Friday Favorites #39

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy 2015, peaches!  We took some time off Friday Favorites during the holidays but here it is, just in time to be our first post of 2015.  We hope everyone is having an amazing new year so far and we want to thank every single one of our readers for well... reading! And for supporting us in our creative endeavor, our first year blogging has been so much fun and such a learning experience.  Y'all, are seriously amazing. Ah-Maze-Ing.

FF 1-2-15 (2)
c.  Glorious Glamour Dress (my favorite!)

In Tennessee, post- Christmas means the snow is going to start coming.  It's inevitable.  Sometimes we even make it allllll the way to February and them BAM... 6 inches or something comes out of nowhere.  But, I can't help but start to admire florals + blues around this time... so, I end up buying them and 1) hoard them until Spring + Summer or 2) just wear them with cardigans... why not?!  These were a few of my current loves, especially the Glorious Glamour Dress.

Crème Brûlée suspender set

I've recently become addicted to Australian lingerie brand, Honey Birdette.  Everything is so beautiful, even down to the packaging (black boxes + a stocking wearin' lady on all their stocking packaging).  My favorite is the black + white polka dotted Crème Brûlée suspender set which actually comes with the bra, panties + suspender.  Also, how unique + fun are those Bang Bang Stockings with little guns on them?! Not normally my thing, but these reeled me in.

FF 1-2-15

Amelia + I make it known that we are shitty shoe buyers.  When we find a pair we love, we'll spend the money to have them but then we are SET until they're basically falling apart.  Also, if it's between a new dress or skirt or top and a pair of shoes..... that clothing item is going to win out.  HOWEVER, I am FAR more likely to pick up a pair of shoes when they're under $30.  I was lurking Amazon when I found the brand Charm Foot, I haven't ordered a pair yet, so I can't speak for quality, but I'm pretty damn tempted!

So, I started to get more and more excited about our honeymoon to Disney World which is in 19 days! AHHHHH!  Did you know that Walt Disney often filmed actors as models for his animated features? Sometimes they even ended up using the audio for the films instead of what was recorded in the studio like for the Mad Hatter in "Alice in Wonderland" (you can actually WATCH the test film here). When Ed Wynn was brought back in to the recording studio, the reading wasn't as good as the reference, so that's what they ended up using.  I love fun Disney facts!

Photos via Wacky Tuna Vintage: Strawberry Brooch  |  Sugar Skull Brooch  |  Pink Poodle Brooch

Fellow blogger friend Brittany from Va-Voom Vintage runs a little Etsy shop called Wacky Tuna Vintage and we are absolutely IN LOVE with her wares.  They're so creative and fun, basically one of every brooch she makes is on our wishlist.

What are your favorites this week?
How is your 2015 going so far?!


  1. Such good picks! I have the letter C shoes in lavender, and they're so cute (though the buckles are SUPER weird at first)!

    xox Sammi

  2. One day you ladies need to head on over to Australia and pay visits to Honey Birdette and Kitten D'Amour for realsies. I hid away from vintagey styles (I hid away from dressing like I wanted pretty much altogether!) until I moved out here, been a godsend!

  3. How do you find the sizing? I'm lusting over a few pairs but my feet can be really fussy...

  4. I ordered my normal size and they're perfect!

  5. Funny little tidbit: It was not (and is still not) uncommon to film actors or people acting out scenes. They are called reference videos, and many animators still do it today for a lot of scenes in wide varieties of animation, 2d or 3d! I know this cause I'm an animation major and I've had to film myself multiple times. lol