Mr. + Mrs. C's: Our Dining Room

Saturday, January 10, 2015

I don't get around to doing posts in the "June's Little Home" category very often.  We've owned our home for about a year now and we're STILL working on getting things how we want them.  I've shared our Mid-Century Morbid Living Room  //  my "Dressing Room"  //  Collin's Record Room in the past, but all of them have since undergone pretty big changes (especially my dressing room, I recently sold all the furniture to make room for some vintage things I've had my eye on... it's looking VERY empty haha).

One room I've never shared is our Dining Room.  Until recently, I hated it our dining room with a passion.  It's sort of an awkward space and I had trouble making the best of it.  But with some of our wedding money and some avid Craigslist + antique store lurking, Collin and I gave it a little makeover. (Also, please ignore the fact that I accidentally killed my poinsettias...I'm normally not a plant murderer, that's Amelia's job.)

*I took a mail break during these photos to add new Pyrex to the cabinet.
Then I added the new Pyrex and fingerprints appeared on the glass, oops!*
I found my first Pyrex piece in Goodwill a few years ago.  I've seen it around my grandmother's house (for Pyrex lovin' ladies, she uses all the Butterprint things) and loved it.  So, if I saw a piece at Goodwill or Salvation Army or while I was out thrifting, I'd pick it up.  BUT, as much as I love Pyrex, I love "the hunt" even more.  I like wandering around with my little Pyrex Guide bookmarked on my phone, finding new patterns + good deals.  Until recently, I'd never paid more than $10 for a piece (my new "high" is $19 and it was for all 3 of those green mixing bowls at the very top).

I had nowhere to store any of my glassware and was sort of just stacking it "decoratively" where I could until recently, when I snagged this hutch for an AMAZING price during a holiday sale at a local antique store.  Actually, it was the same store where I picked up that starburst clock.  It has so much storage and it's just the right size for most of my things.  There's not much room for my collection to grow, but maybe that will keep my addiction in check. ; )

Collin actually helps me pick pieces for the entire house but his specific addition to this room was the TV bar.  I don't drink but I loved the idea so when we came across this TV and he said he was going to make a bar out of it, I was all for it.  He picked it up from the shop the next morning and by the time I'd arrived home from work, he'd taken all the guts out + added the lights.  We still have to reattach the knobs + I plan on wallpapering the inside with something subtle and adding some a shelf, but so far, so good!  Also, I found that decanter + glass set at a local thrift store for $13, it'll be our first glassware addition to the bar once the inside is finished!

//  Also, our MagicBands for our honeymoon to DisneyWorld came in the mail while I was taking these photos and Collin's excited face when he was opening them was too cute NOT to post. So soon, so excited!

What is your favorite room in your home?
Where would you (or did you) take your honeymoon?!


  1. Love! We have the same chairs with our red dinette. Such a cute room!

  2. I discovered your blog a few minutes ago and already love it! ♥

  3. Super cute! And my husband and I went to Disney World on our honeymoon, so much fun! Have a blast and take lots of photos.

  4. Chelsea Summer WineJanuary 10, 2015 at 12:41 PM

    Looks great! I love the dinette! My favorite room in my house is my formal living room (aka record room) and dining room. It is constantly undergoing changes, this picture was from not even a year ago and we've gotten a new swag lamp, table lamp, end table and rug since this picture was taken!

    My honeymoon will be a cruise to Alaska next May/June. I grew up in Florida so I've seen plenty of tropical beaches so we decided to go see glaciers instead!
    Hope you guys have a blast on your honeymoon! When are you going? The new Trader Sam's tiki bar at the Polynesian Resort is supposed to be opening in April!

  5. it looks great, and i love that tv bar! I might steal that idea if i find a cute tv in town.

  6. Your house is adorable! I'm moving down to Florida from MA soon so I haven't really made a lot of the furniture adaptions that I'd like to. BUT (fun fact #2!), the house I currently live in has been owned by my grandmother since the mid-1980's, though she lives somewhere else, so a few years ago, I started mural-izing by bedroom with my favorite Disney movies & my favorite fictional ladies! (Elle Woods & Hermione Granger will be taking their rightful places on my Super-Lady wall very soon, also sorry for the low quality pics; terrible room lighting)

  7. wardrobe experienceJanuary 11, 2015 at 3:11 AM

    your dining room looks perfectly vintage-y and cozy. i really love your pyrex collection - we don't have these in germany.
    as we are just moved into hour new home, i can't tell which is my fav room. at this point it's the bed/clothes/bags-room but i hope the living room will win! ... for sure there will be some pictures on the blog in the future ...

  8. OMG...It´s perfect!

    xoxo Perlchen Noir

  9. RockabellaqueenElsaJanuary 11, 2015 at 1:15 PM

    My favourite room in the house is my room , I still live with my parents so it's my personal and private space. Mint green walls apart from one wall which is cream and gold , the accent colour is cream. I love perfume bottles , photo frames, and sometimes don't put my vintage dresses away for a bit after I've bought them, leaving them on the curtain rail. The curtains are 10 years old and faded, in a pink print from the old colour scheme. I'm going to buy new curtains when I next get paid.

    I would pick Lake Garda for a honeymoon destination

  10. Your dinning room is looking good! I've lived in my house just over a year too, and it isn't yet finished. I'd like to go on a roadtrip to some national parks for my honeymoon, or maybe Alaska, or route 66. What's a magic band?

  11. ADORE your kitchen <3. That Pyrex, oh my *swoons*. Makes me excited to have my own house. Also, I'm so excited for you guys! When's the last time you went to Disney World? Are you going to get those bride and groom ears ;) ? Being on the west coast, I mainly go to Disneyland, so the magic band thing is kind of a mystery to me.

    Like you & Collin, my fiance & I are doing our honeymoon a few months after our wedding, Our wedding is this July, but the honeymoon won't be until December (school, money, and getting the hell out of Alaska in during the winter are our reasons). We're doing a cruise to Mexico! I'm super excited because I haven't been on a cruise since I was 11. Fiance has never been. But being the Disney fanatic that I am, I want to squeeze a few Disneyland days in a few days before the cruise.

    Can't wait to see honeymoon pics, I bet you have marvelous outfits planned <3 ! I'm already planning honeymoon outfits because I'm crazy haha.

  12. It would be awesome if you beautiful girls did a post about "corporate pinup/vintage" & what you wear to work! I'm starting law school soon and have no idea if petticoats and big hair will be frowned upon.

  13. I love your whole house! It's amazing. That kitchen!

    Where do you have luck finding mid-century modern furniture around Nashville? That's where I am too and the hubs and I are in the process of buying a house. I need a hutch in my life!

  14. I love it! Hunting for Pyrex is definitely one of my addictions too. It's hard to quell, even with limited space! ;)
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  15. Silver Cat Tea PartyJanuary 20, 2015 at 12:31 PM

    I love everything about your dining room! So cute!