Keepin' It Steady: Date Night Edition

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

So, it's that time again for our monthly Steady Clothing post (prior posts here)!  We were so stoked on how many of you participated in our giveaways last month, thank you so much.  Congratulations to the two lovely ladies who won, feel free to post a photo modeling your new outfit down in the comment section, we'd love to see!  Our blog will be hosting another giveaway in the INCREDIBLY near future (*hint hint*) so be on the lookout.  This month, we're doing a date night edition because we were both surprised in this month's package with beautiful dress 'em up or dress 'em down dresses and the guys both received dapper button ups.  

Outfit Details:
  The Sara Dress c/o Steady Clothing
Hair Flower | NicCoCo Creations
Glasses |  Ray-Ban
Ballet Flats  |  Belk

I think The Sara Dress is my new favorite thing from Steady Clothing!  I love the simplicity of the dress, and how effortlessly elegant it is, especially for a casual sundress.  I usually steer clear of things that are solid black, so the black trim was just enough black to break up the solid red and work a little black back into my wardrobe.  Bonus: this dress features a full skirt and adjustable straps, which are some of my favorite things since I'm so tall.

Michael is wearing the Disorder Button Up  which has a blue and red stripped pattern (which sort of look like graph paper, but in an awesome way) and blue embroidered skull detail.  This shirt sort of puts an edgy spin on the classic button up and it's unlike anything else Michael owns.

Both of our pieces from Steady Clothing were the perfect level of 'dressed-up' as we were on our way to an engagement party and then out for our weekly date.

Outfit Details
Heather Dress c/o Steady Clothing
The Roxy hair flower  |  NicCoCoCreations
Black Patent Belt  |  Target
Va Va Voluminous Petticoat   |  Modcloth
The Frankie Pump in Gold Glitter  |  Madewell by J. Crew
Clutch  |  Vintage

I'll admit that this was another one of those dresses I took out of the box and wondered whether or not I'd be brave enough to wear it, but I really loved it and the quality was beautiful.  The Heather Dress, although a traditional, layered swing dress, has a few features I love that weren't so traditional, and one I usually avoid, just as a personal preference.  I love sweetheart necklines, but any that fall on the lower-cut end of the spectrum are usually a "no" for me because showing a lot of cleavage makes me feel awkward... also sometimes too much boob isn't complimentary with my round face. But anyone that doesn't have my weird hang up about cleavage would love this incredibly flattering bust line, I should probably just get over it.

Also, much like a traditional vintage formal/semi-formal dress, there is subtle rouching on the torso.  The fabric under the mesh overlay is quite thick and petticoated nicely and the straps were adjustable which is amazing because that meant I didn't have to "tack the straps" myself to shorten them.

Marty McFly from Back to the Future... (via)
Collin is wearing the Live Fast Die Young Shirt.  I couldn't stop laughing the entire time I was taking these photos because he kept pretending to check people out (the bowling alley is deserted) and flicking off the camera.  The shirt has "Live Fast, Die Young" + a hot rod embroidered on the front pocket and the back has little slots that actually give a slimming effect, which nice for a guys.  Collin's facial expressions this entire photo set fell somewhere in between The T-birds and Marty Mcfly... see above... I think he's waiting for the Delorean...

What do your date night outfits look like?
Do you own any Steady Clothing pieces?


  1. As always, all of you guys look great. I'm hoping that you really went out for dates, you'd be the cutest couples in the soda shops. ;)
    I like that the straps on the dresses are adjustable. I've got such a long torso that that's always a great feature, because then I can make sure the item actually hits me at my natural waist and not two inches above it. I like the shirts as well, although it's too bad that they don't offer anything with long sleeves for the guys - there are a couple of designs that I think by boyfriend would like for fall, but I don't know if he'd want the short sleeve style.

  2. Love both of these dresses, and I especially love the black one on Amanda! You all look great.

    xox Sammi

  3. I usually wear a dress and heels for date nights with my husband, and he, although not into vintage, will wear a pretty classic button down, dark jean and leather shoes. (I got him those leather shoes, and since they're light brown he calls them his "potato shoes," which I choose to believe is an affectionate nickname for them.)

  4. Amanda, your hair looks aaamazing and I love both those dresses!

  5. OMG you ladies are the cutest! And the gents look very dapper! :) Loving the dresses!! I don't yet own any Steady dresses but I have my eye on a few haha! x

  6. Y'all are so cute!!! Love the couples dapper looks :)

  7. I love both these dresses! They look great on you ladies (and the guys look good too)!

  8. Love the dresses! Very unique styles too, I like it mainly because it's so new to me. No one in my town dresses as nicely in that fashion.

  9. wardrobe experienceAugust 27, 2014 at 9:51 AM

    the heather dress looks so boring on the mannequin over at modcloth - but it looks absolutely adorable on miss cleaver! the perfect woman and the perfect petticoat sometimes makes a dress.

  10. I love both of your dresses! So freakin cute!


  11. I love the photos of you and Collin at the end. I love to see couples in love. My husband is my best friend and we do everything together, I live him so much, more so after 10 years!. I love reading about you you Junebugs and your guys. You both clearly love your husband's and it's obvious they adore you. Out of all my couple and married friends I only know one other couple who married their best friends and are publicly and proudly in love. It makes me happy to see you guys have this too. Welcome to the happily (and very soon to be) married to your soul mate club. Date nights are important. Always make time for them and each other. And make the effort with the dressing up, like you do when you first met someone. You guys all look gorgeous. I'll defo look up steady clothing. ;)

  12. you ladies and your respective honeys looks like little salt and pepper shakers! So cute and coordinating.

  13. Thank you so much! I felt like I was going to rockabilly prom! haha

  14. Haha we went record shopping and Amelia + Michael went to a party. ; )

    I have the opposite problem so either way, I have a huge appreciation for straps that aren't awkwardly slinking their way off my shoulders all day. I'll have to ask their PR rep if they're planning on coming out with any long sleeve things for fall/winter and I'll let you know <3

  15. Thank you so much! I'm getting decently good at these big vintage curly things, but this humidity is KILLING all the rest of my curl before I can even snap photos. -_-

  16. That's actually more of what my fiancee dresses like on a day-to-day basis (Amelia's as well) but we've wrangled them into blogging with us, so for these posts, they rock reproductions with us. ; )

  17. Thank you so much! If you end up getting one you'll have to let me know which one you choose, so curious! <3

  18. I love that skirt! They sent me that + the crop top a few months ago and I wear the skirt all the time! <3 And thank you!

  19. It was actually a video but it was so awkward, that I print screened pieces of it and made it a little stop motion instead. ; ) Thank you.

  20. Well thank you so much, that's such a compliment! I honestly thought the same thing about it on the Modcloth mannequin though, a bit boring!

  21. Hahaha oh my god your comments are always the best, we really do look like salt + pepper shakers!

  22. Aww this was seriously such a thoughtful comment. I'm so happy to hear this little story because I totally agree with all of the above. I don't know many people that married their best friends either. I've known Collin for 10 years now and he is definitely my best friend (besides Amelia of course) and I love spending any time I can with him so I can't wait to be permanently stuck with him in 25 days ; )

    Thank you for the lovely comment + advice <3