Floral + Flea Market-ing

Monday, December 22, 2014

If you're wondering where Amelia is, her amazing sister Lindzee is in Georgia so she's taking the day off to bask in sister time.  My family isn't in Nashville yet so, I decided to spend my last weekend before the holidays exploring antique stores + the Nashville Flea Market with my friend, Liz.  I'm so excited that the daytime weather here in Nashville has been a little more tolerable.  I've been walking around in cardigans + short sleeves this weekend and loving it.

I don't really wear brown... ever... but I so happened to pick up a couple of brown accessories lately that I've been dying to breakout: a brown pillbox hat + a vintage lucite purse.  I normally wouldn't have thought to mix sherbert orange + brown but loved this Dolly Dress and wanted to make it look a little more autumnal instead of spring-y.  It's also a '40s style dress so I thought the hat would be the perfect fit.  I didn't even had to wear a petticoat, the dress was light and sort of puffed out on it's own with a little help from my hips.

Outfit Details
Dolly Dress c/o The Seamstress of Bloomsbury
Brown Pillbox Hat  |  Vintage
Lucite Purse  |  Vintage (thrifted for $26! Holy shit!)

The big Nashville Flea Market happens up once a month and I've been stopping in for a few years now.  I've noticed the vendors I love coming and going (you really don't know who's going to be there any given month) and new ones popping up but I've also noticed a HUGE increase in the cost of things.  Now-a-days I walk out with very little, but I absolutely love to go and hope I find a good deal or something fun and unique and to admire what's there.  I fell in love with the table of cateye glasses above (look at those fold-able sunglasses) and almost couldn't resist buying the glitter punch bowl set!

I ended up walking out with the items below: a vintage lady head vase (what should I plant in her?!) and an awesome 1950's vase for $3 which was ironic because Collin came home from work with some lovely flowers. Small world!  Also, Collin found a pretty awesome dental model for his curiosities cabinet when we were out antiquing on Tuesday, so I thought I'd include a photo. ; )

What did you do your last weekend before the holidays?!
What's been your favorite antique or thrift store find?


  1. You look AMAZING in this peach creamsicle color! And that thrifted lucite purse is wonderful. I wish we had a bigger flea market like that here!

    xox Sammi

  2. Oh, June! You always look so pretty! I love this peach and brown look.

  3. You have NO idea how hard it was to walk away from that thing! If only it had been like $30.... I would've been SOLD. haha

  4. Aww, well thank you so much, Sarah! It was something different but something fun. <3

  5. Thank you so much!!!! And I wish you guys did too because they're so much fun to explore. You're just going to have to come visit ours with me sometime ; )

  6. Adore this outfit on you; the hat and purse are so cute... Purse! Still can't believe what an amazing find that was. I even told my husband about it! Lol.

    One of my favorite things about going to a vintage market is seeing all the cool stuff, but walking away is so hard sometimes... :P

  7. That dress is so pretty! Orange suits you very well!
    Oh ~ those Christmas tree decorations are adorable. I just found out that my mother had bought a set for me on a flea market when I was small. On the box it said 1960 :D

  8. Love the colour combo dear! I wish I could wear no cardigans or coats lately! It's just far too cold here in the uk!

    Have a wonderful Christmas with Collin & the rest of your family :) xx

  9. This is a most fabulous post! ;) Happy holidays to you to, here's to a happy & successful 2015 x

  10. That orange is a brilliant color on you!