Once Upon a Pinup...

Thursday, August 28, 2014

via Jenny's Oubliette on Etsy
Outfit Details
Idda's Tropical Storm Hair Flower  |  NicCoCoCreations
Glasses |  Vintage (similar here)
Voodoo Vixen Top  |  Pinup Girl Clothing
Atomic Starburst Brooch c/o The Crave Yard
Bespoke Hawaiian Skirt c/o Once Upon a Pinup
Va Va Voluminous Petticoat   |  Modcloth
Pink Heels  | Forever 21 (similar)

I came across Once Upon a Pinup much like I've come across other small business brands, on someone whose style I absolutely love + admire!  In this case, the lady in question was Xanthia Pink.  This pink haired, print loving vixen always wears the best pieces and they're so perfectly accessorized, which is something I need to work on myself.  Do you guys do this too?  I've found some AMAZING brands + pieces this way.

Needless to say, that put me in contact with April Rose, this hard working lady even took our pieces on vacation to work on them.  We had no idea what fabrics we'd be receiving, she looked at our Instagrams and picked fabrics that she thought would suit each of us.  I absolutely love mine, the bright colors are beautiful.  The 2 inch waist band was a first for me (as opposed to 1 inch which I suppose is the "norm" for circle skirts) and I loved it, I felt like with such a busy top, it saved me the trouble of feeling the need to wear a belt and cluttering up my short torso.  Speaking of torso, this top is totally out of my comfort zone and I don't know the next time I'll be brave enough to pull it out of the closet again.

Outfit Details
Hair Flower | Gift (similar here)
Glasses |  Ray-Ban
Purse | Vintage
Fruit 'Charm | Luxulite
Top | Urban Outfitters (similar here)
Bespoke Hawaiian Skirt | c/o Once Upon a Pinup
Va Va Voluminous Petticoat   |  Modcloth
Shoes | None because I'm a Hobbit 

"My name is Katie and I'm f'ing awesome. I'm the tallest hobbit that ever lived." <--this quote by June describes me perfectly!  When I saw the fabric that April chose for each of us I was extremely excited for a few reasons.  I absolutely love Hawaiian/tropical prints.  No matter what the occasion I feel like a tropical floral can be appropriate.  That being said, something about tropical prints make me not want to wear shoes.  I even told June that "my luau doesn't involve shoes".  This is nothing new--her fiancé Collin tells us that we have dirty "K-Mart" feet all the time, because we refuse to wear shoes.

I absolutely loved the fit of my skirt.  It fit amazing and it accommodated a petticoat perfectly.  I know it may seem odd, but I definitely judge clothing based on whether or not a petticoat will fit.  I also love the fact that my skirt has such amazing colors present in it, which means it can be mixed and matched with multiple options.  I paired it with a yellow top this time, but I think orange would look so amazing with it!  Now if only someone would actually invite me to a luau so I can fit the theme?

Do you own any bespoke/custom pieces?  What are they?  Also, do you ever just stare at fabric and wish you could sew? (We constantly google "Michael Miller fabric" and vow that we're going to learn)


  1. wow! you both look like dolls! love it!

  2. I looove hot pink on Amanda, and these skirts are really adorable!

    xox Sammi

  3. Those skirts are all kinds of cute, and I love that Katie was just like "eff shoes". I'm like that too most of the time, I love being barefoot.
    I do actually have a "custom" piece - my boyfriend was into sewing for a little while, and he made me this beautiful black circle skirt. I would love to learn to sew for myself, though. I'm always a bit jealous of the talented sewers who just whip something up when they feel like they don't have anything to wear.

  4. Jennifer @ grimmricksenAugust 28, 2014 at 1:22 PM

    It's tough, right? The Voodoo Vixen top is so damn beautiful, but where the hell do you wear it? As someone one lives in a very conservative area, who works in an office all week, who has a kid and few social opportunities... I've owned it for almost six months and only worn it out of the house once. I wore the black fella to a concert and felt like everyone was staring at my boobs (truth or my imagination?).

    In any case, you both look beautiful and the skirts are awesome!

  5. I have looked at those Voodoo Vixen tops over and over, but I think I'm a bit like you and prefer to be covered, so I've never actually bought one. It looks GORGEOUS on you though.

  6. I love those skirts on you, they're both so amazing! And the Voodoo Vixen top looks amazing on you Amanda, I have it too, but I don't look half as good as you do.
    I don't own any custom-made clothing, though I can sew, my problem is finding the fabric to work with, in my small town it's mostly fabric for kids' dancing (read: tap dancing leotards), with a little bit of plan cotton, and for the most part I'm loathe to part with fabric that I've only seen on-screen.

  7. What fabulously fun, vibrant prints! They both make me think of tropic drinks and are just as refreshing and lovely as any such beverage. You gals sure to have a splendid knack for finding, sharing, and working with some of the coolest repro/pin-up fashion brands around. Keep up the marvelous work!

    ♥ Jessica

  8. Thank you! And I really loved these! The wide waistband was a fun new thing to try for a girl who ones a bajillion circle skirts haha

  9. Thank you! We loved them! And we seriously never wear shoes, if I could live life barefoot, I would. haha.

    Oh my god, a boyfriend that can sew? You've got yourself a winner! I have a sewing machine but unfortunately bought it a month before I started school and now it just collects dust. One day.... one day!

  10. Hahaha EXACTLY! Nashville is sort of mixed as far as the conservative-area thing is concerned but with my career path, between school and work half of my clothing don't see daylight more than every once and a while. I may not be the most normal dressed law firm employee, but I definitely don't wear my "regular" clothing. haha

    I've only worn mine out of the house once as well, I say, a little bit of both! ; )

    Also thank you xoxo

  11. Thank you so much! I definitely can't justify how much I paid for it (even though I got it on super-sale) with how much I wear it. I'll probably keep it for my brave days, but I probably won't be buying another.

  12. Thank you x2! I bet you look totally adorable in it! I just don't feel like my boobs were in it, I kept worrying about showing everyone... everything. haha

    And oh that's unfortunate. I have no idea how to use my sewing machine but if I did, I know I'd be ordering a few yards of every Michael Miller fabric ever made haha

  13. I felt like we needed to take a trip to Tiki Oasis! We absolutely love our vintage pieces but have such a hard time blogging about them because they're one-of. I think that's what really got us into searching for new + upcoming repro/pinup brands and we have so much fun with it.

  14. hahah I never never wear shoes..I hate them so much. I have to make myself wear shoes to work, because it's just not my norm!