Cherry Bonbons Atelier

Saturday, February 28, 2015

We made it through all of winter here in Tennessee with little to no precipitation and then suddenly this week BAM! snow.  Nashville doesn't see snow TOO often, so that meant that everyone freaked out, all my classes were cancelled for the entire week, a lot of offices downtown (including mine) were closed most of the week, and people started calling it the Snowpocalypse (a slight dramatization, but hilarious nonetheless).  It snows 8 inches in New York and things continue as usual, it snows 1 inch in Nashville and shit hits the fan.

I decided I'd drag out some pieces I don't wear too often because I've made a little promise with myself that I'll start wearing things or getting rid of them.  This outfit makes me feel like some sort of 60s lady bandit but, in a good way.  I wanted to do something a bit different with my hair to suit my lovely + slightly larger than usual hairpiece by Cherry Bonbons Atelier so I finally got around to using one of the hairstyle tutorials I bookmarked, Carrie for WishWishWish's 5 Minute Beehive Tutorial.  My hair was freaking huge and I loved it; you know what they say, the bigger the hair, the closer to God!

 Striped Shirt - Forever 21 (similar)  |  Bow Back Pencil Skirt - Amazon
Purple Roses + Cherries Flower c/o Cherry Bonbons Atelier
Red Eye Carumba Heel - Modcloth (similar)  |  Gold Glitter Clutch - thrifted (similar)

So, all this time I've been bragging about my sunny, warm Georgia weather, and now that bragging is kicking me in my ass.  My Winter still isn't brutal as most, but I've been dealing with some major cold air, grey skies and wind here.  So June's Winter Wonderland looks beautiful and bright, and mine is dark and dreary.  Honestly, what is y'alls secret?  How do you function in cold weather, because I'm over hear throwing myself a one-woman pity party.

I decided instead of my bright, usual outfits I would match the weather and wear some of my darker toned pieces.  Since red is pretty much a staple in all of my outfits it seems natural to tone it down and wear burgundy.  This hair piece by Cherry Bonbons Atelier fit my darker-Winter version of myself.  This is one of my favorite vintage dresses to wear to work, and I wear it pretty frequently so a big hairpiece helped me style this dress in a way that's not my norm.  Sometimes it only takes that one special accessory to make a pretty plain outfit extra special. 

Gingham Dress - Vintage  |  Confetti Lucite Brooch - Luxulite 
Burgundy & Cream Roses c/o Cherry Bonbons Atelier
Black Hansel Heels - BAIT Footwear  |  Burgundy Belt - Target (Similar)

What is your "winter style" like?
Do you have two separate wardrobes or are you a layering kinda lady?

Friday Favorites #45: The Brooch Edition

Friday, February 27, 2015

So, this week we've decided to try something a little different with Friday Favorites because, why not?!  One of my favorite things to do when I'm bored (in class, waiting around somewhere, whatever) is to lurk around on Etsy.  There are SO many talented makers and I always love seeing what I can find by searching random words + the word "brooch".  As I've mentioned before, I'm allergic to EVERYTHING, so a lot of my jewelry options are limited, but I'm a huge fan of a good brooch, here's part one of some of my favorite finds.

// fineformat
via fineformat: caravan brooch  |  ice cream van brooch  |  typewriter brooch
These little guys from fineformat seem so intriguing, they're actually made of thick cardboard that is painted over with clear varnish.  The designs are modeled after three dimensional models created by the artist and each design comes in multiple colors.  The typewriter looks like it would've made it's home on Joan Holloway's desk.

// Luxulite

via Luxulite:  Peach Melba Brooch  |  Bowling Betty Brooch  |  Pretty for Spring Brooch
Ok, y'all totally aren't surprised that Luxulite ended up on the list, but we have an addiction to the pieces and we LOVE Katy, the shop owner.  Seeing her modern twist on vintage pieces and seeing her new creations are some of our favorite things.

// The Pink Bungaloo
via ThePinkBungaloo:  chunky pineapple brooch  |  key to my heart brooch  |  leaf design bangle
I've had my eye on the chunky pineapple from The Pink Bungaloo for quite a while.  The designer also has a shop stocked with beautiful Bakelite-inspired bangles that are swoon-worthy for ladies who want the feel of Bakelite but have problems finding the real thing.

// MerriWeather

via MerriWeather:  Straight to the Heart Brooch  |  Double Red Heart + Arrow Brooch  |  Lucky in Love Brooch
MerriWeather is another shop that has beautiful designs based off 1940's 1950's Bakelite.  However, the unique and wonderful thing about these pieces are that the shop owner makes the resin, carves the pieces, makes the molds and then casts them by hand, definitely a labor of love in the best way.

