picked up last week while out thrifting + antiquing!  I got such good deals on everything (even then dress, which was was only $12) and I'm excited to add another Bakelite bracelet to my tiny collection.  Sad to admit that although I have a machine, I still don't know how to sew but this pattern was just too amazing to pass up and I have a few in a little drawer that I'm saving for a rainy day.

// Don't forget, Pinup Girl Clothing is having a SITEWIDE 20% off sale today starting at 10 am PST!

// In case you mentioned it above, Eshakti is having a 35% off sitewide sale until tomorrow night and
Unique Vintage is doing 20% off until Monday (promo code, PRES20).

// Also currently loving this tutorial on How to Make Your Own Dress Form.

//  This Jimmy Fallon video where my dreams came true and I got to see the Saved By The Bell cast reunited at Bayside High (also, none of them have aged... I'm so impressed!)

//  The fact that Dita's cat, Aleister Von Teese, now has his own shop and I want a shirt in every color with his sweet cat face on it.

What are your favorites this Friday?


  1. DLTVintage&RetroFebruary 13, 2015 at 10:41 AM

    That pearl ring is lovely!!!

  2. It's amazing how well the SBTB cast has held up. Most of them (Mr. B excluded, naturally) are about ten years older than me, but you'd never know it - they almost look like they could still be in high school. I loved watching that video a few days ago. It brought the biggest wave of childhood nostalgia. :)

    ♥ Jessica

  3. It did, for over $400,000! How crazy is that?!

  4. Haha, the ring IS lovely, though I favor the purse. ; )

  5. June! It's not a clutch, but I just spotted this in Modcloth'a coming soon:

  6. OHMYGOD, I can't believe it! I feel like I wished on a star and it came true! hahaha

  7. Haha, lucky you indeed!

  8. Silver Cat Tea PartyFebruary 23, 2015 at 4:28 PM

    That Up house is amazing and those engagement photos so adorable <3 I love that peach purse... but gadzooks that price! I guess that's what Friday Favorites are for though ;)