Christmas Mixtape ((Playlist))

Saturday, December 6, 2014

With Amelia's new naked cat, Ziggy Stardust, also lovingly called ZigZag by yours truly, settling in at her house (he's the sweetest little troublemaker we know) and with me deciding to start swapping out furniture in half my house (great month for that, huh?) neither of us has decorated for Christmas... at all.  So, now Christmas is 20 days away and here we are!

Michael and I have a fake tree that we put up every year (since I'm super allergic to Christmas trees), but this year we are opting out knowing that Ziggy will be too mischievous.  I've been creatively brainstorming ways to decorate for Christmas without a tree so I'll be sure to let y'all know how I end up decorating!  

Collin + I are getting our tree today and God help us ,we're going to try to flock it ourselves.  My mom is a Christmas FANATIC (have y'all read Paper Towns by John Green... think Radar's parents) and although Collin didn't grow up having a real tree every year, I did, so it's always a must for me!   I got lucky and stumbled across three boxes of vintage Christmas ornaments at Goodwill for $3 to add to my collection.  I also handpicked a few from a local vintage shop, so I was incredibly excited about that.  Here are a few snaps of what's going on around the Mr. + Mrs. C household this year so far:

Anddd I sneakily turned Collin's taxidermy laying all over the house into Christmas decor!  Skele-Rudolph!
In the meantime, we decided to whip up a little Christmas playlist for ourselves and to share with y'all!  So.... what is an additional perk for the holidays, you ask? Having all your favorite pop punk bands from your high school days, boy bands from your middle school days and the classics you've forever-loved... cover Christmas songs... and then smushing them ALL on the same playlist. OF COURSE.  We have a very special place in our hearts for our mixtape posts, if you want to check out any of our past ones (here).

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What are your favorite Christmas (or Holiday) Songs? 


  1. I love vintage ornaments. If you buy them in antique shops they start going for $3 per ornament, it's crazy! I scored a bunch when my Nanna and Pappy moved from PA to FL. They downsized their home, and had so many many years worth of stuff. I was really picky and choosy about what I took since my own home is pretty small. So small I couldn't find space on my tree, so I am hoping we have a house next year for a real tree *crosses fingers*

  2. That version of Last Christmas by Jimmy Eat World is divine. Gotta have that and a bit of Jona Lewie - Stop the Cavalry!

  3. Skele-Rudolph <3

    My Christmas must-listen is the soundtrack to The Nightmare Before Christmas, as well as the newer Revisited album (Korn + Manson + NMBC = <3 ).

  4. Eartha Kitt's version of Santa Baby is my absolute favorite and I'm so happy you guys had it on your playlist!

  5. Number 11 on your playlist has been my favorite Christmas song for like 5+ years now!! Absolutely love Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas!

  6. This playlist is amazing and I love the way you decorate! You guys are great.