BLACK FRIDAY (favorites) + GIVEAWAY winner

Friday, November 28, 2014

The day is here!  Here is a direct link to our past Friday Favorites in case you saw something on the blog and below is the list of deals I've been working on for the last week or so:

Asos (US): Save 30% off sitewide with code TGIBF

BAIT Footwear: Save 30% off sidewide with code GLITTER

Bernie Dexter: Save 30% - 40% off select sale items (click name for direct link to page)

Collectif: Save 20% off sitewide with code BF20 

The Crave Yard: Save 20% off with code turkey20

eShakti: Up to 70% off select items (there are a ton y'all totally worth a look)

Heart of Haute: Save 15% off sitewide. No coupon code needed.

JBR Clothing: Black Friday: 25% off storewide from 12:00 a.m EST - 10:00 a.m EST. 20% off storewide the rest of the day. No coupon code needed.

Lindy Bop: Save 15% off sitewide. No coupon code needed.

Malco Modes: Save 20% with coupon code HAPPY2014

Modcloth: 50% off select items with new sale items.

Miss L Fire: 15% off sitewide. No coupon code needed.

NiCoCo Creations: Save 30% sitewide with coupon code Blkfriday30

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics: 20% sitewide. No coupon code needed.

Pinup Girl Clothing: Save 30% sitewide. No coupon code needed.

Queen of Heartz: Save 40% sitewide. No coupon code needed.

Steady Clothing: Save 20% sitewide, save 30% off Lux de Ville items, Save 50% off Black Friday Section. No coupon code needed. (Don't forget, Steady carries Erstwilder brooches now!)

Tatyana Design (formerly Bettie Page Clothing): Save 50% sitewide with code FRIDAYGLAM

Trashy Diva: Save 30% site wide (incl, sale items) with code  BLACKOUT30

Ulta: Page of Black Friday deals

Unique Vintage: Save 25% sitewide, including sale with code THEBIG25

What Katie Did: Save 20% sitewide with code BFAF14 (excludes Vamp Corset)

Christmas Dress

cardinals  |  elves  |  ornaments  |  sleigh  |  reindeer

How many of you ladies have your Christmas dress yet?  I have my eye on Bernie Dexter's Winter Wonderland Dress but I noticed Modcloth had some pretty amazing Christmas novelty prints going on in their sale section.
Also, Congratulations to Julie Wanda our Lola Ramona giveaway winner!  We'll be emailing you this weekend!  We have another giveaway we're REALLY excited about that's right around the corner. We can't wait to share it with y'all, look out for it on Monday!

We hope everyone is having an amazing holiday, Amelia is on her way to Wizarding World with family and I'm going to curl up with Harry Potter here in Nashville until I meet up with family again.  Couldn't recommend it more!

How was your Thanksgiving?
Are you braving Black Friday?

Weddings + Whimsy

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Like I said in our last post, I've been spending a LOT of time in the car this month making the 12 hour round trip from Nashville to Augusta, but I don't mind because I get to see my parents and Amelia... and one of my oldest friends and bridesmaids got MARRIED!

After arriving in Georgia at about 1:30 am in Saturday and going to sleep at 3:00 am, I woke up and then headed over the Amelia's house to drag her out of bed at about 8:30 am... don't worry, I had gifts + coffee prepared as bribery and I run off zero sleep.  We got ready and headed out to the venue for my friend Kristen's wedding party prep.

Sidenote: I'd made a recent Pinup Girl Clothing order the last time they had a Jenny sale and this was my first time wearing the Snow White Jenny Skirt (I also snagged the Burlesque Print Jenny and will be wearing it soon).  SO CUTE Y'ALL... there are little poison apples + corsets illustrated on it and as per usual, it's just super comfy skirt.  Also, my lazy days lately have meant a whole lotta sidebang action and I don't mind them, it's a fun way to mix it up.

Outfit Details
Red Sean Top  |  Pinup Girl Clothing
Snow White Jenny Skirt  |  Pinup Girl Clothing
 Va Va Voluminous Petticoat  |  Modcloth
Red Eye Carumba Heels  | Modcloth
Yellow Double Roses c/o Your One Stop Pinup Shop

Waking up early is one of my least favorite things to do on the weekends since I have to wake up early for work during the week.  However, June was able to lure me out of bed with promises of coffee and this amazing Lydia Dress by Pinup Girl Clothing.  She knew I had been wanting it so she surprised me with it as an early Christmas Gift.  We both agreed that it reminded us of Belle from Beauty and the Beast...which is pretty fantastic and now I never want to take it off my body.  Don't mind me I'll be having deep conversation with Mrs. Potts in the kitchen. 

