Jelly Bags +Maritime + Strawberries

Monday, October 27, 2014

We are admittedly the sort of people who use a purse until it dies, broken strap, clasp fell off, etc. and never really take the time to spoil ourselves with a new one (unless we find a really good deal) but we're always on the lookout for big bags that will last a long time.  So, we were excited to find that a company, Sun Jellies, was reproducing retro Jelly Bags!

Outfit Details
Maritime to Go Dress  |  Modcloth (also sold here)
Charlotte Jelly Bag c/o Sun Jellies
Have a Confetti Stockings  |  Modcloth
CS 411 Corset c/o Orchard Corset
Hindi Gold  |  BAIT Footwear
Brooch  |  Luxulite

I carry a school+work bag in addition to my purse, so I'm the definition of "bag lady".  Also, when I'm absent-mindedly running out the door the morning after I DO change my purse... I've been known to grab the wrong one.  I know Amelia mentions it below, but I basically have Hermione Granger Syndrome and everything I want to bring with me, often doesn't fit in my purse.  Which is why I love my new friend Charlotte.

The Jelly material (recycled PVC) makes the bag incredibly durable and they're quite large so they'll fit your makeup bag + a book + all your other essentials! (Also, they have that super nostalgic jelly shoes smell which admittedly sounds creepy, but c'mon.... y'all know exactly what we're talking about.) Oh, and they're only $16!  I might go back for the red one.. her name is Dorothy

Outfit Details
Green Essential Elegance Skirt | Modcloth (Similar)
 Alice Jelly Bag c/o Sun Jellies
Strawberry Shirt | Forever 21 
Hair Flower | Etsy (Similar)
Shoes | Vintage

Lately, I've only been using vintage carpet-style bags for my everyday use, but this purse will definitely become part of my monthly purse rotation.  I love how much I could fit into my Jelly Bag, because that's always my biggest struggle..I try to be Mary Poppins or Hermione Granger and fit EVERYTHING into one purse.  This purse reminds me of Summer and I know it will be the best beach bag ever since you basically can't get sand in it.  I also am just a major sucker for the baby pink color and in my world it counts as a neutral color.

Did you love jelly shoes growing up as much as we did?
(pretend the blisters never happened)
What's your favorite purse or type of purse? 


  1. That is super cool! I want one of these classic, charmingly kitschy beauties to use for my beach bag next summer.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. They are really lovely! The only thing I would be worried about is having my lipsticks fall through the open mesh. That said, if there was a glittery pink one like the jellies I had as a kid ... I'd be very tempted ~___^ I'm currently on the look out for a new purse because I think that after uni I'm going to have to retire the Army Surplus satchel I carry currently and look for something a little more professional. I'm hoping I can find something vintagey cute as well though!

  3. Hiya lovelies! You know what I'd really love? It would be awesome if you could always add your sizes to all posts that include clothing! Just a little number by the brand/link? I find that size charts usually lie a bit and I am busty girl like you so it would be awesome to have the sizes on show, just for reference! Thanks :) xx

  4. I love these bags, though I'd be sort of worried with things falling out and having transparent purses sort of worries me... but it'd be a really fun option! PS: I loooove this dress on Amanda

  5. Hi there Sophie!

    We feel like sizing is a pretty personal thing and also it sort of clutters up the "details" part of the post but we're more than happy to answer the question anytime someone specifically asks. : ) If you're referring to me and the dress I'm wearing in this particular post, I always wear a Small in Tatyana Design because I find that they run a bit big. My measurements are 37 inches in the bust, 26 inches in the waist. I hope this helps!

  6. I hated jelly shoes, they were so horrid and sticky! haha

    I'd be too worried to use one of these as my 'everyday' bag (especially now the UK weather has *really* turned horrible!), but I could totally see it being a great summer picnic/beach/lake-type bag where I wasn't taking my brain (AKA my Filofax) and life (AKA purse) with me.

  7. OMG i though i never see Jelly shoes again Lol those shoes where the best my feet got so bad from me wearing all the time my mom took them away...i cant wait to get a pair again with a bag. ..thanks ladies

  8. Jelly shoes are fairly popular here in Australia - I currently have some mel glitter jellies as my spring/summer shoe! Thanks for sharing these adorable bags, I've always lusted after them, but never known what they were called or where to buy them from. Fingers crossed I can get them shipped here!
    You two are looking gorgeous as ever, and Katie I think you may have a bit of my heart and soul - baby pink and strawberries! Eee!! xx

  9. I did have a pair of jelly shoes when I was a kid, and they must have been the really cheap kind because they rubbed my feet into raw hamburger. I have an aversion to the shoes to this day (that's one trend I'm not interested in revisitng), but the bags are pretty cute. I do like to have a slightly oversize purse, and those seem like a fun alternative to my usual leather tote bags.

  10. I am definitely going to be buying one of these bags! I wanted one as soon as I saw your Instagram posts then when I visited their site and saw the price now I will definitely be buying one. Or two.

    Also I just have to say that the outfits you both have on in this post are great. From head to toe I love both looks.

  11. I loved jelly shoes when I was little. I guess I'm also partial due to my mothers live of them. She wore a pair on her wedding day.