// Your Organ Grinder

via YourOrganGrinder:  Tooth Cross Section Brooch  |  Heart Anatomy Brooch  |  Pelvis Brooch
People might find some of these pieces a bit morbid, but we absolutely LOVE all the anatomical curiosities in Your Organ Grinder's shop!  Everything is made to order and all the stitching + detail on these little pieces... so impressive.  We have our eye on that little tooth.

// Match Accessories

via Match Accessories:  Cactus Litewood Brooch  |  Disney "D" Sparklite Brooch  |  Starburst Sparklite Brooch
We actually wrote a post featuring some pieces from Match Accessories a little while ago (here) but there are just so many amazing things in this shop.  I feel like all the pieces have a bit of an early-60s Americana feel and I absolutely love that about them.  Also, they work in wood and resin, which is pretty awesome.

//  Kitschy Witch Jewelry

via Kitschy Witch Jewelry:  Red Fruit Loop Brooch  |  Leg ""Fan Dancer" Brooch  |  Tree Nymph Novelty Brooch
So this is the shop responsible for the Twin Peaks brooch I posted earlier this week, but Kitschy Witch Jewelry came out with some freaking adorable Leg Brooches (pictured above) yesterday and I couldn't help but sneak Stephanie's shop back in here again.

//  VintageBakelite4U

via VintageBakelite4U:  Scottie Dog Brooch  |  Sly Fox Brooch  |  Pink Lucite Poodle
I found this shop searching for actual vintage Bakelite on Etsy.  VintageBakelite4U's pieces look so much like true vintage pieces to me,  I love the carving and vivid resin colors.  Also, each little critter comes in multiple colors and have those kind-of-creepy but interesting eyes that you see on vintage pieces. haha

// BettiConfetti

via BettiConfetti:  Lobster Brooch  |  Seahorse Brooch  |  To the Moon and Back Brooch
The pieces in BettiConfetti's shop are so kitschy-cute, we immediately fell in love, everything has a touch of retro + a little bit of glitter.  Also, all these brooches are the perfect size to be seen but not an overstatement.  How fun is that little lobster?!

// Bonus Brooch

I heard that Erstwilder was doing an American Diner collection and was so excited!  I started seeing the pieces popping up all over and then quickly disappearing, I was so surprised by how fast a lot of them were selling out!  I managed to snag the last Shake, Rattle and Roll Brooch from Audrey Stars Boutique (who has an adorable selection, ships internationally and gives 10% off to first time buyers, woot!) and it arrived just in time for me to say, I can't wear to wear it!

What does your favorite brooch look like?
Is it vintage, if not, who made it?
 (feel free to post photos below!)

Sputnik Cardigan + Saddle Oxfords

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

sputnik cardigan

So, if you're thinking,  "Amelia, that cardigan sure does look familiar", then you have obviously paid attention.  Sourpuss Clothing's "Bella Cardigan" is becoming one of my staple pieces, because they are the perfect length to cover my bare shoulders and they come in amazing designs.  I thought the Flamingo Bella Cardigan was my favorite variation, but this Sputnik Bell Cardigan takes that title now.  I love anything reminiscent of the Space Age designs, so I'm obsessed with the the sputnik atomic stars on this cardigan.  I can't help it, but when I like a piece of clothing I have no shame in buying it in as many colors/designs as possible. 

I have an addition to vintage carpet bags, and was able to get a good amount of them for fairly cheap when a local vintage vendor shut down.  This is the first time in forever that I traded out my vintage purse for something more modern.  This 'Betsy Purse' by Sourpuss Clothing is the great purse for me, because of it's 1950s inspired shape and bright color.  It's also big enough to carry all of the shit I insist on toting around.  You just never know when you may need a sewing kit, 3 different types of red lipstick, and everything in I just carry it all with me.

Outfit Details
Sputnik Bella Cardigan c/o Sourpuss Clothing 
Betsy Purse in Turquoise c/o Sourpuss Clothing 
Blue Confetti Lucite Earrings | Luxulite
Blue Patchwork Skirt | Vintage
Saddle Oxfords | Vintage  

Also, Georgia was doing it's best impersonation of Chicago and it was SO windy. So here are my outtakes where I was trying to be cute even though the wind was blowing me all over the place. 

What's your favorite cardigan/style of cardigan? 