I was so excited about having this dress that I wore it out to help our friend Kristen set up for her wedding celebration.  That was a huge mistake though, because my poor little shoulders ended up freezing.  I am always cold, but I'm also the worst at preparing for the cold.  Luckily, at the celebration I was more prepared and remembered to wear a jacket and the hot apple cider helped.

Outfit Details 
Lydia Dress in Rose Border Print | Pinup Girl Clothing
Va Va Voluminous Petticoat  |  Modcloth 
Hair Flower | Etsy (Similar
Nana Heels | B.A.I.T Footwear
Pearls | Old 

I'm still waiting on my wedding photos, so Kristen gave me the OK to share some of hers.  She was one of my bridesmaids!  Amelia got married in March, I got married in September and now Kristen got married in November... our friend group has been BUSY in the wedding department.  She + Justin eloped in New York (doesn't she look f*cking amazing) and planned a party to celebrate when they got home!  Amelia + I were on flower arranging duty so we popped into the venue early Saturday morning to help with that and to make sure Kristen wasn't going insane.  How amazing does her table decor look... holy shit.  I should've just had her be my wedding planner/bridesmaid.

We finished and ran around town a bit, had an outfit change (but forgot to take photos, we ran out of time) and came back to celebrate.  The menu was amazing, they had a beautiful red velvet naked cake and there was even a bonfire with a s'mores bar... and hot apple cider which was amazing because it ended up pretty chilly.  We finished the night by shoving 3 of us into the tiny photo booth so we'd have photos to hang on the fridge.  

What did you do over the weekend?
Been to any amazing weddings lately? What was your favorite thing?

Red, Black + Gold Glitter.

Monday, November 24, 2014

I feel so spoiled for getting to see June twice in one month!  Since our friend's wedding was Saturday we knew we would have a busy weekend, but it rained all day Sunday so we got to have an unexpected lazy day together.  We are always on the go so I was ecstatic that I got to lay on my couch with my best friend...for 7 consecutive hours. 

Before the wedding we played video games and went on a coffee run with June's awesome little brother, John Bryan, and Michael.  I felt super vampy in this top and skirt combo from Steady Clothing since both pieces were the perfect amount of tight.  I even broke out a darker shade of red lipstick than I normally wear to emphasize the 'sexier' look...and I use the word sexy lightly because I'm the biggest goofball in the world.  I love pairing red, black and gold together, but it always starts to remind me of Christmas when it gets closer to December.  Maybe this skirt and top combination will make an appearance at my company's Holiday party this year.  

Outfit Details 
Sophia Top c/o Steady Clothing
Slit Skirt c/o Steady Clothing
Brooch | Luxulite
Wedges | Target (Similar

Michael wore the classic Fly High Button Up from Steady Clothing for our pre-wedding hangout.  Sparrows always remind us of the Sometimes album by City and Colour (because the album art features a sparrow) so we instantly both loved this shirt.  We both had such a fun time having group sing-a-longs to songs from 2006. 

One of my bridesmaids and oldest friends eloped in New York this month and this weekend was her wedding celebration party (it's been a VERY busy year for our friend group in the wedding department).  SO, I ended up driving to Georgia for a second time this month.  The 12 hours in the car really doesn't phase me anymore, because I'm so used to it.  But with all that time spent in the car, it was nice to get dressed up and run around with Amelia before the party... and it was fun abducting my baby brother to come hang out with us and be on the blog.

I've been considering buying one of these wrap/tulip style pencil skirts for a while and I loved it.  It's really versatile and I can't wait to pair it with a dressier top for the office.  Like Amelia, I love red + black together, but this shade of red/maroon is something I actually didn't have in my closet and it's adorable, I might need lipstick in this shade... any recommendations?  Also, I have on an ivory longline bra and you can sort of see the lines + color through the shirt and I didn't notice until we started looking at the photos. Oops. haha

Outfit Details
Miss Fancy Top c/o Steady Clothing
Rebecca Skirt c/o Steady Clothing
Brooch | Luxulite
Nude Seamed Stockings  |  (similar)
 Persia Heels c/o Miss L Fire

This was my baby brother's first time being on the blog and he was a surprisingly willing participant (I actually have two brothers and the other one will probably pop up on here sooner rather than later).  Collin was promoted at work, so John Bryan offered to step in.  He usually lives in DC hoodies + t-shirts and I don't think I've ever seen him in anything button down, with the exception of my wedding and a few others, but I think he rocked the Rose of Death Western with the best of them and he liked the shirt a lot.  Also, can you tell where all the height in my family ended up? Like, holy shit. Not fair.

