Friday Favorites #36

Friday, December 5, 2014

So, we all survived Thanksgiving and Black Friday (and I survived the flu! Yay!)  I hope everyone had an amazing holiday.  While lounging around, after I exited my state of flu-induced-delrium, I lurked around a bit online and thus, this week's Friday Favorites post was born!

FF 12-4-14

I've noticed that both Modcloth and Unique Vintage have been adding new items to their sites with increased frequency for the holidays/end of year.  I have to admit that personally, I'm waiting on end of holiday sales to start popping up, but it never hurts to browse in the meantime!  I especially love the little Wing Dancing Dress with the matching red belt.  Totally adorable and I think it'd look cute with a pair of oxfords + some ruffle socks.
My love for grandma purses is never-ending and this is further proof.  I died and went to grandma purse heaven when I came across the Never Fails to Flatter Bag.  Houndstooth AND floral tapestry AND it's big enough to hold a book..... SOLD!  Although I'm not one to really care whether or not my purse matches unless I'm going somewhere fancy, I also love this slightly more neutral Black & White Houndstooth Purse, the red lining gives it just enough pizazz. 

"Ur a Peach" Badge  |  Planticals on Etsy
We can't help but love this "Ur a Peach" badge .... but obviously our opinions are bias!  She makes them as badges or patches but I love knowing I can move it 'round to different outfits.

FF 11-14-14

So, I have an addiction to vintage cateyes and I pick them up EVERY time I see a pair in good shape while I'm antiquing.  But, after becoming a Style Ambassador with Coastal and getting these Red Gauze Dolce & Gabbana Glasses, I've started looking around at the modern frames that are out there, not to replace the vintage frames, just to expand my collection and give me more options.  The Lily White ones and the two pairs with glitter... seriously. so. good.

FF 12-6-14 (2)
tiki  |  flamingo
We were so stoked to find that Denialle from The Oblong Box Shop's skirts (which are currently sold out) appeared on Unique Vintage fully stocked!  So, if you're feeling like you need some tiki time or some flamingo flamboyance in your life, these skirts can help you get there.  I'm quite partial to the tiki one myself!

Last but not least, we haven't spoken much on the blog about my wedding since it happened on September 27th.  Collin + I have waiting on our photos (we got to see them all for the first time yesterday) and have been discussing how much of our wedding (if any, in his case) we want to share with the blog-o-sphere.  Of course, we'll definitely be choose-y because not every friend and family member wants to be "on the internet" as they put it haha, but we'll be sharing a blog's post worth of photos soon and I can't wait for y'all to see them.

We both have pretty demanding 9-5's so we weren't able to take enough time off for both the wedding and the honeymoon consecutively.  BUT, now we've officially scheduled it for the end January!  We don't want to do anything too crazy, so we're running away to Disney World for a week and I can't wait.

What are your favorites this week?


  1. I recently won a competition for a $150 UV voucher and purchased a few super cute dresses in the sale! Can't wait to showcase them and do an outfit post! :) Im SO in with the black Keiko frames on Bonlook and waiting to get the enail to say they're back in soon! New year means new frames right? Yay!! Glad you're feeling better lovely! xx

  2. I got the Spectacle Spectacular dress and I can not wait until it gets here! I am taking the boyfriend out for a date just so I can wear it.

  3. The Wing Dancing dress has been on my 'watch' list since I noticed it on Modcloth. It's adorable and I definitely 'need' it. Loving those purses too!

  4. Aww that flamingo skirt is so cute!

  5. Those lily white glasses make me wish I didn't have such good vision! It's horrible but for a long time I've been sad that I don't need to wear glasses because I just want to wear cute cat eyes. I've been really wanting the Oblong Box Shop skirts (I would probably go with the tiki one first) so that's good to know that UV has them stocked.

  6. What a fabulous selection of frames! I just got new glasses and I'm always so happy that the selection now is way more fun that it used to be.
    I went to Disney on my honeymoon, excellent choice! Make sure to get a "Just Married" pin.

  7. Just a note, CLU has the Spectacle Spectacular Dress for $15 less than the site you listed...

  8. I'm finally happy that glasses are now popular! I had so many years of ugly glasses, but no more! I love the Tiki print so much, and I really love that it's black since so much tiki print is bright.


  9. Isn't it? I am addicted to flamingo everything.


  10. It's definitely 'watch' list worthy!


  11. I'm sure it'll look fantastic on you! Feel free to comment pictures when you wear it :)