Black Birds + Pink Roses

Saturday, October 25, 2014

So, a couple of weeks ago we received an email titled "Bernie Dexter Calling" and inside was a thank you for supporting her shop (we have a bit of an addiction).  We've loved Bernie inside + out for so long now, she's such a talented model and incredible lady... that we basically cried... there were literally almost real tears involved in reading that email.  She was sweet enough to surprise us with a couple of dresses each and we were just floored.  Here is our first of two.

Outfit Details
Yellow Heels  |  Modcloth
Hair Scarf  |  Vintage
Pearl Earrings  |  Gift (Similar)
Glasses  |  Ray-Ban

The first vintage reproduction dress I ever purchased was from Bernie Dexter so her dresses have always held such a special place in my heart.  I own A LOT of different styles of Bernie Dexter dresses, but this "Swan" style is the most fun of them all.  I generally always wear my hair pulled to the front, but I had to wear it behind me so you could see how amazing the shoulder details are on this beauty.  I'm sure you all know by now...but IT HAS POCKETS, and we are all suckers for pockets.  

Most of the Bernie dresses I own have fun prints and this one definitely falls into that category!  I got so many different comments about the bird print ranging from The Beatles lyrics to The Notebook quotes.  I personally kept thinking of the Portlandia skit, "put a bird on it, because everything is better when you put a bird on it, including this dress.

Outfit Details
Pink Bexterity Petticoat c/o Your One Stop Pinup Shop
Green Qupid Kitten Heels  |  Modcloth (similar)
Dolce & Gabbana Glasses c/o
Peach Brooch  |  Vintage

I really struggled with photo lighting on the incredibly dreary week in Nashville, so I'm sorry about that!  I was totally devastated standing outside in my new Bernie dress, looking at the sky and basically wanting to punch something.  On a more positive note, I usually steer away from white because... I end up wearing 50% of the coffee I drink and red lipstick I wear, but I was really excited to see the Saturday Night Pinup Dress in Pink Rose Print show up at my front door!  This isn't a cut I would've chosen for myself because as I've said a million times... cleavage is my enemy, but I shimmied into my minimizing bra and was stoked to find that even without it (although I'm wearing it here), the neckline is cut PERFECTLY so you don't have to tug the dress up constantly.  Also these lovely roses make me feel like I should attend a tea party.  Like all her dresses, this one has a great shape and accommodates a really full petticoat perfectly!  

And just so you guys can laugh at the fact that for about 5 seconds I thought "Oh, this white dress will look totally awesome in front of this WHITE WALL" here is my first "photo location". /facepalm.

Also, after Ashley's amazing post about Bernie Dexter (here), a few people asked about specific buy/sell/trade forums to find Bernie Dexter dresses. I personally LOVE the Pinup Girl Style buy/sell/trade forum (it's run by Pinup Girl Clothing).  A LOT of reproduction brands are sold on there, not exclusively PUG and I've seen Bernie's get listed every so often.

Do you own a Bernie Dexter dress?  Which is your favorite?


  1. Silver Cat Tea PartyOctober 25, 2014 at 12:56 PM

    I contacted Bernie Dexter once and was also surprised at how wonderful she is! I love these dresses on you ladies. I have her rockets ship dress and I absolutely adore it!!! You can check out my pictures and review of it here:

  2. Gosh, what pretty dresses! I don't wear much white either, but love that rose print one- it looks like a great cut.

  3. You both look so pretty -- and those CURLS! I'm wearing a Bernie right now and happened to order one today, sooo we share this addiction :)

    xox Sammi

  4. You both look amazing! I need a bernie dexter dress !!

  5. You girls are both so lucky, those dresses are amazing! I've not bought any of Bernie's dresses yet, from what I've seen they tend to be a bit on the spendy side, and I'm not quite at that point in my wardrobe where I can buy one item and one item only all month.

  6. They are both lovely! I don't own a Bernie Dexter dress ... maybe one day! ^___^

  7. I am lusting after Bernie Dexter dresses. The bird one would perfect for going to see "The Birds" this week with some friends! :)

  8. I'm so excited, Bernie dexter just opened a shop in Melbourne Aus, super excited the boy is taking me on the weekend *squeels* I've got my eye on the blue bird dress :) you look beautiful girls x

  9. I immediately loved Amelia's dress, but then I saw that she paired it with those yellow heels and it was even better. Such a good choice. Junes dress is also really pretty but like her I tend to spill things on myself so I would be a little nervous wearing it.