What's your favorite color combo to wear?

Suitcases + Stripes

Saturday, November 22, 2014

I know it's super opposite, but when the it gets colder outside I tend to actually wear shorter dresses.  My shorter dresses always look better with tights than my long dresses so I break them out once it's cold enough to wear tights.  The Farro Dress from Hello Holiday is one of the most versatile dresses in my wardrobe.  It's appropriate for my office, it's easy to quickly throw on to run errands, and it's super cute for a night out with my girlfriends or Michael.  Most of the dresses from Hello Holiday fit that description, which makes the possibilities endless. ;)

I've said it once and I'll say it again, I hate the color black.  I blame it on all the kids teasing me calling me Wednesday Addams in middle school...back then it wasn't a compliment and it totally ruined the color black for me.  Don't get me wrong I love The Addams Family, but definitely not a comparison that 11 year old me appreciated.  This dress doesn't bring me back to my middle school days luckily...although it does make me feel like a casual lady Beetlejuice.  I don't own many dress with decorative necklines, but they are so much fun even though they minimize any brooch accessorizing.  I knew I wanted to add color to the outfit, and I hadn't had a chance to wear my new red oxford flats.  These shoes were $5 from a hair extension they're probably not the best quality, but I love a cute cheap shoe.

Outfit Details 
Farro Dress c/o Hello Holiday 
Black Tights | Target 
Red Oxfords | Hair Extension Store ;) 
Big Red Hair Flower c/o NicCoCoCreations

Like I said in our last post, once the cold weather hits, I trade my normal early '60s attire in for more mid-'60s looks.  Although I feel a bit self-conscious wearing them sometimes, I'll rock a wiggle dress any day I'm feeling brave, but shift dresses... I have no real reason for my aversion to them, I just don't buy them.  I suppose it's primarily because I've found a lot of them to be ill-fitting and in terrible color palettes + patterns. BUT, when I saw the Dolly Dress and it looks like the perfect amalgam of vintage influenced + modern, and I loved it.

I'm incredibly excited about the fit of this dress for many reasons but the first and most important is that it doesn't fit like a burlap sack.  It's fitted in all the right places, but it's not a wiggle and that's EXACTLY what I'm on the hunt for with this type of dress.   Also, the print looks like sprinkles + there are adorable little scallops at every major hemline.  Also, how about these knee socks?  They're one of the only good things that came out of my 3 years managing a Pac Sun in college and I've had these flats forever and always thought they looked awkward on, but I think what I was missing was pairing them with legwear.  Now I have my eye on the blue version of this dress.... I think I need it.

Outfit Details
Dolly Dress c/o Hello Holiday (also in blue)
Red Peacoat  |  Thrifted (similar 1, 2)
Black Knee Socks  |  Pac Sun (similar)
 Sophie Black Flats  |  BAIT Footwear
Cherry Clip c/o Pollypop Bouqitue

What does your favorite "casual day dress" look like?
Where's it from?

Friday Favorites #35

Friday, November 21, 2014

Happy Friday Favorites!  This week we decided we'd share some things we've had our eye on for Christmas (or Black Friday if we decide we can't wait)!


Wearables:  I've definitely been up'ing my wiggle/sheath dress game lately and I find myself adding them to my wishlists on various websites more frequently, which is how I stumbled across this Blossoming Biographer Dress.  Also, I noticed in their recent collection, Pinup Girl Clothing has started selling hats again! YES!  I'm lusting over this Black Pillbox Hat with Veil.  I found a very similar hat while antiquing this past weekend but the velvet was discolored and the veil was ripped. SIGH.

I broke my last Lux De Ville Purse (it was black) but I've decided I need to stop always buying neutral colored purses and start buying purses that are a bit more fun, every once and a while.  I love this Lux De Ville "Getaway" Purse in Red Glitter, I have the wallet and it reminds me of Dorothy.  Speaking of red glitter, how about these Dolce & Gabbana Glasses in Glitter Bordeaux.... so insanely cute... I also love the green version.

