Friday Favorites #33

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween, ladies! So this isn't a Halloween-themed Friday Favorites because I think by the time a lot of people read this -- it'll be over. Sad!  So here's just some regular favorites that are no less... favorite! haha.  I hope everyone has an amazing Halloween though!!!

So this is more about how stoked I am about finding eShakti.  Finding this website was awesome for my work wardrobe because I can find subtle retro-styled florals and solids that are business casual-appropriate and that look great with a blazer or cardigan.  And I can also find things for casual days.  I'm still admittedly having a bit of an issue getting consistent sizing wit them, but I love them anyways!  The top row are my recent buys, my favorite is the Madras Check Dress and customized the length + made it short sleeved and my wishlist includes the things on the bottom row, check out the detailing on the torso of the Tartan Pleat Dress... amazing!  Still giving them out, so comment below with your email if you'd like a promo code for $30 off.

I'm so in love with Miss L Fire's new AW '14 collection, everything in it is absolutely adorable and I'm smitten.  Everything is so mid 1950's centralized with a modern flare and I always admire when that's executed well.  I'm not a boots girl AT ALL but if I can ever catch these Grand Garland Booties on sale... holy shit, I'd snatch those right up.

FF 10-24-14 (2)
Top: Glowing Rose  |  Blossom Age  |  Glam Rose  Bottom:  Shades of Roses  |  Rose Memory

So, after posting about about these midi skirts a few Friday Favorites ago, I went ahead and purchased one from Chicwish (since they're only like $30) and I absolutely love it!  It's sort of a peculiar fabric, but for $30... I'll take it! haha.  That being said, I've been eye'ing their floral skirts lately and think that might be my next purchase.  I especially love this colorful, Blossom Age skirt.

Haunted Dollhouse via Otterline

So, be still my heart, every bit of the little girl inside of my that never liked normal dollhouses is wondering why I never owned this beautiful modern-Addam's Family looking masterpiece!  It's so detail-oriented, I'm always totally floored when I see how much effort and vision someone put into a piece of art like this, because art is DEFINITELY not my knack... I can't even draw a stick person.

Dress: Madras Check Dress
Since I included it in the post, I thought I'd show this photo of Collin + I yesterday when we went out for his birthday! I wore my new customized Madras Check Dress and while it's a bit big since I decided to go with the "better safe than sorry" method, I absolutely LOVE it. I just know for next time to adjust the measurements!


To end.... this is basically amazing and it makes me laugh every. single. time.  Morticia + Gomez are OBVIOUSLY the best dancers that ever lived.

What are your favorites this Friday?
(Also, don't forget to comment your email is you want that eShakti promo code)


  1. haha that gif is amazing. These are my favorites today!

  2. I have been loving eShakti lately too! That madras dress looks adorable on you :).


  3. That eshakti dress looks great on you. I'm digging the Miss L Fire winter boots (the Grand Garland ones), so it's too bad that I already bought a different pair. They're so perfect!

  4. The Madras Check Dress has been on my "I should buy that" list. All of my eShakti dresses get compliments when I wear them to the office.

  5. Ahh I love that dress on you! I've been obsessing over plaids lately. Oh, and I'll take one of those eShakti codes, my email is: :) Also, I ordered a skirt from Chicwish too so it's good to hear that it worked out for you! I was nervous about the quality based on how cheap it is haha. How fast did you get yours? I paid for 8-12 day shipping--it's been a week and a half and tracking info says it's still in China..

  6. I own the 'Grand Garland Booties' (AKA 'Alpines'), and I love them - they are *definitely* worth full price, mine make me want more Miss L Fire shoes haha

    Oh, and that GIF...ROFL

  7. Love that plaid dress! You clearly have a gift for visualizing what eShakti dresses would look like customized, because I didn't look twice at that dress with the long sleeves, but it's quite cute with the short sleeves and the length. You've also empowered me to order from Vivien of Holloway and my plaid skirt got here today! So excited! How is the length on the Chicwish skirt? It says 27" length but in some photos it looks shorter... I'm curious. Thanks!

  8. eShakti is so amazing. I love getting to customize things! She's the cutest!

  9. Oh my gosh, I agree they're so perfect! I struggle to find good winter boots and those are stylish and functional!

  10. It's definitely on my to-buy list now. Seeing Amanda in a dress always verifies to me whether it'll be cute or not. Same! I love that my eShakti dresses are all work appropriate.


  11. I have been eyeing the madras check dress! Could I have the coupon code please? I know I'm posting this many days later, but we just moved and finally got internet back so I was able to catch up on your posts! :)

  12. ModCloth just put the green grand garland bootie on sale for $156.00 and you get $20 off when you sign up plus free shipping.