Damn Fine Coffee + Cherry Pie

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I was staring at this cotton candy pink Sugar Sweater knowing I wanted to wear it, but completely drawing a blank on how I wanted to style it.  Luckily, lately I've been re-watching one of my favorite shows, Twin Peaks, and suddenly remembered Audrey's light pink sweater ensemble and ran with it (the photo also explains the shoe change reference).  Twin Peaks is definitely one of those cult shows you love or hate (it aired from 1990 to 1991 and actually, they've decided to bring it back in 2016) but even if you hate it, you can respect Audrey Horne's ceaselessly on point style throughout the entire show, here's a little clip.

Fueled by #damnfinecoffee + slices of cherry pie, the main characters in a little town are searching for a murderer, so I grabbed my cherry pie brooch + wool pencil skirt (and Betsy Purse because, of course, I need money) and headed out the door in search of my own coffee since it's freaking freezing here still and I'm getting tired of my Keurig... I almost busted my ass on the ice I'm standing on several times.

Outfit Details
Sugar Sweater in Light Pink c/o Sourpuss Clothing
Plaid Wool Pencil Skirt  |  Vintage (from The Hip Zipper)
Betsy Purse in Light Pink c/o Sourpuss Clothing
Saddle Oxfords  |  Vintage (similar)
White Ruffle Socks  |  Target (similar)
Red Heels  |  Modcloth (similar)
Cherry Pie Brooch  |  Etsy

Welcome to Twin Peaks Souvenir Brooch by Kitschy Witch Jewelry
To end, how insanely cute is this Twin Peaks Brooch from Kitschy Witch Jewelry.  Coincidentally, Kitschy Witch is actually run by Stephanie Buscema who designed the art for several of Pinup Girl Clothing's novelty prints like the Snow White and Mermaid prints + more.

How do you like to spend your cold, winter days?

Budget Friendly Beauty:
NYX Lip Cream + Wet 'N' Wild Mega Last

Saturday, February 21, 2015

NYX Matte Lip Cream: Sydney  |  Amsterdam  |  Antwerp  |  Addis Ababa
The hair + makeup section on our blog is admittedly a bit sparse.  We both have a passion for beauty products + learning new hairstyles, etc. we just don't touch on the subject very often.  Recently, we were searching for some new lip colors to try that wouldn't break the bank but still had good color and a matte finish.... and that actually turned out to be rather difficult.  So, we thought we'd share what we found with y'all.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Sydney
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Amsterdam
Pinks usually aren't really my thing, but Ulta was having a BOGO 50% off sale, so I snagged Sydney because it was $3.  I'm really happy I did because I loved it!  I think one of the fun things about having darker red hair is that pink + red lip color don't clash with my hair (though I steer clear of oranges).  My first choice, the reason I purchased anything in the first place, was the red Amsterdam color and I wasn't thrilled with the shade; it's great, just not what I was looking for, definitely more of an orange-based red than a violet-based red.

The product itself was really easy to apply, it lasted for a long time and although it dried matte, it didn't make my lips feel dry (like Lime Crime does, which I basically had to rub off and completely reapply multiple times daily until I switched to my go-to Stila Stay All Day in Beso).  I'll definitely be taking advantage of it more now, the fact that it's so inexpensive ($6 a tube) will make me feel a lot braver about trying new colors.

When most people think of the 1950s 'look' they always think of red lipstick.  I usually stick to this classic look, but it's always so fun to branch out.  I own way too many lipsticks, but I can't help how much I love them.  Wet 'N' Wild Mega Last lipsticks are what I wore growing up when I first started wearing lipstick, and recently I re-discovered how amazing these lipsticks are.  For anywhere from $1-$2 the price is unbeatable. 

Wet 'N' Wild Mega Last Lip Color in Wine Room
Wet 'N' Wild Mega Last Lip Color in Purty Persimmon
"Wine Room" is, in my opinion, the perfect daily wear lipstick for work.  It's nothing too bold, but it's just enough color to look composed.  "Purty Persimmon" is my favorite 'dupe' for MAC's "Lady Danger", and I actually like it better than Lady Danger.  These colors don't dry my lips out like a lot of other lipsticks I've worn, which is fantastic.  Admittedly, if you are used to long-wear liquid lipsticks (like I am now) you'll have to be sure to reapply every couple hours. 

My favorite thing about Wet 'N' Wild's Mega Last Lip Color is that the price point is amazing for how pigmented the lipsticks are.  For the most precise application, I would suggest using a lipliner before applying this lipstick. 

What's your favorite "drugstore" lip color?