Now that I'm getting in the habit of wearing stockings every day, I'm looking to expand my "lingerie" collection and I've had my eye on this Rago 1294 Girdle with Garters in Pink and Black... I love it so much, I don't know that I'll make it to Christmas (it would be PERFECT with the Dita for Secrets in Lace stockings).  To put the cherry on top of this part of my list, I can't even explain how badly I've wanted a pair Christian Louboutin's for years now.  I've yet to take the plunge but my husband (unprompted) told me that he'd been considering them as a Christmas gift (holy f*ck). I'd honestly put them out of my mind as unattainable... but now I'm praying to the fashion gods. 

Non-Wearables: Most importantly, let's talk about Harry Potter: The Creature Vault being recently released which showcases the menagerie of creatures from the series.  Amelia + I died when we found out about it's released but we're waiting on sale (for now) to pick one up.  I've added a KitchenAid Stand Mixer + KitchenAid Blender to every birthday list and Christmas list for years and to our wedding registry and I'm telling y'all... one day... ONE DAY.  On a final note, how cute is this  Big Mouth Toys The Donut Mug?


My "wishlist" is a pretty accurate representation of who I am, which is a nerdy girl with a love for 1960s culture and style.  I tried to include a wide variety of things that I'm currently lusting after as opposed to just dresses.  

The Nerdy: The Retro Arcade brooch is by a super talented easy seller, Hungry Designs. Her shop is filled with some amazing brooches including a mounted dinosaur head brooch, a retro inspired mixer brooch and even a Poison Ivy brooch.  I'm still trying to decide which brooch I want most before I place an order.  I'm a huge fan of the Legend of Zelda games, and I just really want to own property in Hyrule.  The Legend of Zelda Monopoly finally gives me that option and hopefully I can collect some rupees along the way. Lastly, the BEST MUG I'VE EVER SEEN.  So, Kurt Vonnegut is my favorite author.  If he wasn't dead I would marry him, but since he is dead I would love to drink coffee out of this amazing Kurt Vonnegut inspired mug, which includes book quotes and pictures.  Also, Kurt Vonnegut is totally a cross of my nerdy love and the 1960s and most likely he is my soulmate.  So it goes.  

The 60s:  The Long Sleeve Heidi dress by Pinup Girl Clothing evokes visions of the 50s and the 60s. Since they announced this dress I've been seriously freaking out waiting for it be released.  It's no surprise that I love floral prints, and this floral is even perfect for the Fall with its long sleeves.  It'll definitely be one of my Black Friday purchases.  In line with my current love for Jelly products I am in love with this Glittery Jelly Doctor Tote.  There is no shame in my love for sparkles, and I really like the retro shape of it.  Not to mention, it would be a mega-change from my typical carpet bag's that I carry.  Michael and I have lived together for over two years now and we still don't own a kitchen timer.  It's sad.  I really love the classic look of this kitchen timer, and it's a helluva lot cuter than using my iPhone to let me know when my pies are done.

Before I was fully  engulfed in 'retro' culture I always had a love for red lipstick.  So when I was unfortunate looking in high school wearing only skinny jeans and vans I was also wearing red lipstick.  I've heard nothing by amazing things about this Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick and the color 'Underage Red' looks like just my thing.  Being a (unnatural) redhead I generally stay away from green, because everytime I do someone calls me a leprechaun.  Lately, after seeing how damn hot June looks in green it makes me want to wear more green. These heels seem like a great way to add green to my wardrobe....and they just look amazing.  After owning multiple pairs of sunglasses this Summer it made me want to invest in really nice sunglasses, which I had never done before because I'm destructive and the reason we can't have nice things.   These Wunderkind Brown Mosaic Cat Eye Sunglasses ARE insanely cute, and if I owned them I would treat them like a baby and make sure not to throw them in the bottom of my purse.  I also love their shape and that they are patterned without being overpowering. 

// How great of an idea is this Lipstick Diary? 98% of ours would be red, but it's so cute.

/// Favorite? How about every single hair style that Diablo Rose ever does... EVER.

// Oh my god, it's a kitten... inside a pie... cuddling a teddy bear!  We can die happy now.

What are your favorites this Friday?
What's on your wishlist?