Friday Favorites #31

Friday, October 17, 2014

Happy Friday Favorites!  I cannot believe it's already halfway through October, where did this month go?  Now that June and I are both married I feel like I have so much more free time since I'm not planning or averting any crises.  I'm here to show you some of my favorite things this week!

shift dress
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I work in a pretty strange office environment so we don't necessarily have a dress code, but I'm always on the look-out for dresses that look somewhat retro and are also work appropriate.  In my opinion, longer length pencil/wiggle style dresses are a great way to dress vintage-inspire and still look ready to go into a meeting!  These three dresses all seem to fit that description!  The first Floral Wiggle Dress is appropriately described as being 'wallpaper print', which is probably why I love it so much.  Next is the Tiffany Printed Midi Dress which also has a floral print, but I'm a sucker for a good floral print.  Lastly, this Color Block Pencil Dress screams 'mod' to me so I'm absolutely in love! 

At this point it's just repetitive to say that I love brooches.  I'm always looking for brooches in different styles, but my favorites will always be confetti lucite/mica brooches.  This Fall Festival Brooch is simply Fall perfection.  The orange, gold, red and brown tones of the confetti are great, but the best part are the fall leaf charms.  They are vintage from the 1960s which explains why they are completely amazing!  This particular brooch also has matching earrings which means you can perfectly accessories for Fall!


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It's time for me to accept the fact that Winter is Coming (The House of Stark knows what I'm talking about (;  ), and that I probably need to buy seasonally appropriate shoes.  I wear heels pretty much everyday, but I definitely need something that'll keep my poor little feet warm.  The Henderson Wine Booties remind me of Santa.  I don't know if that should be a reason why I want them...but it totally is. I want Santa boots.  The Evergreen Booties by BC Footwear are probably my favorite of the three, because they seem not too far off from what I would normally wear.  I'm also not a huge fan of black so the deep green would make a good neutral in my wardrobe.  Lastly, the Miz Mooz Capulet are a great staple.  If I ever start wearing jeans again I need those to wear with them. 

via Parlor Tattoo Prints 

Etsy may be my downfall, because I find so many things that I want.  Michael and I have a wall in our house that we call our 'clutter wall' and it pretty much just has a bunch of different random things like paintings, mirrors, vintage inspired clocks, a metal deathly hallows and a metal triforce, deer antlers and I think these pieces of flash art definitely need to be on my wall.  I couldn't decide which piece I liked more the Fight Club piece or the American Psycho piece.  I am a huge fan of both movies (and books!) and I even wrote a paper comparing the two during college!  I think if I had to pick I'd eventually choose the Fight Club print simply because it's been my favorite movie since I was 16. 

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Whats your favorite Fall accessory?
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  1. My favorite has to be boots! I love the BC Footwear kind.. definitely my style.

  2. I love BC Footwear too! They're so cute and casual simultaneously!


  3. Jennifer @ grimmricksenOctober 22, 2014 at 11:48 PM

    The best part about that brooch is that it was made by the super amazing artist Stephanie Buscema. So much talent in one lady!