Keepin' It Steady: The Trick-Or-Treat Edition!

Sunday, October 19, 2014


... And this is our second Halloween-related post, what can we say -- qe're stoked on it. It's also that time again for our monthly Steady Clothing post (prior posts here).  We actually skipped the month of September... and missed the sh*t out of them.  This month, we received some spooky-inspired items for us ghouls and some dark 'n' dapper button-ups for our ghosts... ok that one was reaching... but we went with it.  You'll see Amelia + Michael's outfits on Wednesday. ; )  We got too excited and took too many photos to put in one post.

It seems as though there MIGHT be some blood on my umbrella...
  Outfit Details
Claudette Top c/o Steady Clothing
Sally Skirt in Black c/o Steady Clothing
Vivienne Westwood Cherry Lady Dragon Slingbacks in White Pearl (2010-2011 Collab)
 Dolce & Gabbana Glasses c/o
Sugar Skull Brooch  |  Loungefly

I was so excited when I received my package because the Claudette Top is one of those shirts that you search around forever for because it's the perfect mix of versatile + cute and can easily be dressed up for work or down for casual wear.  It's a little different from things I normally wear but in the best possible way!  I love the peter pan collar + it comes with a removable black continental tie around the neck. The material is light weight and see through with little flowers and the buttons are also shaped like little flowers.  I love all the little details!  Also, for ladies looking for good "staple" skirts for their wardrobe, I absolutely love the Sally Skirt, solid colored with just a little something extra and also fairly inexpensive! Also, this blood covered umbrella is one of my Zombie Walk props! It's made it through all 7 zombie walks now and just so happened to be in my trunk - oh the weird shit I keep in my car.

Collin is wearing the Musician Mens Button Up and with little guitar buttons - it's right at home here in Nashville.  The shirt has white stitch detailing over most of the major seam-lines which makes an otherwise plain shirt look a lot more interesting.  Collin accidentally forgot to change his old, flour covered Doc Martens because he'd just gotten home from work, but I think that gives his outfit character.  ; ) Also, Doc Martens are amazing.

So, little known fact, Collin is the company Culinary Director at Barista Parlor (for both their new Golden Sound store and their East Nashville store) and he is always SUCH a good sport about coming home from work and taking blog photos with me.  So, here's me giving a wink + a nod to my amazingly cooperative husband for being smiley even when he woke up at 4:00 am to run a kitchen.  And if any of you ever happen to be in Nashville, Barista Parlor is been recognized for their awesomeness in many a publication and it's totally worth the visit!

I just want to end with this GIF of Collin + I in our true element.... being gross + weird.  It took everything we had in us not to drag all the taxidermy out of the house to play with during these photos.

What are you doing to get ready for Halloween?
Have you bought your pumpkins yet?!


  1. so adorable! And those shoes! I would literally kill for a pair of those cute cherry-shoes :)

  2. You guys are too cute, and yay I love the blouse on you!

    xox Sammi

  3. You are both so cute <3 And I love that top Amanda! I'll have to bear it in mind next time I'm shopping, as I picked up a cheap but super-cute vintage-style tie-waist blouse in a thrift store recently, thinking it would be one-size too big, and was surprised to find more than a little bra peaking out between the buttons :( But that could be a potential replacement ;)

  4. Love the outfit Amanda! So cute.

  5. So so so cute! That skirt is the perfect basic without being boring! And those shoes - I'm obsessed with anything Vivienne Westwood lately. Also, I did buy pumpkins last Sunday and then I might have forgotten them in my trunk for a few days and EWWWW. It's hot in Southern California so yuck. And now I have to go buy pumpkins again!

  6. You know he's "the one" when you can joke about bodily fluids without getting grossed out. XD You two are super cute and props to your hubby for helping you out with photos. I use to work at a coffee shop, and sometimes waking up early can be brutal.

    I haven't bought a pumpkin- mostly because my husband and I live in an apartment complex. It is hard to carve pumpkins without making a mess inside. We are also paranoid about someone smashing out pumpkin. There are lots of youths in the area who might smash it... which can happen with a house anyways. XD

  7. Aww, you guys are too cute! I love the funny little gif, that's pretty adorable. The blouse is such a great find, I really adore little tie necks and peter pan collars.
    I don't really do pumpkin carving, but my boyfriend did pick me up a sugar pumpkin that I'd like to make into pumpkin soup or something. Should be tasty.

  8. I love Halloween but been slacking on gathering my pumpkins

  9. I absolutely love this outfit! And your pictures with your hubby (congrats btw!) are so cute. I love Halloween so I'm completely fine with multiple Halloween themed posts.