Friday Favorites #26

Friday, August 22, 2014

So we skipped last week because of our little vacation, but Friday Favorites makes it's triumphant return this week with fall in mind!  It's almostttt the time of year for garter straps and stockings and closed toe shoes and I'm incredibly excited about it.

FF 8-22-14
1) tiffany   2) heidi   3) greta   4) wynona
After my recent experiences with my Betty Bakes Wiggle Dress from Steady Clothing (post here) I've been considering branching out and adding a few more wiggle dresses to my wardrobe.  These all just so happen to be made by Lindy Bop.  I love the simplicity of the first three like the big buttons on the Tiffany, the front slit in the Heidi  and the houndstooth pattern of Greta and I love the fabric of Wynona

photo via sherbet birdie photography instagram
I was immediately drawn to this photo of Sherbet Birdie Photography's studio foyer when I saw it on Tumblr.  I tend to gravitate more towards the quirk + mod amalgam of the early '60s but I've always loved Old Hollywood Glamour and the allure of burlesque.  Big ostrich feather fans + beautiful hair pieces + lust-worthy (and lust-inducing) costuming, it's hard not to be drawn in. And look at that powderpuff pillow... AND that phenomenal rug!

We get lots of questions about what EXACTLY we wear under our dresses, more specifically, wiggle dresses.  We love talking about vintage + vintage inspired underthings, so I've decided to start including more about them in the future.  I keep a running series going about my corseting/tightlacing experiences (although I haven't updated it in a while) which is what I'm usually wearing but on lazy days (since I often wear tights or stockings to work... my office is freezing) I wear a garter belt and bra (bullet or otherwise).  One of my hands down favorite lingerie companies is What Katie Did and this is a sampling of some of my favorite pieces: the Maitresse Bullet Bra, the Glamour Zip Underbust Girdle and the Maitresse Girdlette.  We'll be doing a full on post about this later, but this will get you started!

R&K Originals Swiss Dot Floral Dress
 I always love simple style dresses with fun fabrics.  This floral vintage dress has perfect swiss dot fabric AND the original belt which makes it irresistibly amazing... one of you should probably  buy it before I do.  It's in the shop of one of our favorite Etsy sellers, Capsule Vintage, and she's actually have a sale for the next few days. ; )

Continuing on with my obsessive love for vintage underthings... stockings!  I have a drawer full (sadly I used to find my cat Lady Thackery Binx sleeping in that drawer and a few pairs have met an untimely end through her kitten claws) so I've been looking for new ones for fall.  Again, most of these are from What Katie Did because truly had amazing luck with their quality, durability and versatility but I can't help but love the j'taime stockings by Pamela Mann, sort of a "shop for less" version of the infamous Agent Provocateur Whip Me Stockings.  I've been saving my pennies for some Fully Fashioned What Katie Did stockings of my own, they're made on vintage 1950s Reading knitting machines in England.

And because this post has somehow ended up with a decidedly vixen-y and burlesque undertone, I'll leave you with one of my favorite + one of the most enchanting burlesque + sideshow performers, Heather Holliday. She used to work with the Coney Island Sideshow and now I think she travels a lot which is all the more interesting! I'm always incredibly stoked to come across one of her performances.  You might've caught her on the show Oddities a couple seasons ago.

What are your favorite things this Friday?


  1. Silver Cat Tea PartyAugust 22, 2014 at 10:22 AM

    Have you tried any of Stop Staring's dresses? I find they are the absolute best for wiggle dresses. I love the fit and the thick but stretchy fabric used. They are a bit pricey but DaddyO's carries a good selection of them at great prices and they are having a sale right now for labor day (coupon code on their facebook page ;)

    I love that floral vintage dress. So pretty to look at!

    Also check out these back seemed stockings with bows! These are my favorite back-seemed ones

    oh and also, II love polka dot stockings! I really like these black on black polka dots stockings and these stockings that have a vertical stripe pattern made of dots! <3 Stockings are fun!

  2. I love the red and the houndstooth dress! I often wonder if that style would look good on me. It's very Joan from Mad Men :).


  3. wardrobe experienceAugust 22, 2014 at 1:15 PM

    eeeeeeeek! the swiss dot floral dress is to die for!!!
    buy it buy it buy it!

  4. Everyone absolutely needs to own at least one pair of FFN stockings at all times, they are just so wonderfully, amazingly soft!

    Thanks for pointing out the new Lindy Bop dresses too, I hadn't seen them before, but now I feel a little spend coming on ;)

  5. I was very sad to find out that photography studio is in Australia otherwise Id be there in a heartbeat. That looks soooo beautiful. Also, I want all those stockings.

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