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Saturday, February 7, 2015

I have had a deep love for red lipstick every since I first started wearing it in high school.  So when I fully embraced my love for vintage style it was perfect that I already had an addiction to red lipstick.  That being said, I totally get in a bad habit of doing my make-up the same every day.  A good way for me to step away from my normal look is to put down the red lipstick.  So, I've been experimenting with different nude, pink and even some plum looks.  This dusty rose color is a combination of a few different lipsticks, but I absolutely love the color.  It definitely helped me feel not stuck in a rut.

This particular dress was my favorite dress all Summer so I was happy to finally break it out in the new year.  Pretty Parcel has perfected the day dress, and their shorts and skirts seems equally as fantastic.  One thing that I really love about the shop is all of the different, great prints.  When I say great prints--I really mean GREAT prints.  They have a skirt that looks like a watermelon...does a print really get better than that?  I know it's still cold for most of y'all, but I keep getting surges of warm weather so I've been fully taking advantage of it.  I love running around in this light dress, and I have to admit that this dress totally reminds me of something Sookie Stackhouse would wear on True Blood.

Outfit Details 
Floral Dress c/o Pretty Parcel 
Va Va Voluminous Petticoat | Modcloth
Yellow Heels | Modcloth
White Belt | Similar
Hair Flower | DIY 

Pretty Parcel has an abundance of adorable prints.  From left to right the prints include: umbrellas, beach chairs, fruit, donuts and beach chairs again! 

Once it's warmer, what Summer outfit are you most excited about wearing?


  1. Such a pretty dress, and I love this lipstick on you! I actually just bought these heels from ModCloth (I had to exchange them for a half size smaller, so hopefully they'll fit this time)!

    xox Sammi

  2. I need a half size smaller too-I'm hoping to buy the grey pair next and I'll know better next time. I wore these for Amanda's wedding so sadly I didn't have time to exchange them. They're such cute shoes though and so versatile!


  3. Oh my God, I went and checked out that watermelon skirt and died a little. TOO CUTE! I love that you can pick between a plain green trim or the rind trim. Ahhh! So adorable! Thanks, Amelia, I can tell my bank account to blame you if I succumb to the watermelon skirt!! ;)

    In a Nutshell

  4. I love that floral print on your dress, and your hair flower...so pretty!

  5. Oh my days! I believe this is the third Aussie company I've found through your blog, and this one is from the Mornington Peninsula, where I live! Thankyou for sharing some awesome Australian companies, I might never have found them otherwise!

  6. I keep telling myself that I don't need another novelty print item....but who am I kidding? That skirt is what my dreams are made of! I think I would totally go for the rind trim too. It's just so kitschy!

    I think every lady needs a watermelon skirt..just keep repeating that and it'll make you forget all about your bank account.


  7. Thank you so much lady! Definitely a lovely floral look!


  8. That's so awesome that they are from the same location as you! What a fun coincidence! We try our best to work with different companies all over the world! We know it can be discouraging only seeing American company..plus the Australia (and other International companies) are some of the greatest!


  9. Very pretty lipstick colour. My colouring works best with blue reds and dusty rose pinks, as well as burgundies, so I keep those three camps in constant rotation. I'd love to be able to wear fuchsias, corals, peaches, etc, but they end up looking frighteningly unbecoming on me 99% of the time. My go-to pink, which is somewhat similar to the beautiful shade you've created here, is "Raspberry Glace" from Clinique.

    ♥ Jessica