Goodbye Warm Weather: Our Summer Outfit Favorites

Friday, October 10, 2014

We sort of feel like fall creeped up on us out of no where, but now that the majority of the weather we're seeing is below 80 degrees (at least in Nashville... sorry about that Georgia humidity, Amelia) we thought it was time to say "good bye" to some of our favorite outfits from this summer!  And ok... so you will be seeing some of these pieces again but styled with cardigans and closed toe shoes; this is the last time you'll see the SUMMER versions of them.

Amelia's Top 13

1. Orange Border Jenny Skirt | 2. Confetti Peach Brooch c/o Luxulite (post) | 3. Red Gingham Dress | 4. Red Roses Skirt | 
5. Vintage Candy Striper Outfit | 6. Pontchartrain Beach Set (post)
1. MARVELous Dress c/o Pigtials & Pirates (post) | 2. Bee Top & Essential Elegance Skirt | 3. Garden Rose Skirt c/o Betty Le Bonbon (post) | 4. Yellow Vintage Dress | 5. Bee Ella Top c/o Heart of Haute (post) 6. Crop Top & Short Shorts (post)

 Having a Summer "round up" is great, because it really shows me what my favorite Summer trends were!  Apparently, I'm a big fan of popping one foot up and circle skirts.  I did step out of my comfort zone a lot by wearing shorts, I actually think this was the first time I've worn shorts in years.  My hips are 12 inches wider than my waist so I look a little ridiculous in them, but I've embraced that I suppose.  One thing that made me laugh was I repeated an outfit almost exactly, #2 & #5 are both bee prints on top and the same circle skirt on bottom.  I do declare this the Summer of Bees!  Also, how about my ever changing hair color?  I still cannot decide what color I want it to be

Urban Outfitters Tube Top (old) | LilyAshly Flamingo Brooch
Vintage Floral Skirt | Taupe Ida's c/o BAIT Footwear 

This outfit is fairly simple, but it's definitely my favorite outfit of the Summer.  I think it's because pink/red & yellow is one of my favorite color combinations, and it works so well with this outfit. Also, this is a vintage skirt that Michael bought me, so it always makes me feel special when I wear it.  I know it's far away and you can't tell, but my brooch also has a flamingo on it..and if you know me then you know I can't get enough of 'mingos.

June's Top 13

1. Castle Print Jenny Skirt (post)  |  2. Black Harley Fleur De Lis (post)  |  3. Harlequin Print Jenny Skirt (post)  |  4. Betty Bakes Dress c/o Steady Clothing (post)  |  5.  Atomic Cats Ella Top c/o Heart of Haute (post)  |  6. Bernie Dexter Rocket Dress (post)
1. Brown Vintage Dress (post)  |  2. Gingham + Geometry (post)  |  3. Wheels + Dollbaby Dita Cardigan (post)  |  4. Lindy Bop Gingham Dress (post)  |  5.  Susie Meow Dress (post)  |  6. Tiki Print Jenny Skirt (post)

Looking back, I realize that there is no other love QUITE like my love for Pinup Girl Clothing Jenny Skirts which are my favorite thing to throw on and style in a rush.  I was very pleasantly surprised to find that I tried more hairstyles that I remember trying... actually... now I'm wondering how I managed to do some of them because I haven't achieved them since.  I'm really happy that because most of my items are heavy fabrics and tea-length, they're pretty wearable year-round with stockings.

Heart of Haute Marilyn Top  | Bow Back Pencil Skirt (which btw, is only $21) 
 Seamed Stockings  |  Vivienne Westwood Cherry Lady Dragon Slingbacks

So, this was an outfit that actually never made it to the blog except for a brief peep in our post about the Dressed App.  I never thought I'd see the day when 2 of my 13 favorite summer outfits would feature wiggle/pencil pieces.  I'm 4'11" and well-endowed and I've spent years feeling like my chest takes over my entire (awkwardly short) torso, so I decided to do something about it.  I've spent 2 1/2 years corseting/tightlacing to make my natural waist (which is a 6/8) appear more curvy to an extreme that could offset my boobs and also and best of all, because of corseting, I don't have back pain anymore.  You'll be seeing many more wiggle dresses + pencil skirts in my future (and an upcoming post about my new corset).

What did your favorite outfits from this summer look like?
We'd love to see some photos!


  1. Ah I always love your round-up posts! Since you guys don't do "regular" outfit posts all that often (without focusing on a particular brand), this is such a good way to showcase all the great ensembles you both come up with. Miss Katie, you definitely do NOT look ridiculous in shorts, by any stretch of the imagination! And I'm so glad that Amanda picked that black dress as her favorite -- it's such a gorgeous, babely look! You both stepped out of your comfort zones a bit (I did too, I think), which is awesome. And I still really, really want to try tight-lacing. I know you've blogged about it a lot but I may need to pick your brain one-on-one :)

    xox Sammi

  2. I am not surprised that your back pain is going away with a corset. It is hard to sit straight with a larger chest. There are even studies where women with larger chest have more back problems.

    And Amelia I don't think you look weird in shorts. I think shorts are just weird. Shorts are just as evil and persnickety as pants, only we don't notice as much. I think it is one of those cases of nothing is wrong with our bodies, it is just clothes standards are weird.

  3. I love every single outfit! You guys look amazing in all of them! And Katie, you don't look ridiculous in shorts at all; they really suit you! :)

  4. You guys look so good in all of your outfits. Seriously, you have truly enviable closets. I think my favorite outfit of Katie's is the orange print Jenny skirt - that print is amazing, and I love the touch of green with the headbow. And Amanda, you definitely look amazing in the wiggle dresses. I love that you just decided that tightlacing would make you feel good, so you're going to do it, and damn what anyone else thinks. I wish more people approached fashion that way.

  5. This post is so full of great outfits! I love Amelia's Marvel dress, and those red shorts are too cute! My hips are 10 inches bigger than my waist, but I'm not as small as you, so I know that nice shorts are very hard to find; you have succeeded though! I love June's Fleur de Lis dress, and that red gingham waist tie top, plus that black wiggle dress is just incredible on you! I feel pretty self conscious adding a photo here because I can't compare with your fantastic outfits, but it's just becoming warm here so I actually have a photo of me not in a jumper! (Plus, you asked for it ~___^) My skirt is actually a vintage dress that I repaired but the top is too tight across the bust so I wore a thrifted crop top over it (not quite fitting with the style, I know) and paired it with a silk scarf (also from the opshop). Once I'm finished with uni, I can't wait to start buying some of the great things you've been showing us! (A Jenny skirt is on my wishlist)

  6. well i love each and every one of those outfits that you both wore. you both are so creative and fun!

  7. My favorite of Amelia's are the ones with skirts (but that could be because I'm partial to skirts in my own closet) and June's wiggle dress- oh my! Lovely. But what is nicest with this post is seeing how interesting and varied one can make dressing in vintage-inspired (or even just skirts) outfits. I think sometimes people think it gets repetitive with a cardi and dress combo constantly and you show that it is not!