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Saturday, February 28, 2015

We made it through all of winter here in Tennessee with little to no precipitation and then suddenly this week BAM! snow.  Nashville doesn't see snow TOO often, so that meant that everyone freaked out, all my classes were cancelled for the entire week, a lot of offices downtown (including mine) were closed most of the week, and people started calling it the Snowpocalypse (a slight dramatization, but hilarious nonetheless).  It snows 8 inches in New York and things continue as usual, it snows 1 inch in Nashville and shit hits the fan.

I decided I'd drag out some pieces I don't wear too often because I've made a little promise with myself that I'll start wearing things or getting rid of them.  This outfit makes me feel like some sort of 60s lady bandit but, in a good way.  I wanted to do something a bit different with my hair to suit my lovely + slightly larger than usual hairpiece by Cherry Bonbons Atelier so I finally got around to using one of the hairstyle tutorials I bookmarked, Carrie for WishWishWish's 5 Minute Beehive Tutorial.  My hair was freaking huge and I loved it; you know what they say, the bigger the hair, the closer to God!

 Striped Shirt - Forever 21 (similar)  |  Bow Back Pencil Skirt - Amazon
Purple Roses + Cherries Flower c/o Cherry Bonbons Atelier
Red Eye Carumba Heel - Modcloth (similar)  |  Gold Glitter Clutch - thrifted (similar)

So, all this time I've been bragging about my sunny, warm Georgia weather, and now that bragging is kicking me in my ass.  My Winter still isn't brutal as most, but I've been dealing with some major cold air, grey skies and wind here.  So June's Winter Wonderland looks beautiful and bright, and mine is dark and dreary.  Honestly, what is y'alls secret?  How do you function in cold weather, because I'm over hear throwing myself a one-woman pity party.

I decided instead of my bright, usual outfits I would match the weather and wear some of my darker toned pieces.  Since red is pretty much a staple in all of my outfits it seems natural to tone it down and wear burgundy.  This hair piece by Cherry Bonbons Atelier fit my darker-Winter version of myself.  This is one of my favorite vintage dresses to wear to work, and I wear it pretty frequently so a big hairpiece helped me style this dress in a way that's not my norm.  Sometimes it only takes that one special accessory to make a pretty plain outfit extra special. 

Gingham Dress - Vintage  |  Confetti Lucite Brooch - Luxulite 
Burgundy & Cream Roses c/o Cherry Bonbons Atelier
Black Hansel Heels - BAIT Footwear  |  Burgundy Belt - Target (Similar)

What is your "winter style" like?
Do you have two separate wardrobes or are you a layering kinda lady?


  1. Love it, ladies! Both looks were different than your usual but I LIKED it. Everyone needs a healthy dose of changing things up every now and then. I think it refreshes our inspiration =)

  2. I live in Australia, so winter is never too brutal. I moved from Sydney to Melbourne last year and it's so much colder here, I'm learning to layer more.
    I have to say, I'm just IN LOVE with Junes outfit, one of my faves I think!

  3. I'm loving the 60s feels ladies! Your outfits always make me smile and they inspire me so much - keep up the good work!! Please never stop dressing up and sharing them with us!

  4. Victoria AndersonMarch 1, 2015 at 12:28 PM

    My winter style is "Country Casual". Jeans, sweatshirts and Xtratuf boots. Carhartt jacket and longjohns. I have to walk though so much mud to get to my house, it's not worth wearing something nicer.

    How do you get your hair that big? Do you put a bumper thing in it? Or tease the heck out?

  5. I just realized that I love that you guys always smile in photos. =)

  6. Mee too! I try to smile less in photos and it feels totally weird. haha yay for toothy grins! xo