Red + Candy Cane Lane

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Recently, Collin + I recently started sharing our day off (Tuesday) which is a new development for us.  I got woken up yesterday by him playing an acoustic guitar song about how I'm not a morning person... it was about 8:30 am.  That is waking up LATE for him. Lord help me.  We got ready in our new Steady Clothing outfits and decided to go adventuring.  This is a wall between a local record shop + Barista Parlor, his work.  It's so much fun because every time I wander back there, a new mural has sprung up in the place of a former.  He bought a few records + we went antiquing, I came home with some knick knacks and a VINTAGE LUCITE PURSE FOR $26! I almost had a heart attack.... they had it labeled as "plastic purse".... little did they know....

I've been looking for an excuse to wear these shoes since I nabbed them in a Modcloth shoe sale and this Candy Cane Lane Dress was perfect for them.  I was really nervous about the bustline because I thought I'd be hanging out of it but it was incredibly flattering.  The dress was also surprisingly comfy for a wiggle dress.  I think it'd be the perfect little black dress for any party + it has a little something extra.

Outfit Details
Candy Cane Lane Dress c/o Steady Clothing
Morticia Corset  |  What Katie Did
Kiss Kiss Veil c/o NicCoCoCreations
Sizzling Steps Heels  |  Modcloth

Collin is wearing the Christopher Button Up.  We loved that it was the perfect color blue to still be able to wear it with jean without needing to swap over to chinos so it didn't look like a Canadian Tuxedo ; )  It was the perfect shirt for a casual day because it was comfy but he wasn't full out "bumming it" either, he basically lives in old band tees with flannels over the top when he isn't at work.  

December is a month full of important birthdays for Michael and me.  My mom, his sister, and his brother-in-law's mom all have mid-December birthday.  So for the next two weeks we are constantly celebrating.  We wore our Steady Clothing pieces to go to a celebratory lunch for his brother-in-law's mom.  It was a great time and extra special, because she is in town from Argentina!  I don't speak Spanish and she doesn't speak English, but she's so sweet and loving and you don't need spoken language to express that.  

The All Angles Dress is a lot more casual than I am used to, but since I was on the move all day it was great to have a dress that was super comfortable.  I love the diamond cut bust of this dress, which can also be found on the Sophia Dress which is currently on my wishlist!

Outfit Details
All Angles Dress c/o Steady Clothing
Time-Turner | Professor McGonagall 
Hair Scarf | Vintage
Black Tights | Target
Red Flats | Old (Similar)

Michael wore the Christof Button Down to lunch, and included a blue undershirt for a pop of bright color since I was dressed so casual.  We both are fans of argyle so we really liked that detail on the shirt.  He just wore this shirt for a casual day, but it could very easily be a Holiday party shirt.

Are "holiday colors" sneaking into your wardrobe choices lately?
Who has their "Christmas" dress yet?


  1. I love the candy cane piping on that dress (and your fascinator), Amanda! And I think the casual look is a fun choice! I have two Christmas dresses -- my winter wonderland Bernie for Christmas Eve (that's really when we celebrate in my family), and a red one that Unique Vintage sent me for Christmas Day! <3

    xox Sammi

  2. Omg! I have a dress very similar to Katie's! I got it years ago in Wet Seal's "buy two get one for a penny" deal that they always have! It's been a favorite of mine ever since! I never thought to style it this way though! I will definitely be trying it soon! All of you look wonderful (as usual)! I still wish I could wear outfits like Amanda has here! So beautiful but I can't pull them off! Love that piping and those heels though! <3

  3. How awesome that you guys are able to share your day off now, Amelia. Tony and I both work from home (though he sometimes travels for work as he's employed by a big tech company, on top of his personal business, whereas I'm entirely self-employed) and we each put in much longer hours most days than if we were going to a job Mon - Fri, so we try to coordinate one or two days or partial days off a week, too. You truly need that time together as a couple to just chill, connect, and let some of the work week stresses dissipate.

    Love everyone's festive ensembles, here!

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Tons of happy birthday wishes to your relatives, Amanda.

  4. I love the wiggle dress, such a cute detail with that striped piping and I just adore that veil! Looking gorgeous ladies.

  5. Oh my gosh! Love these photos of you gals and your husbands! Super cute! I think this is one of my favourite monthly posts :)

    Yes! I've been wearing more red & green lately! My Christmas work do is this Saturday so I think I'm going to wear my new PUG Oliver green Harley dress, black crop cardigan with a festive luxulite brooch. That's if I don't change my mind...again ha! xx

  6. Oh my goodness! I love that Candy Cane Lane dress, in fact I wish I'd seen it in enough time to order it for my works lunch/day out (tomorrow - ha!).

  7. It's the perfect Christmas party dress! I love that it is slightly Christmas themed, but also sleek.

  8. Yay! We love being able to take pictures with our husbands so I'm glad you enjoy reading the posts Lulu!

    I love seeing everyone all ready for Christmas. It helps me get in the spirit. That sounds like a super fun Christmas-y outfit! I love the Olive Green Harley so much.


  9. Thank you! Amanda's entire look is just fantastic! She looks ready for a sophisticated Christmas Party!


  10. As a Canadian reader, I think it's hilarious that Southerners know what a Canadian Tuxedo is (although Collin would technically have to wear a denim jacket to complete the look!)